Door Ringer Reviews (2022 Special Update): Monitor Your Home With The Door Ringer Video Doorbell

Door Ringer Reviews (2022 Special Update): Monitor Your Home With The Door Ringer Video Doorbell

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This Door Ringer Review is based on the new, trending video doorbell camera called Door Ringer. This Door Ringer Reviews is guaranteed to provide you with everything you need to know about this video doorbell.

You’ve probably come across this term – “porch pirate”. Porch pirates are thieves that come to your front door porch to steal packages. With the rise in delivery services that came as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, also came a massive spike in home theft.

Statistics and safety trends company, Safewise has reported that an estimated 210 million packages were stolen in 2021 alone. It is very likely that you or someone you know has been a victim of these ‘porch pirates’.

Neighbourhood crime is also on a rise. Criminals knock on your door and gain access to your house when you open the door to answer them. This is an old tactic that people still fall for till today. Even the criminals are finding smarter ways of perpetrating neighbourhood crime. You too should be looking for smarter ways to keep yourself and your family safe.

Studies have shown that door cameras reduce neighbourhood crime by up to 55%. The advent of video doorbell cameras has greatly improved protection and home security in this digital era.

Having a video doorbell camera eliminates the need to physically answer doorbells while using the video camera to view what is happening on the other side of the door. You can see your visitors and welcome them from the comfort of your room. It can also alert you on the presence of intruders in front of your door or even in your immediate surroundings.

Door Ringer is a new, improved video doorbell camera that offers you amazing features and extra protection to the point where you can monitor your front porch from anywhere in the world. At its price, it is quite a steal too – the best bang for your buck.

Read on to find out the cool features and amazing specifications of this new video doorbell camera.

What is Door Ringer?

The Door Ringer Video Doorbell is so much more than a doorbell. It is a complete home surveillance system packaged into a compact, simple gadget. It lets you monitor your property from anywhere, while making sure you never miss a visitor when you are away from home.

When a would-be thief approaches your front porch and see that you have a video doorbell camera installed, they would think twice about attempting to burgle your house since they know you’re probably already watching what they are doing. Burglars typically go for the low-hanging fruit, so if you equip your home with this Door Ringer, it would deter theft and home invasion.

Should the worst happen and your house gets broken into, you can use the video footage from Door Ringer to provide valuable evidence for the police. It might be very useful in identifying the criminals and removing them from the society. In addition, the video footage from Door Ringer could also help you get the payout you deserve when filling an insurance claim.

Ever had a situation where you were expecting a package that never arrived, but the delivery company claimed you weren’t home when they delivered the package? The Door Ringer can settle any disputes regarding when the delivery person actually came to the door. If the delivery person actually delivered the package, you will see it on your Door Ringer video footage.

When you have Door Ringer, you can monitor your front door when you’re expecting a package. Door Ringer doorbell camera has excellent remote monitoring capabilities and with this feature, you can periodically check the live video feed from your smart phone or other mobile devices to confirm the arrival of the package. That way, you can get home as soon as possible to bring the package inside the house, safely out of reach of so-called ‘porch pirates’.

The Door Ringer connects to Wi-Fi, and when it’s rung, you get a notification on your phone that allows you to see who’s out there, and say ‘Who’s at the door?’ from inside the house, at work or even far away on vacation. Even if the bell isn’t rung, the motion detection feature in the device alerts you that someone is out there, and allows you to talk directly into the Door Ring audio speaker.

Notable Features of Door Ringer

HD Video Resolution: The device is fitted with a 1080p resolution camera lens. The 1080 pixel resolution means that the recorded video quality is better than some cameras. Door Ringer footage is very clear because of the camera resolution, resulting in enhanced imaging that captures every detail. The device gives you a wider, bigger and clearer view of whatever is happening out there.

Battery: The Door Ringer video doorbell camera comes with a battery with an innovative 3-battery design. This means that the video doorbell can work for eight to twelve months without requiring a charge.

Two-Way Audio Talk System: With Door Ringer, you can listen and talk to your visitors using highly sensitive built-in anti-noise microphone and speaker. It allows you and your front door visitor to communicate with each other in real time to exchange notes or instruction, no matter where you are.

