• What a fine idea. No new chicken houses in the state for 8 years. Why not 15 years? Why not no growth in a key Maryland industry forever? The latter approach will surely limit Bay pollution going forward. Gotta love the environmental community; they are never at a loss to identify no-growth solutions to our problems.

  • bob gallagher


    I’m not sure if you are reporting that the environmental Community is not doing enough to address the Conowingo issue or whether you are just reporting that the Clean Chesapeake Coalition says that the environmental community isn’t doing enough. If it the former, you need to check your facts. Numerous environmental organizations are involved in multiple legal proceedings focused on the relicensing of Conowingo. If it is the latter, your readers might be interested in why a group with the name Clean Chesapeake Coalition uses its public relations machinery to attack efforts to reduce pollution from industrial chicken production.

    Bob Gallagher

  • joe

    What do you expect from rabid environmental groups that go around sniffing chicken butts to achieve their 15 minutes of fame?

  • Dale McNamee

    Why don’t these environmentalists figure out a way to utilize chicken manure like composting it, if possible, or turning it into a fuel, etc.
    They should be able to be innovative…

    Putting a moratorium on the growth of chicken houses won’t solve the problem and will serve to drive food costs higher and higher…

    But, they aren’t rational in their thinking…