Tea Burn Reviews 2022: Best Dietary Supplements For Fast Metabolism

Tea Burn Reviews 2022: Best Dietary Supplements For Fast Metabolism

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Losing weight is an extremely demanding task that can take years to completely achieve and a lifetime to maintain. We could all use a little help with reaching our goals, which is why so many weight loss supplements and extras are available. Today, we’re going to be reviewing one of them, Tea Burn, to find out whether it works or not.

Tea Burn is a supplement that helps correct a compromised metabolism with its unique and organic lineup of ingredients. At the same time, Tea Burn helps users get in shape while losing excess fat naturally and safely. The product is a creation of John Barban, a human biologist and nutrition expert with over eight years of experience. He is also the originator of the famous Java Burn – a similar product.

Tea Burn was created out of the sheer need to speed-up metabolic processes in the human body while helping to shed body fat safely. Metabolism involves converting food into energy (ATP); therefore, an uncompromised metabolism is crucial to a healthy life. On the other hand, obesity is a prevalent health problem because we consume too many high-calorie foods without burning excess. However, Tea Burn is here to help with the above problem, boosting overall body health.

Today, multiple products in the market claim to help you lose weight, but you know how most of those stories end. These products contain unsafe chemicals and other artificial constituents that pose significant health risks. Unlike many, one good thing about Tea Burn is manufactured strictly with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system in an approved facility. Therefore, you can be sure that you are buying a safe product.

Tea Burn Review: Brand Overview

Tea Burn is an all-organic supplement that comes in powdered form. Also, it is tasteless and highly soluble, making it perfect for mixing with tea. In fact, information on the official website recommends this, stating that it transforms your cup into a super tea. Tea is a low-calorie beverage containing caffeine which studies show helps with weight loss. Therefore, Tea Burn in your drink is icing on the cake, as it boosts metabolism and helps control your appetite. In other words, weight loss is a direct consequence of its appetite-controlling properties.

Tea Burn is a powerhouse of immune-boosting vitamins that keep the body at its best all day long. These vitamins wash off toxins that cause damage to the body’s optimal body functions. The product contains no preservatives or additives except for natural ingredients, which have been clinically proven to support human health. We will discuss some of these ingredients in this article.

According to the manufacturers, Tea Burn works best when taken with tea. We guess this is because of its thermogenic properties, which are capable of spurring fat-burn in the body. However, one of the most common drawbacks of constant tea consumption is that it causes teeth discoloration. The good news is that Tea Burn neutralizes the effects of tannins – the constituent responsible for staining the teeth. While consolidating on the advantages of tea, this product curtails its drawbacks.

To achieve the best results, information on the website recommends consistent use for three to six months. As typical with supplements, taking more doesn’t equate to more benefits. 

Furthermore, due to differences in physique and dosage, it is unlikely that Tea Burn users will lose weight at the same pace. In other words, the time frame for apparent effects varies from person to person. Some people begin to experience noticeable changes after the first month of taking Tea Burn.


  • 100% organic composition
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Speeds up metabolism and boosts energy level in the body
  • Produced in GMP-certified facilities
  • Tasteless and soluble
  • Whitens teeth
  • Reduces hunger


  • Not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Ingredients are not adequately outlined
  • Not widely available, except on the company website

Ingredients That Help Burn Belly Fat

Before buying a supplement, the first thing you should do is look into its ingredients. This is mainly because of the numerous products claiming to help shed body fat. As it stands, Tea Burn’s formula is currently patent-pending. Therefore, full details on its constituents are not publicly available yet. However, the company gives a sneak peek into what ingredients make up the product. Tea Burn’s ingredients are science-backed and proven beneficial to the human body. We will discuss each constituent below and provide evidence of its effects and functions in preventing weight gain.

  • Amino Acids

Tea Burn contains two critical amino acids – L-theanine and L-carnitine. First off, l-theanine is a popular ingredient long-known for its ability to stimulate relaxation while reducing stress. High-stress levels can be a direct consequence of over-eating, which causes weight gain. 

The substance is a natural tea plant constituent, which explains why you feel less stressed after a cup. L-theanine boosts gamma-aminobutyric acid production in the body such that the consumer is in a state of wakeful relaxation. Also, l-theanine helps you get restful sleep, which is critical in weight loss as studies prove that lack of sleep increases the human urge to eat.

