August 10, 2012

Audio: Pit bull owners demonstrate and testify on legislation

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Sign at pit bull rally. Duane Keenan for provides this audio report on the demonstration and then the hearing on legislation to overturn a court ruling that declared all pit-bulls as inherently dangerous dogs.

Here’s some of the script:

The ruling does not sit well with owners of friendly pits.  They point out that it is wrong to discriminate against one particular kind of dog.  Also, holding landlords responsible for the actions of pet-owning tenants means some dog owners may have to get rid of their four-footed family members.  A rally on the issue was held in Annapolis prior to a Senate committee taking up the topic. At the rally I met Kimm Tarantino from Glen Burnie…

State Senator Jamie Raskin spoke at the rally, then talked with me some more about the issue of breed discrimination…

Anthony Soleskey, a father whose son was mauled by a dog, and the subject of the recent court decision, spoke at the hearing…

The Senate bill was passed out of committee.  It would get rid of the discriminatory language against one breed, lessen the responsibility of landlords (returning it to the “common law” standards of the past), and increase the responsibility of dog owners- what is called “strict liability”.  The House Judiciary Committee takes up legislation dealing with the issue later today.





  • Justice for Pitbulls! Please stop demonizing these poor angels.