Noom Diet Reviews: Does Noom Weight Loss Program Work? Read Shocking User Report

Noom Diet Reviews: Does Noom Weight Loss Program Work? Read Shocking User Report

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Noom Weight Loss is an app-based platform with a subscription service for fitness.

This app is not new. It launched in 2008 as a straightforward fitness and calorie tracker. In 2016, however, the application incorporated a psychology and behavior modification component, user support groups, and personal coaches.

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Noom Weight Loss has a team of behavioral health professionals that have investigated cancer, diabetes prevention and treatment, hypertension, and more in order to create a curriculum that addresses the root causes of weight loss difficulties.

About Noom Diet

Dieters in the Noom Weight Loss program are taught to concentrate on their thinking before focusing on food. The app’s premise is as follows: “Once one has identified the things they are willing to work on, this mentality will help them establish new brain connections over time to modify their behaviors.”

Today, losing weight the Noom Weight Loss way includes assessing eating patterns, regulating emotions connected to food, practicing responsibility, and implementing lifestyle changes that may lead to long-term weight reduction.

Working of Noom Diet

The Noom Weight Loss plan requires dieters to answer questions that no other diet plan has ever asked them.

The dieters have to take a questionnaire to get a personalized strategy.

The first phase of the program is a 10-minute online questionnaire that includes standard questions about height, weight, gender, age, and the reason one wants to lose weight. In addition, it inquires about the level of physical activity, the frequency of meals, and susceptibility to diabetes, heart disease, and depression.

Then, questions such as “Have any recent life events contributed to weight gain?” and “Why is the dieter unsure about reaching the weight reduction goals?” are asked to evaluate actions and patterns.

Then after payment, the app can be downloaded on the subscriber’s mobile device to establish an account.

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After deciding to enroll in the program and paying the required money, one must download the Noom Weight Loss app. It is currently only accessible on cellphones running IOS 12.4 or later and Android 6 or later. It is compatible with iPad and Android tablets and has a step counter. After installing the application, the subscribers will be prompted to sign in using the email address they provided while joining the program.

Then the subscriber must meet the coaches, sign up for classes, and create a calorie budget.

At 16 weeks, Noom Weight Loss requires the subscribing dieters to complete 10 mini-lessons in psychology and behavior modification. One must select instantly if they want to spend between five and sixteen minutes every day on the courses. About two days into the program, the subscriber will be linked with a goal coach who will check in with them twice a week, inquire about their progress, and offer them motivating notes.

In a few more days, dieters will be allocated a group coach and a peer group. The group coach moderates the discussion, offers weight reduction recommendations, and sometimes reacts to individual postings. Both the goal coach and the group coach possess a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree in addition to 2,000 hours of wellness experience.

Each subscriber’s calorie limit is based on the information they have provided. Noom Weight Loss may propose its diabetes prevention program to certain obese and pre-diabetic individuals. It is perhaps the first mobile health program for providing an evidence-based type 2 diabetes prevention program.

The individualised plans allow the subscriber a daily calorie budget (the minimal number of calories they need to operate each day) and ask them to record their daily meals and physical activity. In addition, Noom Weight Loss contains a step counter, so as long as the users have their phone handy, they’ll know how many total steps they walked. The application encourages one to record daily blood pressure, blood glucose, and water consumption.

The Noom Weight Loss plan is meant to last 16 weeks, but one is urged to purchase up to one year of weight reduction and maintenance services. For example, to achieve a 12-pound weight reduction in 16 weeks, a dieter’s daily calorie limit was 1,250 calories. When that dieter entered his food intake, the app informed him of how many calories remained in each food category for the day (see below). There were no reprimands when a dieter exceeded his/her daily calorie allotment; simply words of encouragement to continue the program and training to help them determine what prompted their poor eating day (or week).

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Which Foods Are Allowed on the Noom Weight Loss diet?

This is the only diet plan ever tried that does not exclude any foods or dietary groupings. Self-imposed constraints are present. While Noom Weight Loss offers alternatives for vegan, gluten-free, and low-carb diets, it never identifies items as undesirable or off-limits.

The Noom Weight Loss team believes that food weight, not calories, affects satiety; hence, they utilize a colour-coded food system that ranks foods by caloric density (CD). The more a food’s water content, the lower its CD. As a result, consuming meals with a low CD helps dieters feel full sooner with fewer calories.

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are all low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods, meaning they are rich in water and contain the maximum concentration of nutrients.

Yellow Foods

Lean meats, lentils, and low-fat dairy products should be consumed in moderation due to their higher caloric and nutritional content compared to green foods.

Red Meals

Red meats, processed foods, and full-fat cheese are the most calorically packed and nutrient-poor foods. One-fourth to one-half cup portions of these items account for twenty-five percent of the daily caloric intake.

The Noom Weight Loss diet plan never prohibits “red” foods; rather, it encourages one to limit its consumption. When one registers a meal, Noom Weight Loss immediately assigns it a color, allowing users to identify the areas of diet that need improvement.