Wi-Fi Compatible: Door Ringer can connect to your home Wi-Fi instantly and hitch-free. It has 802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity and is 2.4G compatible. The Wi-Fi connection of Door Ringer makes it able to send real-time updates about motion presence and also help you communicate real-time with your front porch visitors as well as watch your front door video footage anywhere you are.

Night vision: The Door Ringer video doorbell camera is capable of night vision up in pitch-black darkness. The night vision is enabled by its 1080p Infrared night vision camera. This feature ensures that you can be able to get a crystal clear vision of anyone at your front door even when it’s dark.

Motion detection & Geo-Fencing Alerts: The Door Ringer comes with advanced PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor. Combined with super-advanced motion detection sensors, it gives you accurate motion alerts. When the built-in motion detection sensors detect a visitor (wanted or unwanted) in proximity to your front door, Door Ringer automatically sends an alert to your phone.

Smart Alerts, Quick Action: The Door Ringer alerts you about the presence of intruders whether wanted or not, in real-time, so you can monitor, decide if the visitor is wanted or not and take action swiftly.

Field of view: The Door Ringer camera lens comes with a 170o field of view. This gives a holistic, complete overview of the person at your front door while helping you monitor your front yard / porch.

App Compatible: The Door Ringer comes with an app that is both Android and iOS enabled. It is available on both Play Store and App Store and easy to download and install. The app is useful in communicating with the Door Ringer. With the app, you can see what is happening in your front door porch, get alerted of intruder presence and also communicate with visitors at your front door wherever you are. You can be at work, at a party or even far away on vacation and still be very aware of everything that goes on in your front door.

Door Ringer vs. Other Competitors

There are a number of video doorbells out there, but Door Ringer Video Doorbell combines cutting edge tech, ease of installation and use along with a competitive price tag making it the best video doorbell you’ve ever used and the last you’ll ever need.

Out of the two competitors we compared Door Ringer video doorbell to, none of them had the wide angle video lens that Door Ringer has, with the closest ending up at 145o. None of them had the Geo-Fencing feature, the live stream video feature, 1080p HD or Head to Toe view that Door Ringer has. One of them had Motion Detection feature and smart notification feature while the other only had Infrared Night Vision as its best feature.

This shows that Door Ringer is easily the best video doorbell camera out there with cutting edge features.

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Specifications of Door Ringer

  • Dimensions – 65 mm x 27 mm x 128 mm (2.6 in x 1.1 in x 5.1 in)
  • Colour – Black with silver trim.
  • Video – 1080 HD Infrared Day & Night Vision.
  • Motion Detection – Advanced Motion Detection & Geo-Fencing.
  • Field of View – 170oHorizontal & 90o
  • Audio – 2 Way Talk System with ANC.
  • Power – 3 Battery Pack.
  • Internet Requirements – 2 Mbps for optimal performance.
  • Connectivity – 802.11 Wi-Fi Connectivity.
  • Estimated Installation Time – 15 min
  • Operating Conditions – -5oF to 120oF (-20oC to 50oC).
  • Setup Requirement – Standard Doorbell System Plug-in Adapter (10-24 VAC) (24VDC)
  • Box Includes:

Video Doorbell

Installation Tools and Screws.

Quick start guide

User Manual

Security Sticker.

Pros and Cons of the Door Ringer (Door Ringer Reviews)

Pros of Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera

  1. It is easy to install. With included simple wall mounts and tamper-proof screws, installation of the Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera takes all of 15 minutes to complete. The installation does not require expertise or wiring.
  2. It is stylishly designed. The design of the device seeks a balance between art and technology. It is also designed to blend into wall finishes by incorporating a subtle black and silver trim colour palette and ceramic-like finishing.
  3. It gives advanced, accurate and customizable motion alerts. Door Ringer uses an advanced PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor and Motion Detection sensors to achieve accurate intruder alert. The best part is that it sends the intruder alert to your phone in real-time so you can decide what to do.
  4. It provides a clear view of what is happening outside your home. Door Ringer utilizes a 1080p resolution camera to provide you with a perfectly clear live view of what is happening in front of your house.
  5. It comes with night vision. Door Ringer appreciates things clearly in pitch-black darkness with its infrared night vision and motion sensors, providing you with round-the-clock security you can trust.
  6. It is built to stand the weather. Door Ringer video doorbell camera is weatherproof. It can withstand the heat, cold, UV light and all what-not.
  7. It is compatible with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks. It is also Android and iOS compatible as the Door Ringer app is compatible with both mobile operating systems.
  8. It stores video footages in cloud storage when you’re not logged in to the app to view the live stream video. You can leave your house with peace of mind knowing that whatever happens will be captured and saved to the Door Ringer cloud.

