How to prepare for an interstate move in 2021?

How to prepare for an interstate move in 2021?

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If you are planning for an interstate move, you might already be riding a roller coaster of emotions. The process can give you the best adrenaline rush but at the same time, it can overwhelm you to the core. There is a lot of stuff to do. You will have to pack, then compare interstate movers, bid goodbye to your friends and family, and not to forget, prepare yourself for the big cultural change you will face after moving to a different state.

It is wrong if we say that an interstate move will be a life-changing event and you will come out as a new person. But, the darker side of the process also exists. If you fail to prepare for the move in the best possible way, it is pretty much possible that the exhaustive preparation process can make you anxious and even worse, depressed. So, how have you prepared for this tough transition?

This blog will help you make the best arrangement for the big change. If you are moving to a new state in 2021, here are some useful tips.

Hire an independent interstate moving company

You can’t pack and move your large household alone and hiring a professional moving company is recommended. A reputed moving company with decades of experience will deal with all your moving requirements with great care and responsibility. The movers know to pack and move all types of items and hence ensure a no-damage move.

An independent interstate moving company here refers to a company that has its moving staff and does not subcontract the tasks to third-party people. Because the staff of a reputed company is always vetted through a detailed process, you can rest assured that the process will be safe and successful.

Reach out to the moving company in advance

Considering the COVID-19 situation, you must intimate the moving company about your move in advance. This allows the movers to make necessary arrangements for your moving process. The movers will take care of all the sanitation and safety precautions as the virus is still lingering in the open.

Also, the sooner you reach out to the moving company, the better they will be able to offer you guidance and start working on your moving project. This will also help you secure the services of a reputed interstate company as the top-rated movers get booked in advance.

Do not forget to note that the reputed movers will be very accurate with the delivery window details. You will have enough information to start the project at right time and complete it as desired.

Check COVID-19 preparations and policy of the moving company

A moving company of great repute will be dedicated to keeping its customers and employees safe during the pandemic, which is still not over. When you are planning a long-distance move, do not forget to ask the company about their COVID-19 precaution policy. The moving company will be dedicated to keeping an updated policy in place for the customers. Some of the core aspects of the policy that you must focus on include:

  • Daily thermal checking of the employees to ensure that none of the movers in the team is infected. The virus is highly contagious and can transfer from one to another human instantly.
  • Boosting regular hand washing or sanitizer use in employees as well as the customers.
  • Measures to minimize physical contact with the movers to ensure social distancing.
  • Use of personal protective equipment including masks, gloves, and PPE kits.

Because the process is long and complex, and you will be exposed to the movers for a long time, taking care of the COVID-19 precautions is important.

Understand the costs: Basic and Additional

There are two parts of the moving costs- basic and additional costs. The basic cost is the haul charges that make the major part of your moving cost. What you will need to be more prepared for are the additional charges. Additional charges are of various types including packing charges, shuttling charges, heavy load moving charges, flight charges, and more. You must discuss the details of the moving cost with your moving company in advance, a reputed moving company will be happy to share the details and won’t come up with additional costs at the last minute.

Prepare for the move diligently- Declutter and organize

As you have a dedicated moving company by your side, half of your worries are sorted. Now it is time for you to prepare on your end. You will have to take care of your moving inventory as the cost of moving depends largely upon the size of it.

Decluttering is always recommended by the movers. All the unnecessary items that you have been string in your home for years make a large part of the inventory. Decluttering means you shall take out old, unused, and obsolete items and sell, throw or donate them. This helps you in organizing the move as well.

Moving interstate is a complex process and the better you prepare for it, the happier you will be at the end, use these tips and make your 2021 interstate move successful.

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