• Josh Friedman

    Can anyone name one state, controlled by Republicans, where Republicans support independent commissions? Yeah, I almost believed they were serious about fairness, for a second.

    • Not Stupid

      Sure, Arizona did it and the state leans right. California did it and the state leans left. What do California Democrats gain? Unlike you, they recognized two wrongs don’t make a right and they decided to put principle before their personal political pride.

      • Not Stupid

        While I’m at it, Idaho and Montana also institute independent redistricting commissions. What, are you going to claim they’re far left states?

      • ksteve

        That’s not the reason why the current California redistricting system exists. It was in fact initiated by a petition process of signatures by the public that they have and Maryland doesn’t. California Democrats wouldn’t and shouldn’t have voluntarily shot themselves in the foot on their own when Republican-controlled states don’t voluntarily do the same at the same time. That goes for Maryland too. What is needed here is a federal constitutional amendment requiring that a particular redistricting system be initiated in all states in time for a particular election. Otherwise, forget it.

        • Irma Shainberg Sheon

          The public is fed up with gerrymandering. The most reasonable way to end it would be by introducing and passing an election law that would apply to all states: How’s this:
          “States shall redraw congressional legislative districts to reflect equal
          population in areas with maximum compactness. No partisan considerations shall
          be allowed. Redrawn maps shall be open to public scrutiny and

      • Josh Friedman

        How did I miss that? Oh right, AZ Republicans didn’t support the independent commission. They used their majority to try and fire the independent members, then when the courts said they couldn’t do it, they went all the way to the Supreme Court to say that independent commissions were unconstitutional (Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alita agreed)

        • Not Stupid

          But you don’t count Idaho or Montana either? Or Alaska even for that matter?

          Of course not. You believe two wrongs somehow magically make a right. So morally rich.

  • You just have to hold up a map of District 3 for most people to realize how absurd the current system is.

  • Not Stupid

    Hispanic voters in Maryland were severely disenfranchised by the intentional split of the state’s heaviest Hispanic-concentrations. They actually had population concentrations between Montgomery and Prince George’s County’s to constitute a single Hispanic-majority Congressional District.

    The state’s population is nearly 48% minority, yet the Congressional Delegation includes 2 of 8 House Members as minority and including the Senators, it’s 2 of 10. Why is this? Well, part of it is because the 6th CD was specifically drawn to elected a favored white candidate (state senator) who ended up losing in the primary. This redistricting and the attempt to preserve the 3rd CD for another white candidate (incumbent office holder) resulted in the direct manipulation of lines that essentially forbid another minority-majority district.

    Similar antics occurred in other states and federal courts ruled such line-drawing violated the VRA. But apparently it’s okay if it’s done by one party to prop up their white candidates if they happen to be situated north of the Potomac River.

    There is absolutely no reason Maryland is a leading the partisan redistricting charge and doing so with the utmost political disdain that eschews minorities. There is no reason Marylanders tolerate this. The time to change it is now.

  • lenlazarick

    FYI, two of the state’s mentioned in the story are Republican controlled; Arizona has had two Republican governors in a row, and both house of the legislature are Republican. (Arizona legislature sued to get rid of commission, but Supreme Court upheld the process a few months ago.) Arizona is slightly larger than Maryland, and has nine member of US House, six Republicans, three Democrats.
    Iowa: Republican governor, Republican House, Democratic Senate; just a more balanced state politically.

  • abby_adams

    Thanks for the reporting Len. Don’t see or hear much about this from our MSM. While I’m hopeful something might change in Maryland, it seems to be in the best interest of those firmly entrenched in power to stay in control rather than heed the voice of the voters.

    • ksteve

      Absolutely! But that’s also true in the many states where Republicans currently control the redistricting process.