How To Have A Great Staycation In Maryland

How To Have A Great Staycation In Maryland

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The world is slowly opening up post-pandemic, and so many people are excited to travel again. In fact, according to a recent survey, 69% of respondents plan to travel this year, while another 24% already had a vacation booked.

However, most people still don’t feel comfortable about going on a trip abroad. This is why staycations are still very popular this year. And with the soaring gas prices, going on a staycation is actually a cheaper way to have a holiday.

If you’re in the US and are planning to go on a getaway, look no further than Maryland, as it’s one of the best places to have a vacation or a staycation. There are many scenic places to explore and fun activities to do in The Free State. If you’re planning to have a relaxing staycation in Maryland, consider the following tips.

Where To Stay

Booking hotels is actually key when going on a staycation. In fact, as a testament to the popularity of staycations, the lodgings and hotel industry expects total bookings to nearly equal 2019 stays, which reached roughly $48 billion spent on food and drink, meeting spaces, and more.

If you want a city scene, you should definitely visit Baltimore, which is a bustling waterfront city. You can stay at the Four Seasons Hotel or at the Baltimore Marriott for a beautiful view of both the city and the harbor.

If you are dreaming of a beach vacation near the nation’s capital, Maryland has a lot to offer as well. You can go to Ocean City, which has several great hotels near the beach. The top options are the Princess Royale and Grand Hotel because of their great amenities and easy access to the beach.

However, if you are looking for a cozy and laid-back getaway, you can choose Tilghman Island, which is a fishing village, and staying at the Tilghman Island Inn or Knapp’s Narrows Marina and Inn is highly recommended. Meanwhile, Chesapeake City is a great place if you are looking for some old-country charm, and Inn at the Canal and The Blue Max Inn would definitely deliver such an atmosphere.

What to Eat

Maryland is probably best known for its blue crabs. It’s a popular dish because of the crab’s uniquely sweet, delicate flavor and tender meat. There are many restaurants that serve this delicacy all around the state. Some of the popular places are L. P. Steamers in Baltimore, Schultz’s Crab House in Essex, and Stoney Creek Inn in Curtis Bay.

If you are not into crabs or seafood, Maryland has other iconic food items. You should definitely try Thrashers French Fries in Ocean City or the Pit Beef, which is a Maryland-made roast beef sandwich. You should also try the official state dessert, the Smith Island Cake, which consists of eight to ten layers of yellow cake and chocolate frosting.

Activities to Do

With its many waterfront places, it is no wonder that fishing is the most popular activity to do in Maryland. However, there are other fun activities to enjoy. One is kayaking, and the best place to do this is in Mallows Bay. It is famous for its “Ghost Fleet,” featuring  shipwrecks of over 180 known vessels. For a more relaxing activity, you can visit the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown or take a scenic walk along Ocean City Boardwalk.

Going on a staycation is the best type of vacation to have while the country is slowly opening up for travel. Consider choosing Maryland for your next staycation and enjoy a lot of what the state has to offer.

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