The 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs in Maryland for 2021

The 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs in Maryland for 2021

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This year, Maryland has been taking considerable steps towards reaching its previous employment rate. According to the Maryland Department of Labor, preliminary survey data shows that as of August, Maryland has reached an unemployment rate of 5.9%, which is the lowest since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. And while the labor force participation rate and the employment-population ratio are still lower than pre-pandemic levels, a sustainable positive trend is already showing on the charts. Furthermore, as the Maryland Reporter has previously shown, for the first time since the fiscal year 1999, the state is expecting a $2.5 billion budget surplus. This spells new opportunities for working families.

However, even though job growth has generally been consistent across all sectors of the economy, we have researched official data for Maryland from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and compared it with corresponding search results from job aggregator Jooble, to understand which particular jobs seem to currently benefit from the fastest growth rates. Furthermore, we have broken down the top 10 results into two subcategories, by required education. Here are the results, from lowest to highest job growth:

  • For individuals with a high school diploma, or in some cases even no formal education:
  1. Door-to-Door Sales Workers, News, and Street Vendors

Projected Job Growth (2020 – 2022): 12.7%.

Mean Wage: $29,659.

Jooble Aggregated Search Results for Maryland: 8,297 vacancies.

Job Description: As the name suggests, a Door-to-Door Salesman goes from door to door and offers products or services, by demonstrating them and negotiating sales. News and Street Vendors sell their products from stations or carts in public spaces.

  1. Continuous Mining Machine Operators

Projected Job Growth (2020 – 2022): 14.3%.

Mean Wage: $52,203.

Jooble Aggregated Search Results for Maryland: 14,337 vacancies.

Job Description: As an integral part of any mining crew, the Continuous Mining Machine Operator operates self-propelled mining machines that extract ore, coal, stone, or sand and load it onto trucks or conveyors.

  1. Machine Feeders and Offbearers

Projected Job Growth (2020 – 2022): 14.7%.

Mean Wage: $39,116.

Jooble Aggregated Search Results for Maryland: 8,769 vacancies.

Job Description: Machine Feeders and Offbearers handle the materials that go into (and/or come out of) various machines. Aside from that, they inspect the materials, to make sure that they are up to standards, and record various operational stats.

  1. Rock Splitters, Quarry

Projected Job Growth (2020 – 2022): 16.3%.

Mean Wage: $44,216.

Jooble Aggregated Search Results for Maryland: 146 vacancies.

Job Description: This is a complicated, highly specialized job – a Rock Splitter uses a jackhammer to split huge chunks of stone from quarries.

  1. Painting, Coating, and Decorating Workers

Projected Job Growth (2020 – 2022): 20.7%.

Mean Wage: $36,643.

Jooble Aggregated Search Results for Maryland: 3,799 vacancies.

Job Description: The titles of these jobs are pretty much self-explanatory – these are professionals involved in construction and renovation work.

  • For individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree:
  1. Information Security Analyst

Projected Job Growth (2020 – 2022): 5.7%.

Mean Wage: $111,250.

Jooble Aggregated Search Results for Maryland: 17,609 vacancies.

Job Description: One of the most sought-after occupations in IT, the Information Security Analyst protects an organization’s data and networks, by designing and implementing advanced IT security systems.

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  1. Data Scientist

Projected Job Growth (2020 – 2022): 5.8%.

Mean Wage: $109,143.

Jooble Aggregated Search Results for Maryland: 8,530 vacancies.

Job Description: Quite predictably, a data scientist works with data. This involves collecting, analyzing, understanding, and interpreting large amounts of data, for the benefit of the employer.

  1. Construction Managers

Projected Job Growth (2020 – 2022): 6.0%.

Mean Wage: $72,189.

Jooble Aggregated Search Results for Maryland: 18,258 vacancies.

Job Description: A Construction Manager is the master of the construction site, having the role of a project manager who oversees all operations on a daily basis.

  1. Physician Assistants

Projected Job Growth (2020 – 2022): 6.4%.

Mean Wage: $114,937.

Jooble Aggregated Search Results for Maryland: 12,865 vacancies.

Job Description: The Physician Assistant is a mid-level healthcare provider who does a lot of the same stuff that a regular Physician does – diagnoses illnesses and other conditions, develops treatment plans, and prescribes drugs, albeit under the direct supervision of a Physician.

  1. Nurse Practitioners

Projected Job Growth (2020 – 2022): 9.1%.

Mean Wage: $81,588.

Jooble Aggregated Search Results for Maryland: 2,293 vacancies.

Job Description: A Nurse Practitioner is basically a nurse with a graduate degree in Nursing. Much like the Physician Assistant, a Nurse Practitioner provides basic healthcare services, including physical exams, diagnostics, treatment plans, and prescriptions, as well as some physical procedures and education on disease prevention and a healthy lifestyle.

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