• charlie hayward

    Irani’s point about causality and causation is correct, but if he thinks the IRS data at issue are a snapshot, he’s wrong, and his research is stunted by the value of this data in the context of “flow,” a complementary data-set to “snapshot.” I imagine he knows that, it’s just the way his statement sticks out above.

    Irani is an executive in the sprawling line of University-based businesses. Universities everywhere have spawned an impenetrable web of large charities and profit making enterprises, without transparency or structured oversight.

    His Economic Studies Institute known as RESI performs policy analysis for State government and commercial clients but its finances and business relations are completely hidden from public transparency. I imagine he draws a healthy second income, on top of his $200k plus salary and benefit package paid by state taxpayers. The least I expect from RESI is financial statements, organizational documents supporting legal purpose and scope of operations, and conflict of interest policy, None of that is made public.

  • Terp that Fled

    Dear Daraius, I’m ome of those 5,600 odd folks. My job did not move from its downtown DC location. I decided I would rather live in Virginia. One of my leading factors was income tax. I earned almost $1,500 more by moving and found the standard the same as where I had lived in Montgomery County. While you cannot attribute the whole to the part, you also cannot say there is no correlation when i’m offering you at least one case of it.

    • Terp that Fled

      *standard of livinf

    • DarkCalf

      And now you get to pay property tax on your vehicles and other major purchases every year. Congratulations on trading one form of tax for another.

      And quite frankly, you lived in the most expensive county in the state so…

      • Terp that Fled MD

        You’re right, vehicles and boats are taxed. And, it still costs far less in VA.

        You’re right, Montgomery is tied for the most expensive county by piggy-back income tax alongside Howard, Baltimore City, Queen Anne’s, Prince George’s, and Wicomico. But the others aren’t far behind with the noted exceptions of Worcester.

        VA’s graduated income tax system works as follows:
        0-3k 2%
        3k-5k 3%
        5k-17k 5%
        17k+ 5.75%

        MD is:
        0-1k 2%
        1k-2k 3%
        2k-3k 4%
        3k-100k 4.75%
        100k-125k- 5%
        125k-150k- 5.25%

        150k-250k- 5.5%
        Then you add in the piggybacks, which mostly range from 2.7-3.2% more at all levels of income.

        MD driver’s license fees range at their cheapest (8 years) are $6 a year, Virginia’s are $4 a year. Car registration is for a new vehicle $40 in VA for most cars, $100 in MD. Titling tax in MD is 6% for vehicles. It’s 4.1% in VA.

        Fairfax County’s property tax rate is $1.090. Montgomery County is .9992, but then you have a nice state tax of .112, making the total, 1.1112.

        The sales tax in VA is 5.3% except in NOVA (and Hampton Roads), where it’s 6%. In MD, it’s 6%. MD taxes all alcohol at 9%. VA applies the sales tax to it, except on distilled spirits where they do 20%.

        Marylanders are always in Virginia buying cigarettes because MD charges $2 per pack versus Virginia’s 30 cents.

        Maryland’s gas tax has overtaken VA’s gas taxes.

        So, the primary difference is Virginians paying property taxes on cars and boats. Depending on the vehicle age, they’re a couple hundred dollars a year.

        So, if you drink copious amounts of distilled spirits, don’t earn any income, don’t drive, and don’t want a driver’s license, then, by all means, enjoy the Old Line State. But don’t come on here and seriously try to proclaim there is a mythical savings by living in Maryland because it’s easily disproven, and to the tune of thousands of dollars for the average Marylander.

  • OldBut YoungMoney

    We should have a census bureau redrawing of the electoral college every election so it’s up to date. It’s obvious Republican states are having population booms. So the map should be redrawn so we don’t disenfranchise people and give states lower populations using older data of when they had higher populations electoral influence that do not deserve it.

  • Christopher Petty

    Liberal ideology is so shortsighted and simplistic. Taxes=money. They never think things out to their natural conclusion; taxes are a burden on small businesses, which are the primary source of taxes.

    • DarkCalf

      So if there are no taxes, there will be no burden on small businesses. Which are the primary source of taxes? How does that work?

      • Christopher Petty

        Lower taxes. I didn’t say no taxes.

  • BlueAdidas

    “One of america’s greatest cities” ???

    Baltimore? Whoever said this needs to travel more. Baltimore is one of the most corrupt, crime ridden, depressing cities in the country. Unreasonable taxes make it difficult for businesses to operate here and for their employees to live well. If there aren’t high quality jobs attracting and retaining middle income taxpayers, it’s not surprising people are fleeing.

  • steve

    Terp That Fled (and others) It did not say taxation was the reason folks
    left at all, as many moved to more pleasant climates. These data by
    themselves tell us nothing of note and unless someone
    undertakes sophisticated econometric analysis of the raw data, one can
    only speculate as to why households may move. People could move due to the weather, retirement or new job
    opportunities, and because of the state’s size and location they may
    continue to work in the state while moving elsewhere. MD actually gained taxpayers from VA ( a net 12,625), a state most folks hold as a lower-taxation area, like Terp That Fled. A lot more analysis needs to be done.

    • Terp that Fled MD

      Irani took issue with the claim that taxation was the reason people fled citing it as the correlation/causation fallacy. My point was that he’s wrong to make that claim definitively as can cite my own experience. It doesn’t mean he cannot be correct broadly speaking, but it does mean he’s wrong to speak definitively.

      PS-NOVA’s climate is identical to it’s suburban MD counterpart.

  • Texas Son

    I lived in Maryland several years when my father was stationed there in the military. I still travel to Maryland from time to time. Based on what I see and hear when I am there, I am glad I don’t live there. It’s especially sad to see how Baltimore has decayed.