This weight loss app assists subscribers if they’re having difficulty conceptualizing this eating style. For example, for a subscriber filling the questionnaire, this plan determined that to drop 12 pounds in 16 weeks, one needs around 1,250 calories each day. It was advised that the subscriber consume 300 calories worth of “red” meals, 540 calories worth of “yellow” foods, and the remaining 410 calories worth of “green” foods. Therefore, if that particular follower of this plan ate a glazed doughnut for breakfast containing 260 calories, he/she would have met his/her daily red food intake. However, the person still had 990 calories remaining to split among “yellow” and “green” items. Then the dieter can take a salad with chicken roasted on the barbecue for lunch and shrimp and grilled vegetables for dinner without even feeling guilty about the donut.

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Benefits of Noom Diet

Psychological strategy

Noom Weight Loss operates by “Noomerisms” – pearls of knowledge acquired through daily log-ins. “One may be confronting waves, but they’re also creating them”, “Ride the tide,” and many such daily affirmations make this plan much more than a weight reduction tool. Dieters cannot think of any weight reduction program where they would learn dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) techniques to assist them in coping with the stress of a new job in one of their five- to nine-minute daily readings (and the mindless eating that comes with it).

A three-minute study educates one about the locus of control, a psychological term that assesses whether they attribute internal or external control over events and consequences. An example of an internal locus of control will be if a person thinks that he/she lacks the willpower to drop 5 pounds. This was because people hold themselves responsible for not losing weight. However, if one believes that they can’t lose weight because their partner enjoys eating out, they have an external locus of control, which is the inclination to attribute outcomes to other factors.

The reason one must read articles like these every day to advance through the Noom Weight Loss diet regimen is straightforward: It functions. When subscribers are forced to examine the psychological reasons for their overeating, continued bad food choices, or inability to adhere to a diet, they become more self-aware, and their relationship with food changes for the better.

Accountability and assistance

Noom Weight Loss pushes one to take responsibility not just for what they consume but also for the reasoning behind their decisions. Certified health coaches check-in with the subscribers regularly to provide motivation and acknowledge their achievements. The app also links dieters with other Noomers who are eager to discuss weight reduction, hydration, and physical activity suggestions. One may participate in group conversation using the app or connect with one or two individuals and can share contact information and join their own Noom Weight Loss squad.

Concentrate on permanent weight reduction

Commitment, knowledge, and awareness are necessary for long-term weight reduction, and Noom Weight Loss gives the skills for all three. The approach does not provide fast remedies, prohibit foods, or promote eating windows. According to Noom Weight Loss, the focus on consuming whole foods and building a good connection with them will contribute to long-term weight reduction.

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Despite the availability of free trials and discounts, the monthly cost may exceed what some individuals are ready to pay for a weight reduction program. After trying a number of well-known weight reduction plans and purchasing their bars, shakes, and supplements, subscribers determined that their prices were equal.

Massive commitment

Dieters always look forward to the daily readings, but it’s difficult to record what they eat every day. Additionally, Noom Weight Loss requires users to weigh themselves every day, which might be tough for certain individuals. Some subscribers may miss the weekly check-in with a goal counselor. Communication also may become ineffective if it is impersonal and infrequent.

No specified meal plan and no delivery alternatives for cooked food

The dieters who are looking for an app that offers prepared food alternatives or a specified meal plan, then Noom Weight Loss is not for them. Aside from the daily calorie limit and the suggested proportions of red, yellow, and green foods, this plan has no dietary regulations. Some individuals will thrive with this gastronomic independence, while others who are used to a structured diet may feel uneasy.

On occasions, a subscriber may not wish to plan or prepare supper. Instead, they may eat a bowl of cereal for supper because they were uninspired, because they had enough calories in their budget, and because Noom Weight Loss said they could.


Although Noom advertises a free one-week trial, a monthly membership may cost as much as $59 per month. The suggested time of each plan is determined by the amount of weight one wants to lose. For a subscriber desiring a 12-pound weight loss, a four-month regimen was proposed. After searching for promotional coupons, that subscriber spent $26 per month. If one had subscribed for a year, the monthly fee would have been around $16. There is no advertising price for losing five, ten, or fifteen pounds due to the fact that pricing is dependent on the individual objectives. However, it is evident that the more months the dieter signs up for Noom Weight Loss, the deeper the monthly discounts.


How can Noom Weight Loss help lose weight?

According to the business, Noom Weight Loss uses a psychological approach to weight management and helps users build and maintain good food and physical activity habits. The weight reduction program provided by this plan includes daily informative articles, interactive challenges, food and weight recording, calorie counting, and more.

How long is the trial for Noom Weight Loss?

Noom Weight Loss is now running a user-specific trial pricing deal, allowing consumers the choice to spend $0.50, $3, $10, or $18.37 for their seven-day trial. The firm says that the seven-day free trial costs around $10 and that “every dollar helps them provide the choose-the-trial-price option.”

Conclusion: Noom Diet

Noom Weight Loss is a mobile application that may be accessed via a smartphone or tablet.

By promoting low-calorie, nutrient-dense meals and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, the application may aid in weight loss.

Noom Weight Loss may be worth a try if its price, accessibility, and virtual-style health counselling do not alter judgement.


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