WWJD? Pray in secret, He says

A federal judge this week told the Carroll County commissioners to stop praying in Jesus’ name at their meetings. One of the commissioners defied the order, and said she’s willing to go to jail over it. They tackled this problem some time ago at the State House, But what would Jesus do?

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Every GOP budget cut clobbered by Dems

Republican legislators applied their usual persistence in trying to trim the Maryland budget Wednesday and were rewarded with their usual result: Every one of the dozen amendments they offered to reduce spending were defeated by overwhelming Democratic majorities.

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Spacey and friends at Annapolis reception to boost film tax break

What could guarantee better media coverage than a reception with a major celebrity closed to reporters, who gathered outside the Red Red Wine Bar in Annapolis as actor Kevin Spacey was ushered in the back door?

Maryland legislators and friends couldn’t resist posting pictures of themselves with “House of Cards” star Spacey on Facebook.

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Maryland Reporter fundraiser supports State House coverage

Republicans and Democrats, business lobbyists and union leaders, environmentalists and oil company representatives, were among the 80 people from right, left and center, who attended the second annual happy hour for MarylandReporter.com on Thursday night at Harry Browne’s across from the State House in Annapolis.

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Kittleman accuses Miller of abusing his power

Sen. Allan Kittleman called it a show of “the arrogance of power” when Senate President Mike Miller ruled he was in violation of the “single subject” rule for legislation. In the end, their fellow senators supported Miller’s ruling and not Kittleman.

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‘Rain tax’ turned into political stick to whack opponents in Anne Arundel

Whatever you call it, the rain tax has become a political club in Anne Arundel County that County Executive Laura Neuman is using to bludgeon her opponents.

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Minimum wage debate sends politeness out the skylights

Most of the time this session, the Maryland House of Delegates seem has seemed a charmingly amicable group. On Wednesday a bill to raise the minimum wage came out of committee, and politeness was, for the most part, thrown out the Tiffany skylights.

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CORRECTED: Seven senators get free ride to reelection; Rupli returns to the fray

SEVEN members of the Maryland Senate, three Republicans and FOUR Democrats, are getting a free ride to reelection, with no opponents in either the primary or general election.

Tuesday was the deadline for party Central Committees to fill vacancies in races where candidates had no opponents. A few senators and delegates did pick up opponents nominated by their parties.

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Senate incumbents pick up challengers on filing deadline

Maryland Senate incumbents who were running unopposed picked up challengers at Tuesday’s filing deadline, but other senators without any opponents must wait until Monday to find out if the opposition parties will name a candidate to run against them.

In Baltimore County’s District 8, former Republican Del. John Bishop will run as a Democrat challenging Democratic Sen. Kathy Klausmeier.

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Off to the Races: Decision time for candidates; running mates needed; incumbent senators challenged; Hogan appeals to Korean-Americans

The filing deadline for state and county offices is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9 p.m., and candidates are trying to make up their minds to jump in or jump out.

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