5 All-Time Favorite Snacks to Pair With Wine

5 All-Time Favorite Snacks to Pair With Wine

5 All-Time Favorite Snacks to Pair With Wine

Despite being a popular beverage for any dinner occasion, wine isn’t just reserved for meals. It can also be paired with snacks. And although many have tried pairing their favorite snacks with their favorite wines, many still haven’t thought of it yet. To many, wine is for complimenting hearty and fulfilling dishes.

But what makes a good wine and snack combo? Well, we got you covered! Here are some famous snacks and wine pairings you can try the next time you’re planning to binge-watch your favorite series or just chill inside your home.

Potato Chips

Pinot Gris, also known as Pinot Noir, would be the best wine to pair it with your regular potato chips. It has an easy flavor to pair with wine, as the salt on the chips usually dominates its taste. For heavily salted chips, you might want to consider a wine with strong tannins. Salt smoothens tannins, which makes Shiraz the best option.

Chips with salt and vinegar flavor need to be paired with a wine that has a high level of acidity. A glass of Sauvignon Blanc will help balance the chip’s flavor into a well-rounded taste. A classic Italian wine, Chianti, can also provide a balance to the chip’s vinegar and salt flavor with its edgy tannins and raspy acidity.

For onion or sour cream flavored chips, a glass of Merlot can pair with it perfectly. On the other hand, barbeque flavored chips can be paired with Zinfandel wine. Different flavors of potato chips should be paired with different types of wine that can incorporate their flavor nicely.


Pizza is one of America’s favorite foods. It is consumed not only as a snack but also as a meal. Every flavor of pizza can be paired with different varieties of wines. An all cheese pizza, for instance, would be best paired with Shiraz.

Pineapple pizza, on the other hand, would be best paired with a glass of sweet Riesling. The sweet pineapple and the sweet wine go together very well. Moreover, the acidity of the pineapple balances the richness of the pizza.

A glass of Chianti can liven up a veggie pizza with its savory and spicy flavor. Chianti wine is a classic wine for pizza pairings, with its bitter herbs, balsamic vinegar, red fruits, and leather notes. Whenever you opt for a veggie pizza, do not forget your bottle of Chianti.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies will taste more heavenly if paired with a rich and deep Bordeaux Margaux Wines. The Cabernet Sauvignon wine variety complements the sweet taste of the chocolate chip cookies.

Cabernet Sauvignon’s rich and lush flavor paired with the cookie’s softness is a match made in heaven. Cabernet wine is a common wine found at every American’s home, which means that it is very easy to access anytime.


Who would have thought that popcorn and wine go best together? Eating popcorn in a bowl while watching your favorite movie or tv series is already one of the best ways to relax. But with a glass of wine? It would be heavenly.

Plain popcorn can be complemented with a glass of light wine, such as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. Its light and fruity flavor will not overpower the light taste of a simple popcorn. In contrast, a popcorn covered in salt can be paired with a crisp, fruity Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc.

For a buttered popcorn, Chardonnay will be your best option. But a glass of Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, or a sparkling rose would also work well. For one of the most popular popcorn flavors, cheese popcorn, you can choose to pair it with a Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Merlot.

For sweet popcorn, such as caramel and chocolate popcorn, you should balance the popcorn’s sweetness with the wine’s sweetness and dryness. For caramel flavor, you can enjoy it with either Moscato, Riesling, or Pinot Grigio. For chocolate flavor, you can enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or a Merlot.


Who does not love fries? Whether it is a snack or a side dish, most Americans love fries. If this is your favorite snack, the bubbly, high-acid champagne is the best option to balance the fries’ fat, saltiness, and carby goodness.

This pairing is the best duo you’ll ever taste, which is why it is a must-try pair you should consider. You will surely enjoy the goodness of eating a plate of fries and a glass of champagne offers.

You can also pair different wine for different flavors. If you love cheese on your fries, you can enjoy it alongside a glass of Verdejo wine. If you are health conscious but still want to enjoy fries, you can instead opt for sweet potato fries with a glass of Beaujolais.


These wine and snack pairings are some of the best duos you can enjoy. However, you can still experiment with your pairings, depending on your taste. Try several wines with your favorite snack and stick with the one that stands out.