How Video Helps Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates 

How Video Helps Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates 

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Video is truly eCommerce’s best friend. There are many reasons why eCommerce businesses love videos; for the high level of engagement, entertainment and high conversion rates. If a product page has a video, there’s about a 340% increase in viewing time and an 85% increase in conversion. 

If you are interested in a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to boost the performance of your eCommerce business, videos should be part of your strategy. Videos can reduce the stress you might encounter in getting traffic to your eCommerce store. 

Video is the new normal. If you don’t maximize the potential of this tool, you will be leaving a lot on the table.

In this piece, we’ll focus on video production for eCommerce and how it can improve the profitability of your business. 

  1. Videos Increase Shoppers’ Trust and Confidence

Remember the saying that seeing is believing? That’s what videos do to your shoppers, increasing their trust in your business. It does not matter the number of reviews or blog posts you have; people are tilted towards believing what they see than what they read. 

When trust is established, shoppers exhibit confidence towards your business, and there’s an increase in conversion. 

Let’s give an analogy; imagine being on two eCommerce websites, and you are about to buy an air fryer. If one of the sites has a video and the other has static images, you are more likely to buy the one with a video than the other one. The video will give you a good look at the air fryer and its features. 

  1. Videos Increase Search Traffic

You can leverage video to increase your search traffic by at least 41%. The reason is simple, both Google and your customers love videos. 

You are one of Google’s favourites with a video on your eCommerce product page. The Google search algorithm pushes your content higher on the SERP. Once potential customers see the page and the product, they are better informed to make a buying decision immediately. 

Another perspective to videos on your page is the increased on-page time from the traffic and reduced bounce rate. These are known to be important Google ranking factors. 

Just think of how a simple explainer video will affect your eCommerce page. 

  1. Videos Retain Customer’s Retention

No better content type boast of video’s retention rate. When watching a video, the viewer can retain at least 95% of the message compared to 10% text retention. 

So, if this article is repurposed into a video, you will recall at least 95% of its message. But in this current format, only 10% of information is absorbed and processed. 

The video always reminds your customers of cart abandonment, making them return to complete the buying. 

Video is superior to all other content types as it has the highest customer retention rate. 

  1. Driving Immediate Action

To boost your conversion rate, you need powerful tools that drive action. Think of all the times you’ve had to donate to charity, buy a product, or order pizza just because of a video. You’re not alone; millions of potential buyers have had to make an immediate decision because of a video. 

Videos are known for being able to drive emotions. A potential customer can be excited, intrigued, happy, confident or sad when watching a video. 

Being emotional, your customers do not feel coerced or forced when making buying decisions. 

  1. Video Caters For Mobile Users

There are more mobile users than before, and most of these videos are watched on smartphones rather than via desktop. If you intend to sway the buyer’s interest, then you should create more videos optimized for mobile devices. 

More so, mobile users prefer videos to any form of content. With video, you are positioning your eCommerce business for the present and the future.  

Final Thoughts

The messages are clear, and there’s no doubt about the statistics. Video marketing should be the major focus of every eCommerce business. It’s your tool to go from nowhere to somewhere in no time. 

Start working on your video marketing plan right away. Article the goals you are set to achieve with it. Whatever you do, ensure that your videos are compelling enough to drive action and improve conversion. 

About The Author

Michael Pirone

Michael Pirone is the co-founder and creative director at Vidico, a video production agency that produces high-performing video content for startups and tech companies like Square, Uber, and Amazon Web Services.

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