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Society of Professional Journalists logoSociety of Professional Journalists honors Maryland Reporter again has been named the top news blog in the region for the second year in a row by the D.C. chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.Maryland Reporter stories were also honored with a top prize for Online News by the Maryland SPJ chapter and other stories were finalists in the online news and feature categories of the D.C. chapter’s annual Dateline Awards contest. ‘Best of Baltimore’ again; SPJ honors website

July 2013 For the second year in a row, Baltimore magazine has named the best “political website.” Last month, the Washington, D.C. chapter of the Society of Professional Journalist named the winner of its blog category in the chapter’s 2013 Dateline Awards for Excellence in Local Journalism. wins journalism award for disabilities story was honored Tuesday night by the Washington chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists for a package of stories that uncovered the failure of one state agency to spend $38 million on people with developmental disabilities, even while thousands waited for services. gets Mobbies award — Best Politics Blog gets Mobbies award — Best Politics Blog – See more at:


Testimonials: Praise from all sides for

  • “Thank you and your staff for your incredible contribution to informing the public about the activities of state government. The consolidation of news sources and the decreasing effort devoted to fathering and reporting state government information is alarming and leaders to a further decrease in an informed electorate. Of greater concern is the fact that I am uncertain that most of the public is even aware it is happening. — Ken Lewis, Cockeysville, Md.
  • “We trust your work and are glad to get good information. Thanks for staying sane, with so much craziness all around.” — Nancy Yee, Columbia, Md. 
  • “I review the Maryland Reporter every morning to get the latest news from a wide variety of sources.”
    —Kathy Snyder, president of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce
  •  “Maryland Reporter is a must read for anyone trying to follow the ins and outs of Annapolis. Like a cup of coffee, I don’t start the day without it…. The editors are working hard to delivery hard-hitting original content using 21st century tools.”
    • —Heather Ford, media relations for nonprofit groups
  •  “ is the best aggregator of Maryland political news, and a source for reliable, independent reporting on major issues facing the state.  I read it every day, and encourage my students interested in Maryland issues to read it.”
    —Roy Meyers, political science professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  •  “The arrival of your daily round-ups has become my anchor for comprehensive, incisive news about Maryland. Thank you, thank you.”
    —Hope Daniels, editorial director, American Style magazine
  •  “Your daily digest assures that readers get the news about Maryland from a variety of sources and a variety of viewpoints. Your original reporting provides an in-depth analysis that is often missing in today’s media.”
    —Cecilia Januszkiewicz, former Maryland budget secretary
  •  “The Maryland Reporter provides the insight and the depth to important state news stories not found anywhere else. Its reporters know what to look for and how to report in a concise way.”
    —Leonard Lucchi, attorney and lobbyist, O’Malley, Miles
  •  “I regularly find information that directly affects me on the Reporter that I do not see elsewhere. By summarizing articles in these and other papers, in addition to its own high quality reporting, the Reporter is filling a huge gap in the information flow in Maryland.”
    —James Keat, retired editor, Baltimore Sun
  •  “I love getting the daily email of headlines. Even on days when I don’t have the time to click-through, the brief synopsis of each story helps! The reporting is outstanding and the topics covered are much more than just the one or two big issues of the week.”
    —Liz Nelson, former environmental lobbyist
  •  “It’s my best tool for scanning the environment regarding Maryland state government and politics.”
    —Neil L. Bergsman, director, Maryland Budget & Tax Policy Institute
  •  “It is one of the best sources for a disinterested overview of critical issues pertinent to governing and political conflict in Maryland.”
    —Richard E. Vatz, Towson University distinguished professor
  •  “I just wanted to give you a shout to say that I think you’re doing a superb job with, and I  personally find it extremely useful and tout it to others whenever I can.”
    —Tom Schaller, columnist and political science professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  •  “Maryland Reporter is the first site I check every morning for Maryland political news. From the Roundup to in-depth features, Maryland Reporter is the best one-stop shop for followers of Maryland politics.”
    —Mark Newgent, RedMaryland
  • “ has gained significant attention and admiration in only its first full year of existence. As traditional print media either have disappeared or suffered reductions in staff and news hole, you online publication has provided excellent coverage and analysis of Maryland government. At a time when public officials are grappling with complicated issues spawned or exacerbated by the difficult economy, it is critically important that the media understand these issues and report on them accurately and objectively.”
    —Nancy Kopp, State Treasurer
  • “I think the MD Reporter is excellent. I have used it to keep up with the legislative process while I have been in Florida for the winter. It has allowed me to stay up to date on the proceedings so I can contact legislators about various issues and bills. It is an invaluable tool! I highly recommend it to readers who need accurate and timely information.”–Beth Garraway, President Emerita, Maryland Independent Colleges and Universities Association
  • Thank you for “Maryland Reporter”, which I have read faithfully, since it’s inception. I especially appreciate the broad, unbiased and “both sides of the aisle” coverage of all things Maryland. –Vic Broccolino, Retired President, Howard County General Hospital

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