What Is the Replacement Cost and the Factors Involved in a New Roof in Atlanta?

What Is the Replacement Cost and the Factors Involved in a New Roof in Atlanta?

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Though not forever, roofs can last for decades if they are properly maintained. As soon as you observe that your roof is sagging, leaking, or aging, you should immediately contact the roofing company. Here is a guide that will help you to understand the expenses and the breakups for roof replacement in your location.

Roof Replacement Costs

Though the roof replacement costs depend on your location and the material you are using, on average, you can expect a minimum cost of $8500, average expenses of around $10000, and a maximum amount can be considered as $14300.

Factors Affecting Replacing Costs

Atlanta’s new roof cost depends on several factors like

  • Type of Shingles- The shingle material like slate is expensive that comes with premium quality but the typical shingles of asphalt are reasonable in pricing.
  • Size Of Roof- When the roof size is huge with more footage area, the expenses of replacing it will also go up.
  • Fees for Dumping- If your existing roof gets replaced, there are several materials that need to be dumped. Most of the roof installers may haul the old materials without any expense.
  • Cost Of Labor- Depending on the complexity of the project, the risks for dangers, the season, and the location, the labor cost gets determined.

Material Cost

One of the most noteworthy factors is the material with which roofing is done. Composite shingles or asphalt are lightweight materials with low prices and are easy to install. There are also low-end and high-end qualities of the shingles, where the low-end material can last up to 30 years and the roofs made with the high-end material will last as long as 50 years. Some of the common materials with their prices are mentioned below.

  • Shakes or Cedar Shingles- The mid-range budget is appropriate for this material.
  • Asphalt Shingles- Three-tab shingles are the basic ones and are the cheapest. However, the premium quality can cost up to $8.25 per square foot.
  • Concrete and Clay Tiles- Tile roofing is the most expensive option among the other alternatives.
  • Slate Tiles- When your roof needs extra reinforcement, these heavy slate tiles can be used. They possess a mid-range budget.
  • Zinc Tiles- As these types of tiles have less availability; they are the second most expensive option for roofing.

Labor Cost

According to Chiang Rai Times, the typical breakdown of the roofing expenses stands at 60% of the labor and 40% of materials. The popular material Asphalt can save you huge money and they are also easy to install. Most roofing contractors are experienced in installing the new roof with asphalt. Additional expenses will occur when you have two or three stories on your property or you have steep slopes on the roof. Asphalt may not be strong enough for heavy winds and the metal roof installation will be more expensive than it.


The roof expenditure in Atlanta depends on the climate and the material used for new roofs. You should note down your priorities and requirements before taking the decision to roof replacement. As this affair is a long-term investment, you should research the prices well before the action begins.

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