2015 State House Birthday Calendar includes all 58 new delegates, 11 new senators

Get the new 2015 Maryland State House Birthday Calendar produced by the staff of MarylandReporter.com.

It includes the birthdays of all 188 members of the incoming Maryland General Assembly — including all 58 newly elected members of the House of Delegates and 11 newly elected senators. There are also the birthdays of all statewide elected officials and Maryland members of Congress.

Poster of incoming legislators

A number of readers found the poster of the incoming legislators posted last week helpful. Depending on your device, if you double click on the image it should appear in a viewing application allowing you to zoom in to a size large enough to read the names and see the individual photos.

Hogans tour Government House with O’Malleys

Saturday was another big day for Gov.-elect Larry Hogan after his 7-hour visit to the White House Friday. He and his wife Yumi got a tour of Government House from Gov. Martin O’Malley and his wife, Judge Catherine Curran (Katie) O’Malley, and before that he spoke to the Maryland Republican Party’s convention meeting at the Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City.

Blair Lee finis as Gazette continues to abandon state political coverage

The Gazette newspapers pulled the plug on political columnist Blair Lee IV last week, ending his 27 years of vociferous weekly opinionating in Montgomery County newspapers. Two days later the Gazette editor who canned Lee due to budget cuts, Doug Tallman, got his walking papers as well. Tallman spent years covering the State House, and was one of just a few employees laid off last week.

MarylandReporter.com turns 5; please help us celebrate

Dear Reader,

We got so busy this week covering this astounding election in Maryland that we failed to celebrate MarylandReporter.com’s official 5th Birthday Nov. 2. Please consider helping us celebrate our award-winning coverage by making a donation to our nonprofit Maryland corporation, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), which makes your contribution tax deductible. Our site got so busy on Tuesday with hundreds of people accessing the site at one time that it crashed the server, and we had to increase our capacity. Good thing we did.

‘Like’ doesn’t mean like, and a ‘friend’ is not a real friend

“Like” doesn’t necessarily mean like, and a “friend” isn’t necessarily a real friend — on Facebook at least. And a “follower” on Twitter certainly doesn’t mean a disciple.

Explaining how journalists use social media seemed like a good idea after a close friend exclaimed that I had “taken sides” when I “liked” a page for a candidate she was working to defeat. And then another reader was incensed when a newspaper’s Facebook page “liked” the Facebook pages of a whole bunch of Democratic officials.

Update: Howard Co. Democrats attack Kittleman record

Howard County Democrats have launched a website attacking the record of Republican state Sen. Allan Kittleman, who is running a competitive race for county executive against Democratic County Council member Courtney Watson.

KittlemanFacts.com challenges Kittleman’s positions that put him at odds on issues that have strong appeal to Democratic voters — school funding, abortion, environmental policy, gun control and the minimum wage.