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Meet the bikers who try – and fail – each year to erode Maryland’s helmet law

Established in 1974, ABATE will mark 50 years of advocacy for motorcyclists’ rights this June. Its animating issue has been eroding Maryland’s helmet law, different iterations of which have been in place since 1968. Today, Maryland joins 16 other states and the District of Columbia in requiring all riders to wear protective headgear.

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Analysis: Are we being set up for a tax hike to bolster transportation revenue?

Are we being set up for state tax increases to fund transportation? That’s the question that came to mind after Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul Wiedefeld announced that the state would need to cut highway and transit projects by 8%, as well as state aid for county roads to compensate for a projected $3.3 billion deficit in the state Transportation Trust Fund in coming years. As expected, local officials and residents impacted by the cuts squealed.

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