On the other hand, l-carnitine supports the cells in cutting-down fat to produce energy. It acts as a carrier and transports fats to the cells for burning. Naturally, the body opts for carbohydrates as its primary energy source and only begins to work on fats when there is a carbohydrate deficit. Therefore, as l-theanine reduces hunger, you consume less food, and the body switches to fat metabolism carried out by l-carnitine. In other words, the body begins to burn fat for energy production. 

Studies show that L-carnitine corrects glucose tolerance and prevents hypertension, supporting heart health. Also, the substance boosts athletic performance, increasing nitric oxide levels, which makes for less recovery time.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant naturally occurring in tea and coffee and is scientifically proven to aid weight loss. It is not surprising that the manufacturers still include caffeine in their ingredients even though it is already present in tea. This is because many consumers may add sugar or milk to their cups which may, in fact, result in weight gain. Also, studies show that you would need to consume about three cups per day to initiate caffeine’s fat-burning capability. In other words, the body needs sufficient amounts of the substance to boost thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a heat-generation process that helps burn body fat. At the same time, caffeine suppresses hunger for a while so that you do not have to consume extra calories.

  • Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a potent beverage that can spark fat-burning. Due to its potency, it is no coincidence that an essential extract from the plant is present in several weight loss pills. Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant that stimulates cells to break down fat. A recent study sampling men who work out 30 minutes daily shows that fat oxidation surges by at least 17% after consuming green tea extract. The benefits become even more immense when combined with caffeine as metabolic rates become more intense. Green tea extract also helps improve your immunity and liver functions by helping the body do away with toxins.

  • Chromium

Tea Burn contains chromium, an essential mineral that supports the body’s absorption and metabolism of fat and sugar to create energy. Chromium supports insulin function such that it helps regulate the absorption and storage of sugar. Needless to say, medical experts adopt it in treating diabetes by improving insulin response to sugar. It assists in preventing the destruction of the blood vessels, which is a factor of excess sugar in the bloodstream. Many doctors often prescribe chromium supplements to obese patients as it would help boost sugar and fat oxidation. You can find evidence of this in this study.

  • Coffee Extracts

Coffee extracts are veritable for lowering the body mass index. First off, it is not the same as caffeine. The beverage contains chlorogenic acid, scientifically proven to shed weight even in obese people. In general terms, this study shows that chlorogenic acid improves the body’s metabolism.

How Does Tea Burn Work? Benefits Of Consuming Tea

The information available on the website suggests that the supplement is best taken with tea as part of your daily regimen. Also, it states that as much as consumption with tea is recommended, it is not compulsory. However, you may not reap maximum benefits from the product because it is designed to work coactively with the beverage. Several scholarly works prove the multiple benefits of consuming tea. For example, according to Harvard Medical School research, regular tea drinkers are at lower risk of diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, Tea Burn’s lineup of ingredients quickens and further unlocks the many benefits of consuming tea.

Tea Burn contains two essential amino acids that induce relaxation and fat oxidation. L-theanine and L-carnitine are natural substances in tea – the agencies responsible for inducing relaxation and faster metabolism. L-theanine helps you sleep and lower your urge to eat, which is crucial to weight reduction. While L-theanine naturally creates a glucose deficit in the body, L-carnitine converts fat into fuel (energy).

Another ingredient contributing to the weight loss function of Tea Burn is caffeine. This constituent assists the body in doing away with excess fat by spurring a heating mechanism called thermogenesis. 

Besides fat burning and faster metabolism, Tea Burn also helps improve heart health and liver function. The supplement contains epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant that cleanses the body of toxic materials. 

Also, L-carnitine enhances nitric oxide production, increasing blood flow while lowering its pressure in circulation throughout the body. The presence of nitric oxide causes blood vessels to widen, making for easy passage of nutrients to appropriate body regions. 

Lastly, chromium, a micronutrient, enhances the body’s insulin function such that the system converts excess glucose into fat. Overall, it reduces the adverse effects of diabetes and heart disease caused by inefficient blood flow. 

We suggest that you order a 90-day supply of Tea Burn for the best results. As is typical with supplements, consistent and correct consumption over some time brings the results you desire.

Benefits Of Tea Burn

Healthy metabolism: From the product’s outer packaging, one of the first things you notice are the following words “your metabolism made better.” Tea Burn allows for an optimal metabolism rate such that the body is not short of sufficient energy all day long. Metabolism involves all the processes of converting ingested food into adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Therefore, energy production in the body is a direct consequence of metabolism. This means that digestion occurs as it should or even faster, and your body burns calories more efficiently.

