Creative Ways to Propose During the Quarantine

Creative Ways to Propose During the Quarantine

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

The coronavirus pandemic placed several wedding plans on hold. Many couples who were about to get married decided to postpone until the pandemic is over. However, the good thing about the lockdown orders is that couples got to know each other better. After several months of being in the same place, you might realize that you already found the perfect partner. If your partnership only strengthened during this pandemic, it might be time to put a ring on it. These are some creative ways to propose to your partner during the quarantine period.

Go for a virtual tour

Under normal circumstances, you might try to propose in a foreign location. There are plenty of romantic spots around the world, and you want your proposal to be memorable. However, since it’s not yet possible, the best option is to go for a virtual tour. You can invest in 3D glasses to have a tour of the places that you want to visit. After your tour is over, your partner will see the beautiful engagement ring in front of her. It’s time to kneel and propose.

Do it during a family Zoom meeting

Zoom calls are becoming more popular because of the quarantine. Family members are apart, but the platform allows them to feel connected. Some families even host game nights online. In one of these online calls, you can drop to your knees and propose to her. It’s romantic because you allow everyone to take part in your special moment. It might just be the two of you at home, but it’s still special.

Look for local tourist destinations 

If you still want to propose in a different place, there are wonderful options available. You can propose in a local park. You can also do it while hiking or camping. The good thing is that you remain socially distanced and follow health protocols.

Propose during your regular breakfast together

Since you’ve been working from home for a while now, you must be doing lots of things with your partner. You have more time to clean your house, finish different chores, and plan your budget. While doing one of these mundane tasks, you can propose. It’s an unexpected time, but it’s still sweet. Imagine preparing breakfast and suddenly going down on your knees. It’s also remarkable since you asked her while doing basic tasks at home. It shows that it’s something that you would like to do with her for the rest of your life.

While there were more exciting ways to propose before this pandemic, you can still find a way to do it at this time. As long as you’re sincere with the proposal and you’re certain about your decision, you should pursue it. You may even order your engagement ring online by typing jewelry stores near me in search engines without her noticing. Make sure that the jewelry is of top-quality. You probably saved money due to reduced expenses in the last few months. Therefore, you can afford a quality ring.