Maryland vehicle accidents: Can they be avoided?

Maryland vehicle accidents: Can they be avoided?

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Regardless of the precautions and road safety tips, car accidents have become the leading cause of accidents all over the country. Maryland is not far behind. Every day the state witnesses a few car accidents – hundreds of people lose their lives, and even more, are badly injured.

Can Car Accidents Be Avoided?

There is one thing that comes to mind after a car accident.

This could have been avoided entirely if the parties involved were a bit more responsible.

Now, that is a bit too much to ask from busy people and always on the go. The government cannot do anything unless citizens portray responsibility on their behalf.

Detailed Car Accident Statistics of Maryland

For analyzing the trends and constant changes in accidents, statistics can be a helpful tool. However, there is a need to understand that the figures provide far more profound insight than simply numbers and charts in the longer run.

Here are some detailed statistics about the accidents that happened in Maryland over the years:

2018 – The Worst Among 5-Year Period

The data collected and displayed by the Maryland Department of Transport showed around 117,750 cars were involved in accidents in 2018. This is the second-highest figure of the 5-year average. Over the years, there has been a minor decline in the statistics – 3% almost. However, it is pretty easy to catch up if there is no room for improvement. Despite the decrease, over 50.000 people have been reported to be injured during car accidents on the roads of Maryland.

Additional Stats

These statistics contain some facts and figures about car wreck injuries in the state:

  • Drivers here are considered one of the worst in rainy and snowy weather. Next time when you head out for a bit of a trip, make sure to keep yourself safe on the road and fastened in the car.
  • Drunk driving is quite every day in the state. For a civil chunk of land lying close to the capital state, Maryland actually stands at number 9 among the worst drunk driving cities in the States.
  • Wallethub has declared Maryland as the 3rd worst state in the country. With joint problems like rash braking, inappropriate turning, distracted driving, and rushing through the roads, it is evident that a common careful driver needs rest. No wonder car wreck injuries are increasing rapidly.

Car Accident Fatalities in Maryland

Fatal accidents can not only result in the loss of your life, but they are also a daunting event for your loved ones. Other than the emotional turmoil, it can lead to considerable expenses like medical bills, compensation charges, funeral, and burial process. Not to forget, a long time of emotional distress also awaits the family.

Unfortunately, not all car accidents end up with whiplash. There are inevitable consequences that some drivers have to bear in case of an accident. The latest reports launched by MDOT show that 486 accidents of 2018 resulted in 18 deaths. Although the accident figure was second highest in the tenure, there was still a 36% decline in fatalities from the previous year, totaling 25 reported fatalities.

Federal Data on Car Accidents in Maryland

The Federal date published by the country about car accidents in Maryland showed these statistics:

  • The age group of people with the highest percentage of deaths in Maryland are between the ages 25 to 29. These figures indicate that most people of this age are engaged in risky/dangerous driving.
  • Drunk driving, which is a common issue in Maryland, caused 186 deaths in 2017. This is the highest figure recorded in the latest 5-year tenure.
  • Most of the accidents that occurred in Maryland were in passenger vehicles. This means that drivers of larger transportation options have shown irresponsibility in vehicle management.
  • Most of the accidents that led to death involved only one vehicle. This means that hitting pedestrians and other means of transport when coming in contact with cars can lead to fatal accidents. In such cases, usually, people with no safety equipment suffer from the worst injuries.

Different Types of Car Accidents in Maryland

According to published reports, some of the most common types of car accidents among people in Maryland are:

  • Rear-end collisions in which one vehicle hits another one from behind. In this type of accident, usually, the party that hits from behind is rendered guilty for not maintaining adequate distance from the vehicle in front.
  • Head-on collisions in which two vehicles bump into each other from the front. These accidents mostly happen in rural parts of Maryland with inadequate separation between left and right lanes.
  • Distracted driving where the drivers are busy in other activities like phone calls, texting, eating, etc.
  • Low-speed collisions in which the driver thinks the vehicle is under control, but the road anticipation is way off.
  • Single car accident in which only one vehicle is involved in the accident.
  • Hit and run cases are when the guilty party usually escapes without going through proper procedure. These accidents have been reduced to a notable extent after the installation of on-road cameras.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Maryland

Regardless of the type of accident, the main cause is negligence. Irresponsibility and negligence can be broken down into the following reasons:

  • Over speeding – especially on busy roads.
  • Impaired driving where the driver is usually under the influence of intoxicants like alcohol, marijuana, or other forms of drugs.
  • Distracted driving causes accidents because the driver is engaged in other activities like eating, drinking, engaging with kids or pets, calling, and texting. Other types of distractions may include not looking in your own lane, focusing on signboards instead of the road, etc.
  • Driving under stress due to sleeplessness and other reasons can cause the driver to make poor road decisions.
  • Driving in a vehicle that is not regularly maintained.

More Than One Accident Culprit

In some cases, more than one party is to blame for an accident. Maryland is one of just a few states that utilizes stringent criteria known as contributory negligence to establish guilt in instances of joint blame. If you are judged to be even 1% at fault for the accident, you will not obtain compensation for your injuries.

Medical Treatment After Car Accident

It is important to seek immediate medical care to ensure the recovery of lost health. Your doctor will diagnose the problem and help you recover from the issue completely. Some services you may need are:

  • Emergency room doctor for initial diagnosis and referrals.
  • Specialist doctors to treat any complicated injury.
  • Car accident chiropractors will provide an alternative treatment without the use of any medications.


Car accidents in Maryland are common like any other populated state. There are a lot of reasons why people come across accidents daily. If you are a careful driver, there will be compensation for your losses. Just make sure to handle the case properly or hire a lawyer to defend you in the stringently active courts of Maryland.

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