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State Board of Education rescinds mask mandate, pending approval from state legislators

The Maryland State Board of Education Tuesday lifted the statewide mask mandate for public schools, allowing the state’s 23 county school boards and Baltimore to each decide how they want to handle masking. The board’s decision could begin as early as March 1. Before the change can take effect it must be approved by the Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review, a mixed panel of state legislators. The committee announced it will meet to review the board regulation Friday afternoon. 

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Franchot backs education reform, but not mandated Blueprint

Like several of the nine Democratic candidates for governor, Comptroller Peter Franchot makes improving K-12 education part of his standard stump speech.
But Franchot refuses to even mention the Kirwan Commission and the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future the legislature enacted over the governor’s veto that establishes massive changes for public schools and pumps billions more into education.

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Kirwan education reforms are at high risk of repeating historical disappointments

Oversight of Kirwan’s education reforms is expected to come from an Accountability and Implementation Board, whose responsibilities would include governance and accountability during the board’s limited 10-year life. The board’s design casts significant doubt that $32 billion of additional education spending to implement Kirwan’s goals over the next 10 years will lead to durable and significant improvements to Maryland students’ “College and Career Readiness” by the end of high school.

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