Cons of Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera

  1. It can only be bought online from the manufacturer’s website (Door Ringer Video Doorbell Reviews).
  2. It is quite limited in quantity due to high demand. Efforts are being made by the company to increase production and thereby meet up with the unduly high demand.

How to Install the Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera:

Installing the Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera is like a walk through the park. Easy peasy. Follow these three simple steps:

-Download the Door Ringer App:

The Door Ringer App offers remote monitoring of your front door porch in real-time via live video footage, alerts and two-way talk system. You can simply download the Door Ringer App from Google Play Store or App Store. Click on ‘Add Device’, choose Door Ringer Video Doorbell and follow the subsequent steps on the app.

-Install the wall mount plate:

How do you install your doorbells before now? How fast do you do it before? 1 hour? Or you pay someone to install it? No more of that anymore. With Door Ringer, it is very possible to install it in about 15 minutes.

Door Ringer’s battery-powered doorbell requires no extra wiring or professionals. There are included wall mounts and tamper-proof screws you can use to install it easily on any wall surface. Just make sure the wall surface is dry and grease-free. Make simple, round holes in the wall and screw the wall mount plate onto the wall surface.

-Attach the doorbell:

After installing the wall mount plate, the next thing you should do is to attach to lock the doorbell in place. The anti-theft locking mechanism of the device and alarm siren ensures that your doorbell and home are safe and sound.

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Where To Buy Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera??

If you are interested in buying the Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera, you should buy directly from the manufacturer’s website. The order is simple, uncomplicated and completes with a few minutes. Buying from the manufacturer’s website offers the flexibility of a wide range of payment options including but not limited to PayPal and credit cards.

Another advantage of buying from the manufacturer’s website is the possibility of returning the product and getting your money back, in the rare eventuality that you do not like the product. Your refund will be done using the same payment method you used when making the order.

Also, consider the prospect of fast dispatch when you order directly from the manufacturer’s website. It takes between 1-3 working days for the product to arrive, depending on your location. Due to challenges related to COVID-19, receipt of your order may take a little longer than normal. Your order will be delivered but may be delivered later due to local and global restrictions but you will receive your product within 14 working days.

What Makes The Door Ringer Better Than Others?

Reading up to this point means that you are interested in acquiring one Door Ringer Doorbell Cam for yourself. You can buy directly from the manufacturer’s website using the link on this website and get an amazing 50% discount.

Also, the manufacturers are so assured of the quality of their product that they are offering customers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you experience any problem with the product or for any reason you change your mind about the product, you can return it unopened and unused to the manufacturers at the return address: Attn: Door Ringer Return PO Box 448, Atkinson, NH 03811.

You must contact their customer service using their email: or by phone: (603) 696 3293 to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number before processing returns.

Price of Door Ringer

Starter Package: Buy 1 Door Ringer and Save 33% Discount @ $99.99

Best Value: Buy 2 Door Ringers, Get @ Battery Kits and save 50% Discount @ $189.99

Most popular: Buy 2 Door Ringers and save 45% Discount @ $149.99

What are the Customers Saying on Door Ringer Reviews?

Sandra D. from Nashville, TN says, “Been hearing about smart doorbells for a while now. I live in a big duplex alone and I’ve always had the challenge of having to answer doorbells and find out it’s just a passer-by or another person mistaking my house for another’s. It was becoming quite frustrating and annoying until I stumbled on Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera online. I ordered and it has been one great addition to my life. I can now communicate with visitors or anyone at the door without having to walk all the way to my front door.”

Ashley E. from Denver, CO says, “I heard about Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera from my friend. I just bought out of curiosity after seeing her excitement on the usefulness of the device. In less than a month, it helped me catch a stalker who would walk around my apartment peeping through my windows and door keyhole. Who knows the kind of danger I would have found myself in, if not for Door Ringer Video Doorbell Camera?”

Sam P. from Tulsa, OK says, “Door Ringer has been a very useful device. I’ve been using smart doorbells for a while now but Door Ringer is an upgrade from the rest. The videos are very clear, the night vision is excellent and it is very good in sensing intruder presence. I highly recommend it but the only problem I have with it is that I’m trying to order another for my back door but it’s been out of stock for a while now. I’ve been able to pre-order from the next batch though.”

