Bipartisan support for Md. businesses on full display at Chamber event

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Bipartisan support for Maryland’s business community was on full display Wednesday in Annapolis at a conference hosted by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce where lawmakers and members of the Hogan administration touted plans to make the state more business-friendly. Sens. Christopher West, R-Baltimore County, and Brian Feldman, D-Montgomery, are both members of  the Senate “Small Business Jobs Working Group.” The General Assembly established the 12-member panel last year. West said he will introduce legislation that would establish a two-year workgroup consisting of public and private entities to study changes in Maryland’s economy.

Dream act tally board.

Sponsors of vetoed Dream Act bill defend their legislation

The bill would eliminate the requirements that undocumented immigrants attend community college in the same county where they graduated from high school, go to community college before attending a four-year institution, and attend college within four years of graduating from high school.

Del. Cardin: Bill would end competitive elections for Circuit Court judges

“People don’t know what they’re doing when they vote for judges. Judges are not permitted to really campaign, not permitted to talk about how they would rule on things and they can’t talk partisan politics,” said Del. Jon Cardin, D-Baltimore County. “They’re not allowed to by their rules and so essentially it is a name contest — whosever name you like the best is who you vote for. And that is not the way that we should be picking our judiciary.”

Widow of Capital Gazette editor gives emotional testimony on gun-safety bill

“Maryland may have some of the strongest gun laws in the country but it’s not enough,” said Andrea Chamblee, a volunteer with the Maryland chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America whose husband. John McNamara, was killed in the June 2018 shooting along with four other Gazette employees. “There are significant loopholes that endanger our families, including the loopholes corrected by this bill.”

Housing-voucher and guns bills are priorities for new Senate committee chair

The Home Act, if passed, would forbid landlords in Maryland from discriminating against would-be renters paying with government housing vouchers. The legislation has yet to be filed in either chamber of the General Assembly this year but was filed in each of the past three years. The Home Act has been opposed by housing and real estate agent associations that have said voucher programs burden landlords with more rules than they would otherwise face.