Few of The Best Places to Live in Melbourne

Few of The Best Places to Live in Melbourne

Image by Cindy Lever from Pixabay

Undoubtedly, Melbourne is ranked as one of the best places to settle down forever. This is because there are innumerable facilities to enjoy by the residents. The city lures people all over the world to find a job or become an entrepreneur to visualise the natural splendour and reap the benefits of the comfortable life the city provides for its every native.

Similar to all other happening cities, Melbourne also has special places that are sure to provide you all the amenities to lead life comfortably. All a person shifting to Melbourne needs to opt for the best place to nestle and hire movers with a truck who are well experienced in loading and unloading your belongings. You don’t have to search far as there are firms available for you that will do the shifting arrangements quite efficiently.

Top places to settle in Melbourne:

  • Albert Park: It is a high-living suburb providing top-class facilities, education institutes, medical care and loads of entertainment modes. You can find Victorian-style and modern home units that are sure to lure owning them immediately.
  • Kilda: A perfect place, if you prefer to live near CBD. It is actually near the beach thus holds lovely views of the sea and the natural surroundings are quite good to behold every second. It is cheap to live there compared to Albert Park. A perfect layout for family and elderly people.
  • Seaholme: It is one of the most affordable places to live in the city as the house costs half the rate of Albert Park. The place owns all kinds of facilities for a family to live peacefully. You can either choose old houses built in 1950s or the new ones that provide you with a compact lifestyle. It is nearly thirteen kilometres away from the CBD however it is easy to commute to city.
  • Port Melbourne: It is the most appropriate place for working-class people to live in. The century-back warehouses are converted beautifully into comfortable apartments that are a blend of past and modern architecture. Moreover, it is near the CBD, thus easy to commute anywhere cheaply.
  • South Melbourne: It is one of the most sought locations for people loving to settle near the Yarra River. It is not so far away from CBD and holds reasonable-priced houses that provide a visual of modern-day apartments highly influenced by Victorian architecture.
  • One of the most sought places for living as it has the best of both worlds. You can live near the Port Phillip Bay and commute inner city with ease. The houses are affordable and convenient to live amiably.
  • Elwood: It is for the folk preferring to live in a village like surroundings. You can easily commute to centre of the city as it is only eight kilometres away from South Melbourne. It is a good place to raise kids as quite safe from the crowd of the city.

Actually, any places in Melbourne are quite adaptable to lead a nice happy life without making any hard efforts. Enjoy your shift to Melbourne without any worries.