Jamey M. says, “The app was easy to download and the video quality was excellent! I can see and hear clearly and love the fact I can answer my door from my kitchen! Great product, I sent 1 to my mother as well! Thank you!”

Michael R. says, “We had a package stolen from our front porch a couple weeks ago. After setting up the Door Ringer video doorbell, I can watch all packages being delivered while I’m at work. If they try to steal another package, I have video evidence! I feel better about leaving my house now.”

Matt Z. says, “I can’t believe I went this long without a video doorbell! Best purchase I made for our home! Installation was simple. I added the doorbell speaker so I can hear the doorbell when I don’t have my phone on me! Thanks Door Ringer Video Doorbell!”

FAQs Door Ringer Video Doorbell Reviews

How do I connect my device to the Door Ringer App?

Firstly, register an account in the Door Ringer App. As soon as you sign up, the app will automatically create a Home page for your account and ask you to “Add Device”.

“Add Device” can also be found by clicking the “Control Center” icon located in the top right corner of the Home Page after you log in.

After clicking on “Add Device”, please follow the instructions in the app to connect your device.

How to trouble shoot a failed network connection (“Failed to add device”)?

Please check the device’s power supply and LED indicator to be sure it’s ready to pair.

Please check your network connection, Wi-Fi router and connection speed. Attempt browsing the internet on your phone, tablet or iPad while connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Your router may have reached the maximum number of simultaneous Wi-Fi connections, disconnect some of your Wi-Fi devices and try to connect the device again.

Please make sure the Wi-Fi password is correct. The Wi-Fi network name should contain English characters and numbers only. Enable the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) broadcast function and do not set it to hidden.

Please set the encryption method of your router to WPA2-PSK, authentication type AES. Both can be set to automatic.

If wireless MAC address filtering is enabled in your router’s settings, remove the device from your router’s MAC filtering list in order to connect.

Make sure DHCP service is enabled in your router’s settings; otherwise the IP address will be occupied.

Try to disable anti-malware software temporarily. You can re-activate it after a successful pairing.

What if I changed my Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi password? How do I reconnect?

Please reset the Door Ringer by pressing the push button for about 5 seconds. Then, re-add the device again to connect to the new Wi-Fi network.

Where do I find the device’s ID, IP address, and firmware information?

Click the device’s preview image to enter the Live View, click on the Settings icon located in the top right corner, and choose General.

The doorbell was pressed but I didn’t get any alert on my phone.

Please check your Wi-Fi router, network connection and connection speed.

If your accessories appear to be in order, please try resetting the device to factory settings in the Device Settings page. Then, power the Door Ringer off and on again.

The Visitor couldn’t hear me speaking after I answered the ring.

Please check your Wi-Fi router, network connection and connection speed.

If your accessories appear to be in order, please try resetting the device to factory settings in the Device Settings page. Then, power the Door Ringer off and on again.

Why did I not receive motion alerts?

Make sure that you have enabled notifications in Settings.

Make sure that you have enabled the PIR motion detection feature in the app.

Why is my video and/or audio quality bad?

The video and audio quality is a factor that is determined by the connection speed of your doorbell and mobile device. Please check and improve your Wi-Fi network’s speed.


Door Ringer is the easiest way to safeguard your home against property theft, home invasion, porch pirates and even unwanted solicitors. It helps you identify who is at your doorstep before going to open the door.

The video doorbell is the first line of defence for homeowner that not only lets you see and speak with the person outside, but also records footage of visitors that approach your door while you’re away or unable to answer. Door Ringer uses Wi-Fi to stream live video to your phone and offer a variety of features including cloud video storage, motion detection and a speaker.

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  1. Jennifer

    The product reviews do not reflect the glaring issues with the system. The batteries die 20% daily, which means it doesn’t last 5 full days without needing charged. That’s if you can get the camera to work that long. After a week, I’ve had 1 full day of recording. I’ve reset the system multiple times, uninstalled and reinstalled and all it accomplishes is another hour or so of recording before it malfunctions again. Customer support gives an auto reply and does not respond. Complete waste of money!

  2. Adrienne Zouzounis

    I need instructions to return my purchased items.

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