Fat burning: Perhaps, we no longer need to stress the fat-burning capabilities of Tea Burn. Tea Burn’s ingredients constitute a force that allows for an increased breakdown of calories and fat. Its constituents suppress the feeling of hunger, so you do not have to as you usually would. You remain charged up as the body continues to convert excesses into fuel. L-theanine, for example, is responsible for suppressing your urge to eat, making for less consumption of high-calorie foods. Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis, a process in which body temperature rises and excess calories are dispelled.

Improvement of overall body health: Tea Burn houses a stellar lineup of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins necessary for healthy living. Some of these include chromium, epigallocatechin gallate, and caffeine. Chromium assists insulin function, epigallocatechin gallate improves heart and liver functions, while caffeine induces thermogenesis. All these culminate in the enhancement of your health.

Teeth whitening: Since the manufacturers recommend consuming tea with the product, it is necessary to proffer a solution to its downside. The beverage contains tannins which cause teeth discoloration over time. However, Tea Burn minimizes this drawback, guaranteeing consumers healthier and whiter teeth.

Side Effects Of Consuming Excessive Tea Burn Weight Loss Supplement

Unlike several other supplements promising the same things, Tea Burn contains no artificial or chemical additives harmful to the body. Tea Burn is gluten-free and also has no genetically modified constituents. For this reason, the product is mainly safe for consumption, as no customer feedback reports a side effect to this moment.

However, we strongly recommend that you consult a medical expert, especially if you have an underlying health condition. Also, it would be helpful if you read through the ingredients and instructions if you have specific allergies. If you are not sure about anything or have questions, you should see your doctor or contact a Tea Burn representative.

Though the products guarantee zero side effects, that is no license to abuse the supplement. Follow the instructions on the pouch; do not take more than you should per time. Ideally, a single pack should last you as long as one month. Weight loss is a gradual process and not something that happens in one day; it takes time.

Finally, Tea Burn is not ideal for children, pregnant or nursing mothers, as it may adversely affect them. We will discuss the common problems subsequently.

Who Should Not Use Tea Burn Supplements

  • Children

We do not recommend that children consume Tea Burn because of its high concentration in some of its contents. For example, the supplement has a high caffeine content which may take a toll on a child’s health. Generally, consumption of the substance in children causes insomnia, hyperactivity, mood swings, and more. This is because children can not handle as much caffeine as adults. A recent study also reveals that consumption of high caffeine content affects the cognitive functioning of kids between ages nine and ten. By implication, children that consume higher quantities have lower comprehension power and episodic memory. In straightforward terms, it affects a child’s overall performance in school, leading to low grades.

  • Pregnant women

In straightforward terms, whatever a pregnant woman consumes directly affects the baby. Still on the products caffeine content, Tea Burn may induce adverse gestational effects in pregnant women. As a stimulant that it is, caffeine can increase your pulse rate and blood pressure. Also, babies generally have a lower caffeine tolerance than adults because they do not have the facilities to metabolize the substance. This inability to break down caffeine will inadvertently offset the usual routine of the fetus. A recent study shows that high caffeine consumption by pregnant women can modify gene activity.

  • Nursing mothers

To not gamble on the proper development of an infant, we suggest that you check with your doctor before ingesting supplements. Tea Burn contains L-theanine, an amino acid that may cause drowsiness and lower blood pressure. Pregnant women generally experience low blood pressure, which is not a cause for alarm. But if it gets too low, then there is a problem. Though there is insufficient information on how l-theanine affects breastfeeding mothers, experts advise that they abstain from it altogether. Despite the benefit L-theanine offers, mothers should not consume the substance during breastfeeding. 

  • Anyone currently taking prescription drugs

Taking supplements may interfere with the absorption of prescription drugs. Thus, this interference may pose significant health risks to the consumer. In some cases, it could be life-threatening. For example, if you are on medication, do not take Tea Burn together with your medicine. In any case, see your doctor before you take Tea Burn.   

  • Anyone with medical issues

We cannot overemphasize the need to check with a medical professional, especially if you have underlying health issues. Though Tea Burn is generally safe for consumption, it can induce specific effects which may not be in your best interest. Especially if you are going for surgery, you should stop taking supplements. The FDA advises that ingestion of dietary supplements should stop at least three weeks before surgery. This is because supplements can be inimical to the whole process. 

