How the PWR pack is changing the food packaging industry

How the PWR pack is changing the food packaging industry

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With the advancement of technology, new machines are being used in various sectors where everything was previously done manually. Food packaging is one of the most prominent businesses that has fully embraced today’s scientific evolution.

Aside from fruits and vegetables, every food product you use comes in some form of packaging. It is done with industrial food packaging machines, regardless of the food type.

PWR Pack specialises in packaging all food products for the food sector, including baked goods, confectionery, snacks, and more, using four robot cells. The Dutch company creates customised concepts that employ innovative, modular technology solutions to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency in the automatic packaging of a wide range of products.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about automated food packaging, how it works, and how PWR pack automation is transforming the food packaging industry.

What is Food Packaging Automation?

Using robotics for food material handling in the packaging process is an example of automation in the food packaging process. Previously, packaging facilities processed food products manually, such as by using human workers to choose and place food items from one location to another. However, most food packaging facilities now use complicated equipment across the food packaging manufacturing line.

The demand for robotics in the food packaging industry is skyrocketing. This is because, as more manufacturers recognise the convenience and efficiency provided by these machines, they are adopting them to satisfy the increasing demand.

The preference for high-quality, ecologically friendly packaging technologies is one of the most popular trends in food packaging. To reduce the development of hazardous rubbish in the environment, PWR packs now include recycling instructions on food packages.

How the PWR Pack Automation is Changing the Food Packaging Industry?

PWR Pack Automation is used in the food processing and packaging industries for a variety of reasons, including:

Safety and security

PWR pack’s automated industrial robots improve workplace safety and protection, reducing worker harm. For example, automated devices can process and package meat goods instead of manual work, avoiding damage from sharp blades.


The employment of robotics in the food industry can significantly boost production line productivity. Machines can process tens of products in human workers’ time to process one.


Manufacturers can change the performance and production of industrial food packaging equipment as needed.


For food packagers, automation is a scalable option. You can instal another food packaging machine to double the production. Previously, manufacturers had to scale up every area of their business to expand output, and the PWR pack assures they do not have to.

Reduced Operating Costs

An automated food packaging factory must have lower operating costs than manual food packaging. This is because machines in automated manufacturing simply require electricity and have negligible extra operating costs, making them cost-effective.

Production consistency

All the PWR pack’s automated food packaging output results in consistent products. Because machines pack the products, there is no room for human error. Every product will have the exact dimensions, weight, and visual appearance, making them nearly identical.

End-to-end tracking

End-to-end traceability of the entire production line is provided via PWR pack automated food packaging. With the help of the codes used in automated labelling, manufacturers can keep track of the specific facilities and packaging procedures a food product has gone through.

Robot with five axes for the most incredible precision

A new five-axis robot built of carbon fibre reinforced polymer will be another trade show feature given by the robotics specialist. The swivelling motion of the gripper is made with maximum precision and at an even faster pace, thanks to this exceptionally lightweight construction. This one-of-a-kind technology has many advantages, including rapid and precise product tilting, decreased gripper complexity, fewer moving parts in the gripper, improved picking and putting accuracy, and less maintenance for the customer.

PWR Pack will use susceptible baked items with distinct curves to illustrate the fantastic performance of this 5-axis robot. The unit will be shown softly grabbing, picking up, and stacking goods. PWR Pack’s sophisticated, time-tested technology ensures that the five-axis robot achieves maximum performance with consistently high precision.

Pick and Place System with four grippers

PWR Pack will display a complete line with a high-performance four-robot cell at the show. The industry may see how the unique pick and place packaging machine by PWR pack makes packing easier. The picker cells’ four mechanical-pneumatic high-performance grippers softly pick up the items and put them with the utmost care and precision, even when the in-feed fluctuates.

The grippers are constructed either wholly of stainless steel or entirely of 3D printing, and they have a well-thought-out hygienic design that makes them easy to clean and ensures the highest possible food safety. The speed of all modules is synchronised, and comprehensive monitoring of all production steps is guaranteed with the help of state-of-the-art PWR Pack distribution software working with our specifically designed 2D and 3D vision systems, all of which are created in-house. This enables precise positioning of the products and the reliable rejection of defective goods.

Final Words:

Food packaging automation is no longer a fad; it has become the norm. If anyone in the food and beverage industry isn’t using the most advanced food robotics, they might not even be able to compete.

Therefore, PWR pack supplies many food processing businesses worldwide with the equipment they need to pack their goods properly. The best part is that these machines are incredibly reliable solutions with solid build quality to resist whatever you throw.

Check out the variety of food robots technology available in our product line to alter your packaging operation to match modern needs.

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