Commentary: Lessons from 9/11

On this anniversary of 9/11, it’s fitting for all Americans to take a deep breath, and remember a few simple things about who we are — ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Code Red Part 3: No trees, no shade, no relief as temperatures rise

In a city marked by startling inequity, leaf cover is just one more thing that has been historically distributed in unequal measure. Baltimore’s poorest areas tend to have less tree canopy than wealthier areas, a pattern that is especially pronounced on the concrete-dense east side, in neighborhoods like Broadway East.

Code Red Part 2: Health risks rise with temperature

Heat waves are especially perilous because consecutive days with the heat index at 103 degrees or above greatly increase risks for older people, children, pregnant women and anyone with heat-affected chronic disease.

Join Len Lazarick for China tour

From Len Lazarick

When I saw the schedule for the Columbia Sister City trip to China, I realized I had visited most of the places on the trip, and didn’t need to go again. I started searching for an alternative. I teach East Asian history at Howard Community College and have done a master’s degree in Chinese history. I found a very nice tour from China Senior Tours. Cost is cost of the tour for single occupancy is $3599, including hotels, meals, private car, guide, domestic flight and entrance fees.