Redistricting reform tries to stay alive despite leadership opposition

Reforming the way congressional and legislative districts are carved up in Maryland may have been declared dead on arrival by Democratic leaders, but the Hogan administration and a few progressive Democratic legislators are keeping the issue alive at hearings this week. The co-chairs of the governor’s redistricting commission presented their proposal for a new commission completely independent of politicians to the House Rules Committee. Del. Kirill Reznik, D-Montgomery, is proposing his own version of an independent commission to be made up of the nonpartisan legislative staff.

Unusual political coalition for redistricting reform battles intransigent Democrats

The ongoing issue of redistricting in Maryland represents one of the most unique political alignments in state politics in some time. Republican Gov. Larry Hogan has found common cause on this issue with not only his Republican base, but independent voters as well as progressive and “good government” Democrats. Liberal special interest groups have endorsed Hogan’s plan and criticized the state’s Democratic leadership. Even the editorial boards of the state’s leading newspapers have overwhelmingly supported the governor’s cause on this issue.

Proposed 3rd district

Fairness is the place to start on redistricting reform

There are so many things wrong with how legislative and congressional districts are drawn in Maryland and across the United States that it is hard to know where to begin.

The place to start is fairness. The current process is egregiously unfair to average voters who would like to choose their representatives and not have their legislators choose them. It is unfair to minorities of every stripe: not just Republicans, but blacks, Latinos and residents of all persuasions in counties with no business being cut up into so three and four districts.

Rascovar: Mission Impossible on redistricting reform

Reformers want to take partisan politics out of the redistricting equation. So does the governor. That may be Mission Impossible. Conservative Republican Gov. Larry Hogan Jr. has joined liberal reformers in this crusade. He’s positioned himself so it looks like those mean Democrats are defiantly standing in the way.
As usual, the situation is far more complicated than the cover story.