Fedora Hat – Learn How to Wear Them to Suit Your Personality

Fedora Hat – Learn How to Wear Them to Suit Your Personality

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Fedoras are in vogue and not to go out of style anytime soon. It’s a versatile hat and is considered one of the trendiest headpieces for men as well as women. These hats look more formal compared to a flat cap or baseball cap. Therefore, you can easily dress up as well as dress down by wearing a fedora.

Fedoras were also popular when formal dresses and wearing hats were more in style. In those days, you wouldn’t have found a man leaving his house without wearing one. According to an article published in Huffington Post, you can stay updated with top hats such as a typical straw fedora. So, read on to learn how to wear a fedora hat that best suits you.

Choice of short size

If you’re looking for short-brim hats, look for ones fewer than 2 inches. Then, do not mistake it for something like trilbies. These hat varieties come with a much thinner brim, an inch and a half, or even less. In this context, a trilby hat is similar to what you call pork pie and not a fedora.

If you have a large head size, avoid wearing a fedora or for that matter any hat that features a small brim. That’s because it would make your head even bigger. You can wear jeans and a cashmere sweater with a felt fedora hat having a wide brim. It will evoke a sense of overloaded laid-back extravagance.

Choice of wide brim

When it comes to a wide-brim fedora hat, it has a classic look and is a practical choice to stay protected from the heat and UV rays that cause cancer of the skin. If you have a thin face or a head shaped like an egg, opt for a wide-brim fedora to manage elongated features.

Then, if you have a fuller and round face or for that matter a wide head, don’t go for a big-brim hat because that will add additional girth. We recommend something different here. You can pair your attractive wool fedora hat with a button-down shirt or tee as well as a khaki pair for that smart yet casual appearance. You can also flaunt your tattoos but that’s optional.

Choose a well-fitting hat

No matter type of fedora you like to wear, fitting is most important. Look for a fedora hat that will fit perfectly as well as comfortably on the head. It implies that the headpiece should not be too large or too tight. The best way to ascertain this is by putting a finger between the hat and the head. If you feel that there is much space for the finger, it means that you have chosen a fedora with the right size. If you’re not so sure about buying hats, take someone along who knows about fedora size, shape, and style. This way, it will help you choose the best-fit fedora.


Now you know how to wear a fedora hat, it’s time to try it. Your purpose is to look your best with the headpiece and matching attire.