Gubernatorial candidates divided on how to adjust or cut state taxes

April 16, 2014

With the Maryland gubernatorial election approaching at the end of the year, the seven major candidates are taking a stance on one of the state’s hot-button issues: taxes. [...more]

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Rascovar column: Stonewalling Md. Health Exchange probe

April 5, 2014

The Maryland General Assembly concludes its 2014 session Monday in good shape – except for one monumental omission: the mystery surrounding Maryland’s fatally flawed health exchange, which has squandered uncounted tens of millions of dollars. It’s now clear that both Gov. Martin O’Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown are content to stonewall and impede any detailed investigation of what went wrong in setting up the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange until well after the June 24 primary election. [...more]

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Rascovar column: Maryland’s Obamacare fiasco continues

March 2, 2014

How high will it go? How much more will it cost the O’Malley-Brown administration to fix or totally replace the dysfunctional online health insurance system that it bragged about until the software crashed on Day One? It already is the most costly debacle in state history. [...more]

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State elections board revises fundraising guidelines in governor’s race

January 30, 2014

New fundraising guidelines affecting Maryland's gubernatorial primary election appear to make it almost impossible for Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, the running mate of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, to raise money during the legislative session. The new guidelines appear to show that Elections Administrator Linda Lamone is taking a step back from a highly controversial ruling she made in December, which triggered a lawsuit and was made without the knowledge or consent of her board. [...more]

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Target to cancel health insurance for hundreds of Md. employees, directs them to exchanges

January 22, 2014

Hundreds -- if not thousands -- of Maryland Target employees will lose their health insurance benefits April 1 and are being directed instead to state exchanges created through President Obama's health care reform law. The national retail giant announced a new company-wide policy this week to discontinue health insurance coverage for all store part-time employees. [...more]

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At the first mile-marker in the money race for the 2014 campaign

January 19, 2014

Money can't buy you love, but in campaigns, it can buy you lots of other things: attention, status, respect, advertising, mailers, staff and headlines. The candidates with the most money don't always win. But they win most of the time since they often happen to be incumbents. An incumbent in any office with solid money in the bank, high name recognition and low negatives will win. [...more]

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Rascovar column: Brown has a health care albatross

Maryland's lieutenant governor, Anthony Brown, has a problem that won't go away -- his still unexplained leadership role in the state's disastrous Obamacare rollout. This is the biggest sticking point in Brown's run for governor. It could become an insurmountable obstacle if public attention remains focused on those computer glitches and poor sign-up results. [...more]

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Rascovar commentary: O’Malley’s final budget choices will be revealing

January 5, 2014

The budget picture is brightening for Gov. Martin O'Malley in his final year, but will he spend it all or save some for his successor. [...more]

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Rascovar commentary: Md. health care leader? It’s not Anthony Brown

December 22, 2013

Who’s in charge of Maryland’s computerized Obamacare rollout? Until recently, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown wanted you to believe he was the man. Yet it has become painfully clear Brown is not the “point man” on Obamacare, Maryland-style. [...more]

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Rascovar column: Lt. Gov. Brown takes heat on Obamacare

December 8, 2013

Let’s face it: Maryland dropped the ball on implementing Obamacare. To date the rollout has been a failure. Who bears ultimate responsibility? Let's start at the top with Gov. Martin O'Malley and his designated point man on the healthcare rollout, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown. Ever since 2010, Brown has promoted his leadership role in the Obamacare implementation. [...more]

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