Factors That Influence The Process and Time In Getting A Swimming Pool Constructed

Factors That Influence The Process and Time In Getting A Swimming Pool Constructed

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Most of us are intrigued by the question of how much time it takes to build a swimming pool. The fact is that getting a new swimming pool constructed in your Queensland home depends on several factors like:

  • Planning
  • The type of pool whether concrete or fibreglass
  • The time of the year
  • The local authority’s approval
  • Other contractors

Picking up a swimming pool for your Queensland home

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Factors influencing pool construction in Queensland houses

As mentioned above, getting a swimming pool constructed in your Queensland home depends on many factors. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

The planning

Planning and spending time making decisions is one of the important factors that influence how long it would take for your swimming pool to be constructed. It might be a quick decision if you are choosing a fibreglass compass design or it might take months of planning and design work if you are choosing a concrete pool.

The type of pool

The amount of time in getting a new swimming pool constructed in your Queensland home depends on whether you choose a concrete or a fibreglass pool as the former takes a long time to be installed. The pre-moulded fibreglass pool comes in a pre-built pool shell and you may have water in it within a few days. The installation also gets over within a few weeks as compared to the concrete pool installation that needs different contractors visiting your place for weeks or more.

The weather and time during installation

There is always a huge demand in Queensland for mid-summer pool builds and hence, the availability is limited. Therefore, do not wait till summer approaches for getting a swimming pool installed in your Queensland home.

Plan early during winters, get it installed, and then get the landscape completed in spring. The best idea would be to start discussing with your pool contractor in February as you might also get additional discounts on your project.

Local authority approvals

Every pool construction in Queensland houses needs approval from the local authority. This is why the earlier your application is submitted, the more possibility that your project gets completed on time.

Usually, your pool contractor takes care of all the formalities on extra charges and the process might take 4-6 weeks. Processing time is longer during summers since these are the busiest months. Therefore, opt for the winter months which are generally far quicker.

Apart from this, the availability of other contractors like electricians, pavers, and fencers can also affect the installation duration. Planning a pool construction in your Queensland home depends on how quickly the process is initiated and carried out in a planned way.

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