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Is a run for U.S. Senate Gov. Hogan’s next stop? Probably not, but here’s why it might succeed

With the candidate filing deadline for the 2022 election cycle in Maryland coming up Feb. 22, speculation continues over whether Larry Hogan will challenge incumbent Democrat U. S Senator Chris Van Hollen in a bid to be the first Republican elected to the U.S. Senate from Maryland since 1980. Hogan has steadfastly denied interest serving in the Senate. Going from being  chief executive to being just one of 100 senators neither fits his ambition nor his governing style, though he did run for Congress twice in the last century.

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Closed primaries leave no meaningful right to vote in Montgomery County

Most Montgomery County residents know the county’s voter registration records show that the Democratic Party dominates the registration, with 61% of the electorate.  Less known, however, is that the second largest registration is for those who are ‘unaffiliated’ in their registration, numbering 22% of those registered.  These 151,000 people have little choice when it comes to electing the next country executive and members of the County Council.  The Republican Party claims only 14.7% of the total, slightly less than 100,000 voters, a number that has continued to fall. 

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