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Marylanders should get ready for tax hikes

Marylanders, it is time to ready ourselves for more tax hikes. The state Department of Legislative Services revealed in June that, thanks to spending hikes, Maryland will face a budget deficit starting next year that will grow to $1.8 billion in five years. Unfortunately, our current political leadership is either unable or unwilling to do anything about their overspending habit—leaving you with the bill. 

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Remembering Sherman Howell, long-time civil rights advocate and political activist

At the funeral for Sherman Howell, a long-time civil rights advocate and political activist in Howard County and Maryland, at St. John Baptist in Columbia Friday, he was memorialized with speeches and resolutions by the Howard County  executive, the county council, the State House delegation, the governor and others.  He was a strong voice for progressive policies, particularly the need for more affordable housing.

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Maryland’s top leaders have surrendered to illiberal, tribal politics

The reaction from Maryland’s top leaders to the three Supreme Court decisions handed down this past week revealed their stunning lack of appreciation for the foundational pillars of our constitutional order. The public statements from Gov. Wes Moore, Attorney General Anthony Brown and Comptroller Brooke Lierman about these cases revealed to us that they have surrendered to illiberal, tribal politics.

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Culture Wars and a New Generation of Reagan Democrats

For decades, many poor Black Baltimoreans saw political arguments on sexuality as more a luxury than a real necessity.  Throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, organizations led mostly by white gay males sought inclusion and LGBT-friendly health services, but did little to advocate for Black families struggling with rampant poverty, the crack epidemic, and rising crime. 

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