• charlie hayward

    Boundaries should be drawn by computer with prescriptive not proscriptive inputs from politicians. Use census data and modelling software or algos based on thoughtful variables. Just looking at the picture makes me ill.

  • The Democrats missed an historic chance to give minority voters the opportunity to elect minority candidates. Three, or four properly drawn districts would have been competitive for minority candidates. Instead, they engaged in despicable actions to keep majority incumbents in super safe districts. The Democrats have lost their legitimacy as a party promoting the rights of minority residents. Hypocrits!

  • Come On

    While I applaud your rhetorical point, I think it’s utterly lacking in the Rep. Loefgren’s bill can’t go anywhere. Redistricting is explicitly spelled out in the Constitution thus necessitating an amendment to change the process or the states to do so individually. Which means that the argument by the Democrats here (and Republicans elsewhere) is totally bunk and they know it.

    Giving credence to such an argument by suggesting people call asking members to co-sponsor something that’s a nonstarter is almost as bad. As a professor, I kind of expect more from you. “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers,”