• vinny

    What company let’s you represent them with out ever meeting you?

    Answer: UBER

    *Just because someone doesn’t have a criminal record doesn’t mean they are sane.

    * I have not hired many people who had a clean record.

  • Robert Gary

    Still clearly safer than a taxi.

  • DCRussell

    I feel a lot safer riding with Uber, knowing when a car will come, what it will look like, what the driver’s name is, that it will be relatively new and clean, and that the driver will know where to go. Pretty much the opposite of my local taxi “services” that may or may not show up promptly (or an hour later), not knowing what company name will be on the cab or what kind of car it will be, not knowing anything about the driver, and more often than not getting a dirty or smelly cab with air conditioning that often doesn’t work, and a driver with minimal English who needs instructions to find where he is going.

  • Mark Berry

    Uber. The world’s most odious company. No law goober won’t break, no lie goober won’t tell, no passenger goober won’t rob, no driver goober won’t exploit. Grubby, grubby goober.

    Goober are strongly opposed to fingerprint checks because identifying criminals greatly reduces their potential driver pool. #theworldsmostodoiuscompany

    • Alonzo Harris

      Is this a joke? They background check every one of their drivers. Why is fingerprinting even necessary? They passed legislation like this in Austin and Corpus Christi, Tx, and guess what happened, Uber left. What happened next was about predicable as you could have imagined: Black market ride sharing increased.

      Cab drivers are notorious for driving recklessly, hiding their information to prevent complaints, not taking cards or double charging, and taking complete advantage of tourists and people who are inebriated. Uber fundamentally cannot do this because your trips are tracked, and repeat complaints result in the termination of services for that particular driver.

      The people who protest Uber remind me a whole lot of the people who protested the invention of the car. Clearly, the proliferation of Uber has supplied America with a vital civil service, which is providing an easy, cheap, and reliable alternative to drinking and driving, often times in places where none existed previously.

      The entire argument against Uber are just talking points being spewed by Cab Unions who are seeing their bottom lines evaporate. This is the free market at it’s finest. Shitty products fall by the wayside while superior ones flourish. Get a grip.

  • Jr.

    A little research shows just how unsafe Uber is.

  • samac

    Regulators love ginning up a problem where there is none to justify their control. Taxis and other incumbents love an excuse to drive the competition out of business.

    The premise here, that a Baltimore city taxi is somehow safer than Uber is absurd on its surface. Considering how many sketchy experiences I’ve had with city taxis, the idea that their regulatory regime actually improves the service or helps public safety is laughable.

    The malevolent guiding hand of regulators is not needed here.