• charlie hayward

    I didn’t see any evidence in the (underwhelming) report that this commission knows how to begin overhauling and reorganizing state government. Hardly a clue of the scope, structure or objectives of this effort, just a headline. Does the commission appreciate that neither it nor state government at large has the least capability to overhaul anything with respect to major portions of state programs and activities? For instance, 30% of the State’s budget comes from the Federal government whose heavy-handed regulations and overlapping and duplicative programs are the root cause of much of the negative culture, overlap and duplication in the state. I wish the commission all possible success.

  • woody brosnan

    I suspect that his just an excuse by Hogan to reorganize government and hire a bunch of Republicans and eviscerate regulations.

  • Vidi

    At first glance this looks like a report whose recommendations make quite a bit of sense. I have not read the entire report. However, hope this does not turn into a fight to save public sector jobs.

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