Who Should Use Tea Burn For Losing Weight

In straightforward terms, Tea Burn is safe for consumption for all adults who suffer from the effects of slow metabolism. Symptoms of a slow metabolism include constant tiredness, constipation, diarrhea, dry skin, headaches, and rapid weight gain. Studies show that as humans age, metabolic rates reduce continuously and significantly by the decade. This means that it is pretty natural that our bodies produce less and less energy as we grow older. However, this is not to say we can’t do anything about it. Therefore, Tea Burn is suitable for consumption among older adults.

Also, Tea Burn is appropriate for obese and overweight persons and anyone who wants to shed body fat. Perhaps, this is one of the most significant perks of this product, making it such a fast-selling one. Tea Burn helps reduce your appetite; hence, you consume fewer calories. Logically, the fewer calories you consume, the more weight you lose. Mind you, results after use may differ for each person. Two persons may take the product, starting simultaneously, consuming the same quantity, and still experience different outcomes. 

As much as we recommend Tea Burn, you should consult your doctor or a medical expert. This advice is especially emphasized if you have underlying health problems. Also, you should abstain from this product if you are pregnant, a breastfeeding mother, or below age 18.

Fat Burner Supplements: Dosage & Tips

Below are a few tips on taking Tea Burn;

  • Tea Burn Works Coactively with Tea

Tea Burn was designed to work synergistically with tea to unlock its benefits further. One upside of Tea Burn is its convenience and ease of consumption. All you need to do is pour the tasteless powdered composition into your tea, stir, and drink. You can opt for other beverages if you do not like tea. However, you may not get the best results within the shortest time. Taking the supplement with tea allows for faster metabolism such that the body burns calories and fat seamlessly to produce energy. 

  • One Pouch Should Last 30 Days

The product comes in a small bag. According to the producers, each pack contains the required amount you should consume for one month. Therefore, if you take more than one pouch per month, you are already overdosing on the supplement. While you are excited about getting in shape, do not risk your health by consuming more than you should.

  • Stay consistent

The only way to get your desired result is to take Tea Burn daily, as the manufacturers suggest. The company recommends consistently consuming the product for at least three to six months. If after 60 days you do not like the product or enjoy its effect, you can return it for a full refund of your money.

  • Do Not Mix With Prescription Drugs

Tea Burn may or may not interfere with the body’s absorption of drugs, however, do not gamble on your health. The product may counteract and compromise the potency of your medicines. Consult your doctor, and you can proceed if your doctor gives the go-ahead.

  • Eat Healthily

Consume low-calorie foods so that your system spends less time burning new calories. This way, you experience quicker effects because the body has ample time to break down existing excesses while burning new ones. Low-calorie foods include fruits and vegetables.

Where To Buy Tea Burn? Are There Any Product Guarantees?

The only place to buy the product is the manufacturers’ official website. This way, you are buying directly from the company, erasing all doubts about the quality of what you are getting.

The site presents three packages that you can order at varying discounts. Also, you can access mouth-watering deals of up to 80% discount and free shipping. The three main packages are;

  1. 1 pouch/30-day supply for $69 ($197)
  2. 3 pouches/60-day supply at $117 ($591)
  3. 6 pouches/180-day supply for $204 ($1182)

Finally, if you are not satisfied with the product, there is a money-back guarantee policy. The only caveat is that you need to return the pouch within 60 days of purchase, even if empty. Once you do this, you will get a full refund within 48 hours. Simply get in touch with a customer representative via call, email, or follow these instructions to return the product.  

Conclusion: Best Tea Burn Supplements For Detox & Weight Loss 

Tea Burn is an ideal supplement for weight loss, among other things. Losing weight can be a very daunting adventure, but you will not walk the walk alone with Tea Burn. All you need to do is incorporate the supplement into your daily tea consumption. However, check with your doctor before taking this composition if you are pregnant, a nursing mother, taking prescription drugs, or diagnosed with a health condition.

Today, the market is awash with myriads of weight loss pills from all manner of brands. Some even make ridiculous promises of losing 100 pounds in one month. Be wary of them! All those are marketing gimmicks to lure potential customers.

Overall, Tea Burn provides a veritable solution for faster metabolism and fat burning. We have no doubts that Tea Burn is one of the best in the market, as there are enough customer reviews and evidence to prove it. Give it a try today and start working on your dream body.

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