Md. Inspector General for education: A junkyard dog that can’t bite

In Maryland, compromise provisions of the law “The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future” establishing (among other things) an independent Inspector General (IG) for Education, have created a weak auditing office—a tired, toothless canine. The new IG will be statutorily much weaker than his or her counterparts within the U.S. GAO, federal IG offices, Maryland’s Office of Legislative Audits (OLA), and IGs in the state’s executive-branch agencies. 

Opinion: Bootleggers, Baptists, and Howard’s school redistricting

The prevailing media narrative surrounding redistricting is a Manichean frame pitting social justice advocates fighting for equity (however ill-defined they use the term) against wealthy parents who do not want their children moved out of their community schools.  However, there is another framework at play, one that explains the real coalitions and motivations at play: Bootleggers and Baptists, a theory developed by a Clemson University economist.

Analysis: Moving students around in Howard County is not enough to achieve equity

Children from lower-income families are concentrated in Columbia’s older neighborhoods and the Route 1 corridor because that’s where their parents can afford to live. Achieving equity in education for these students requires the additional resources laid out by the Kirwan Commision on Innovation and Excellence in Education. Simply moving them to higher performing schools, as the superintendent has proposed, is not enough. celebrates 10th birthday

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State Roundup, October 8, 2019

Longtime Del. Tawanna Gaines resigns amid charges of wire fraud; Maryland state agencies are struggling to handle thousands of public records requests, survey finds; how will members of the General Assembly greet the latest plans for the Preakness and Pimlico? Despite the questions, so far, so good; Comptroller Franchot criticizes Bay Bridge resurfacing, wants work suspended; Maryland Live, Horseshoe casino revenues slow; with three contenders, GOP primary for Cecil County exec expected to heat up; in attempt to avoid further ‘Healthy Holly’ scandals, city bill proposed to require elected leaders disclose client lists; and more than 650 pit bulls euthanized in Prince George’s since January 2018.

Opinion: What students from low-income homes really need

Instead of spending close to $3 million dollars as that is the projected transportation cost associated with Dr. Martirano’s proposal, a prudent way to spend this money would be educating school staff about trauma. No curriculum or instruction provided by the best Howard County teachers will succeed if a student is under chronic stress.