• Bradley Williams

    We need to read and digest the language of the Oregon model laws/bills before we expound on our positions.
    They are riddled with loopholes that work together to eviscerate the flaunted safeguards.
    For example how many times have you nodded your head when the proponents declared that the lethal dose must be self-administered?
    Well, read the language of the law/bill and you will find that there is no means provided to insure that marketing point. For example “self-administrate” was mentioned 6 times in the 20 page Colorado HB 16-1054 and yet there was no means provided to confirm that the lethal dose was forced on not.

    In fact what is provided in all the bills/laws is that there may be no investigations allowed after the death. This is a red flag to repair our public safety net.

    According to their own records in OR and WA a dangerous public policy that is being established is a low bar of “medical standard of care” is poisoning for people that “fear” the loss of autonomy.
    We are all at risk of abuse by these poorly composed laws/bills.
    PS: What other activities in the US prohibit investigations?
    Bradley Williams
    MTaas dot org
    PS: Born in Baltimore

    • Dale McNamee

      Also, look at the practice of it in Belgium where it is being prescribed for depression, and other things as well as for terminal illness…