Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada

Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada

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Canada is a vast and beautiful country. One that offers its citizens a wealth of resources, including healthcare coverage. They are rapidly moving towards being the center of the tech industry. Major corporations and businesses are moving their operations north across the border at an unprecedented rate. So, it’s not surprising that many workers are now looking at what it takes to immigrate to Canada to follow those jobs.

One of the ways that someone can immigrate to Canada is through the express entry federal skilled worker program. This program offers a faster way to immigrate into the country. Of course, you must meet some requirements and expectations to qualify for this, but if you’re among the lucky ones that do, it’s a quicker way to immigrate for work.

What is the Federal Skilled Worker Program?

The Federal Skilled Worker program or FSWP is an express entry program that fast tracks a worker’s immigration process. The Canadian government understands the worth of skilled foreign workers. They know how much they can help improve the Canadian economy, so they started programs that increase the speed at which those workers can enter the country as residents. They process somewhere around 100,000 new residents per year. It provides workers with all the benefits of a permenan5 resident in Canada if you are selected for the program.

This program is specifically for those who meet certain criteria. There are skills and work experiences that can help you meet these requirements. Canada is looking for people who can add to their economic standing in the world. That means they are looking for highly-qualified individuals with a wide range of experiences to share.

One of the theories behind this process is that immigrant workers with skills often become innovative and create and own a business themselves. Because of this, it’s truly a benefit to all Canadians as it adds new job opportunities to the country.

Skilled Workers Bring Big Business

Another reason Canada has gone this direction is because they know it encourages big corporations and businesses to consider moving or starting in Canada. If the company cannot get the workers it needs in its current location, it may be forced to move to keep its operation running.

Businesses, especially those in the technological industry in America, struggle to get enough skilled workers to keep up with their needs. This is in part because while Canada has made it easier and faster for these types of immigration cases, America has seemingly made it more difficult. Canada also went to the extent of putting up billboards to draw in the type of workers they wanted.

During the Trump administration, there were immigration changes that had skilled workers in America concerned about their status. These billboards were designed to encourage them to apply instead for similar status in Canada.

Requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program

This program is designed for those who want to immigrate permanently, not simply looking to work there temporarily. There are minimum basic requirements for language ability, education, and experience in the skilled work you’re using to qualify. After these basic qualifications are met, then you will be considered for further selection factors.

Selection factors can include things like age, work experience. Do you already have an offer from an established business? Already having a job lined up will be a considerable number of points in your favor when you’re being considered for the program qualification.

The language skills you have will also be a selection factor when they are reviewing your application. For example, do you speak fluent English and French? They will also consider whether you are going to adapt to life in Canada in general. If you’re likely to settle and stay in Canada, you’re more likely to be accepted.

These factors all add up into a 100-point system that you must score at least 67 points to pass.

After passing these general selection factors, the application is automatically moved into a pool of other candidates for express entry.

That pool then goes through a second-ranking system. Those with the highest scores are sent an invitation to apply for permanent residence. If you’ve been invited for this, you will still have to have proof of funds for you and your family to settle into a home and take care of yourselves in Canada. There is an exception if you are already qualified to work in Canada and have a valid job offer already in place.

Once you are invited, however, you will also be qualified to bring your spouse and dependent children and stepchildren along.

What Are The Benefits of the Express Entry Program?

First off, the express program is significantly faster than other immigration pathways. Previously, the entire system was done on paper, and more red tape slowed the whole process down. It was also dependent on the postal service to communicate with applicants.

Now everything is done electronically, from the applications to the selection. The only thing that is judged during the selection process is the score numbers, which helps to remove any chance of there being discrimination.

With the number of immigrants they are seeking, they have already lowered the required score some. The score will likely come down further as they seek to expand their skilled workforce.

Because this program is federal, it isn’t limited to any specific area, unlike some of the business immigration programs that the provinces offer. Once you’ve got your papers, you are welcome to live anywhere in the country you like without restriction.

Canada is avoiding a labor shortage that is currently happening in other areas around the world by providing a fast-track pathway to permanent residency for those who have the skills for the jobs.

In general, Canada is one of the top places to consider if you want to relocate for more job opportunities. They have a growing economy, a massively growing high-tech industry, and it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. The express entry federal skilled worker program is one way to make your immigration goal a reality.

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