State Roundup: Cannabis framework criticized; Ed board mum on Choudhury re-appointment; Drug panel to go slow on price ceilings

State Roundup: Cannabis framework criticized; Ed board mum on Choudhury re-appointment; Drug panel to go slow on price ceilings

One month into legal weed and some see problems within the new cannabis industry framework. Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

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ONE MONTH IN, CANNABIS FRAMEWORK CRITICIZED: As Maryland’s foray into legalized cannabis nears the one-month mark, some local government leaders are dissatisfied with the state framework that they say doesn’t account for local zoning needs and fails to provide counties with sufficient revenue. Some council members in Howard and Baltimore counties, along with the head of the main lobbying and advocacy group for Maryland county government, have reiterated that the state’s new recreational marijuana law is problematic and should be changed. Matthew Liptak/Baltimore Fishbowl.

STATE ED BOARD MUM ON CHOUDHURY RE-APPOINTMENT: The Maryland State Board of Education unanimously voted to reelect President Clarence C. Crawford at its Tuesday meeting, at which the board was also required to vote on whether to reappoint Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Mohammed Choudhury. The board now has a week to inform Choudhury of its decision regarding his contract renewal. Sabrina LeBoeuf/The Baltimore Sun.

  • The Maryland State Board of Education will continue deliberating whether to offer a new four-year contract to the state superintendent of schools. Crawford said, in a brief statement that the board “will continue the process outlined in its governance manual regarding the appointment of the superintendent. When it is appropriate, the state board will make a public statement on the process.” William Ford/Maryland Matters.

DRUG PANEL TO TAKE SLOW APPROACH TO LIMITING PRICES: Maryland’s Prescription Drug Affordability Board is set to begin limiting prices in the fall, but don’t expect it to make too many waves in the beginning. During a July 24 meeting of the organization, board members agreed that a cautious approach to setting upper price limits on drugs as the board gets its feet under it is the best idea. Scott Maucione/WYPR-FM.

ARUNA MILLER’s LONG-LASTING POLITICAL RIVALRY? Last month’s visit from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the nation’s capital has highlighted Maryland Democrats’ intra-party squabbles that threatens to blunt the political ambitions of the state’s popular first-term governor. Foul play isn’t exactly a new concept in Maryland but many of the more recent concerning allegations center around Aruna Miller – the 58-year-old lieutenant governor who became the highest-ranking South Asian statewide elected official in the United States when she took office in January. John Bowden/The Independent.

OPINION: QUESTIONS ABOUT MILLER: I have long attributed concerns will Aruna Miller’s ties to the fascist Hindutva movement as quackery from people who are far too habitually online for their own good. I still do, based on the fact that Miller’s far-left politics are a contrast from the fascist nature of Hindutva. But the real story here is not that. It’s alleged bullying from Miller and her husband. Brian Griffiths/The Duckpin.

DEER STUDY DISHES SURPRISING BEHAVIORS: Who knew that deer salivate about 2 gallons a day or that a fawn has 272 to 342 spots on its coat? Or that a doe may choose to give birth to fawns near a road so that fewer bears, coyotes and bobcats are around? Or that a deer may consume more than 100 different plant species a year? Pennsylvania researchers are getting an unprecedented look into the behavior of one of North America’s most widespread mammals and their imprint on the landscape. Ad Crable of the Bay Journal/

HOYER TOP AIDE TO JOIN WHITE HOUSE: President Joe Biden is tapping Shuwanza Goff as his new director of legislative affairs, making her the first Black woman to be the White House’s chief emissary to Capitol Hill. Before joining the Biden administration, Goff was a senior aide to Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer, eventually becoming his floor director when Hoyer served in House Democratic leadership. Seung Min Kim of the Associated Press/The Baltimore Sun.

SHERIFF JENKINS SEEKS RETURN OF DEPARTMENT GUNS: Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins is asking a federal judge to amend the conditions of his release to let him have two of his department-issued handguns as he “continues to work daily,” according to a court filing on Monday. Jenkins also said in an emailed statement on Tuesday that he is expecting “to make a decision as to when to rescind [his] ‘leave of absence’ status,” which has been in effect since mid-April. He did not provide a timetable for his decision. Clara Niel/The Frederick News Post.

B’MORE FAILED TO SHUT ELECTIONS CELLPHONES, COSTING $33,000: Baltimore paid more than $33,000 last year for cellphones that city officials neglected to turn off after the election was over, an investigation by Inspector General Isabel Mercedes Cumming found. The 400 phones, which the Baltimore Board of Elections uses on a temporary basis for election employees and judges, are typically activated a month before a primary and deactivated after the subsequent general election. Emily Opilo/The Baltimore Sun.

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