Author: Cindy Cummings

Residents In Port Deposit Celebrate New Sewage Plant

Upgrading sewage treatment facilities is a sure way of reducing backups and overflows in residential homes. It’s also key to reducing the amount of polluted discharge that flows into rivers. For instance, Baltimore’s water treatment facility upgrade is expected to reduce overflows by 80%. The proposed project will boost wastewater treatment capacity to ensure the plant can handle the excess overflow. 

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Revolutionary First-Aid Product Created At UMD Now For Sale

Medcura Inc., a UMD-founded company, recently launched Rapid-Seal: a new antibacterial gel able to stop bleeding in seconds. Rapid-Seal relies on a proprietary blend of chitosan—a non-toxic, naturally-occurring marine polysaccharide fiber found in crustacean shells and specific plants—to seal small scrapes and cuts while keeping bad bacteria at bay. It’s currently for sale through Amazon and drugstores nationwide.

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