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Shift the Burden of Proof and Pass HB294

Let’s shift the burden of proof and pass HB294. Let’s create a more equitable system where everyone works together for the benefit of students of disabilities. A system where having fewer resources doesn’t mean you get less justice than your wealthier neighbors. And a system where the adults handle disagreements like adults—not with threats or heavy-handed legal maneuvering, but with mutual respect and fairness.

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Two Tragedies of Maryland Education

Twenty-three schools in Baltimore City had ZERO students who achieved proficiency in math at grade level.  Further, in 20 schools, there were no more than TWO students who achieved proficiency in math at grade level.  What this means is that in over 50 schools, there are less than two students PER SCHOOL who achieved proficiency in math.

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Wes Moore’s Whitewashing of Abortion Rates

A 2020 study cites CDC data that show Black abortion rates being nearly four times—yes four times–higher than white rates. The study notes that “Between 2007-2016, the Black rate declined 29% and the white rate declined 33%—meaning that the racial disparity actually increased rather than decreased.”

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