New Year, New Yubo: All the Fresh Features on the Livestreaming Social Media App

New Year, New Yubo: All the Fresh Features on the Livestreaming Social Media App

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Discover Yubo 2024: A safe, dynamic social platform for Gen Z featuring real-time interactions, live streaming, and innovative content moderation.

The history of social media is marked by rapid evolution and innovation, shaping how we communicate and interact online. It continues to evolve with advancements in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, and personalized content. Platforms are exploring ways to integrate e-commerce, virtual reality experiences, and more immersive interaction methods. The landscape is constantly changing, with an emphasis on user experience, safety, and adapting to new technologies and cultural shifts.

As we dive into 2024 and social media continues to transform, apps like Yubo are at the forefront of this change. The Paris-based live social discovery app has captured the attention of Generation Z users worldwide with its unique blend of features and community-driven experiences.

Yubo is entering the new year with enhanced content moderation strategies through a collaboration with Bodyguard. This Yubo/Bodyguard partnership marks a significant step in its commitment to maintaining a safe online environment. By integrating Bodyguard’s technology, the app is set to autonomously and contextually moderate content, a move that aligns with Yubo’s prevention-focused moderation philosophy.

“Ensuring the safety and well-being of our users is our top priority, especially as we continue to develop our live discovery model and look for new ways to make the real-time connections we are fostering on Yubo as positive and engaging as possible,” said founder and CEO Sacha Lazimi.

Bodyguard specializes in automatically identifying and eliminating harmful content using advanced natural language processing algorithms. This system operates in real time, proactively blocking negative content before it reaches users. This approach differs from traditional keyword-based moderation methods, making it a more nuanced and efficient solution.

The integration of Bodyguard’s technology into the live social discovery app’s platform reinforces its comprehensive safety infrastructure. This infrastructure includes mandatory age verification for all users and continuous, real-time moderation of livestreams, a pioneering feature in the industry. 

The live social discovery app’s content moderation is managed around the clock by skilled safety specialists globally, ensuring its users an online space that’s as secure as possible. Its safety board is composed of esteemed individuals and experts in online safety from notable organizations, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Thorn, and The Diana Award.

A vital objective of the app’s approach to user education is to inform its users about best practices in online safety, foster respectful digital interactions, and promote personal accountability online. Bodyguard founder and CEO Charles Cohen stated, “We are thrilled to partner with Yubo, a platform that shares our commitment to online safety.”

Cohen continued, “Bodyguard is designed to create a safer digital space by leveraging the very latest technology to moderate online content with the accuracy of a human and the speed of a machine. This partnership will allow us to extend our expertise to Yubo’s global user base to create a more secure, inclusive, and enjoyable experience for all users.”

The collaboration with Bodyguard is a key aspect of its strategy to address the safety challenges inherent in fostering online communities. The live social discovery app’s design encourages real-time interactions among users, replicating the spontaneous nature of offline friendships.

This Is What Makes the Live Social Discovery App So Awesome


The active social media population worldwide is about 4.5 billion. It plays a significant role in Gen Z’s daily life. A majority — 60% of Gen Z — emphasize the importance of online interactions. They consider digital first impressions more important than in-person ones. On average, Gen Z spends 2 hours and 55 minutes daily on social media.

The app stands out in the crowded social media landscape with its focus on livestreaming, authentic interactions, and community building. It’s modern and user-friendly, which appeals to its primary demographic: the youth. It uses vibrant colors and a layout that prioritizes images, making it easy to navigate and engage with content and other users. This design approach aligns with Gen Z’s preferences for visually driven and intuitive user interfaces??.

Yubo’s core functionality revolves around livestreaming videos, where users can host or join streams, share their interests, and interact with viewers through comments and messages. It’s so much more than just a platform for sharing content.

Unlike platforms where content is often curated and edited, Yubo’s live feature encourages spontaneous and genuine interactions. This format fosters a sense of authenticity as users engage in conversations and activities in real-time without the usual filters or edits that characterize other social media experiences. This approach appeals particularly to younger users who value transparent and unfiltered communication.

The app offers various games like “To Be Honest,” “Draw Quiz,” “Would You Rather,” and “Let Them Guess” to bring communities together. Lazimi explained that the purpose of the games is to “bring fun and positivity to our teenage community, helping them to stay connected with one another.

“This has been a community-based process from start to finish, as we always ensure that our users have their say,” stated Lazimi. Additionally, the live social discovery app integrates features such as YouTube streaming, allowing users to share and watch content directly within the app, and Snapchat lenses for an added fun element during video chats??.

By removing the traditional metrics of likes and follows, the live social discovery app focuses on self-expression and meaningful relationships among young people. The app is committed to remaining a secure and supportive space for authentic social interactions, free from the pressures of social media popularity contests.

Origins and Evolution: From Yellow to Yubo

Initially launched as Yellow, Yubo debuted in 2015 as a Snapchat companion app — and has significantly evolved ever since. This change was more than just a name alteration; it represented a significant shift in the platform’s focus and image. The rebranding was part of a broader strategy to distance the app from comparisons to dating apps and to better reflect its mission and functionality in the social media space.

Lazimi and co-founders Jérémie Aouate and Arthur Patora repositioned and transformed it into a stand-alone social networking app. The new name and brand identity were aimed at more accurately representing the platform’s purpose as a social space for young people to make friends and interact in a safe and friendly environment. Along with the rebranding, the app also enhanced its safety features and community guidelines to further ensure the protection and well-being of its users.

Today, the live social discovery app boasts a user base of over 80 million located in over 140 countries, underlining its success and popularity, especially among younger audiences??.

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