FreezAir Pro AC Reviews: Is Freez Air Pro Portable AC Worth Buying??

FreezAir Pro AC Reviews: Is Freez Air Pro Portable AC Worth Buying??

For life to be very bearable for human beings, the need to work on our comfort and welfare is very necessary. Technology is fast advancing and several gadgets are invented so as to meet up with achieving a easy and comfortable life. Every gadget invented has its own way of helping out with daily human activities. For instance, a mobile phone helps reduce the stress of having communication issues. Technological advancement in many ways have helped made life worth living most times. With the invention of various machines, tasks and human daily activities can be carried out with eased. Also, in terms of human welfare, technology has contributed positively most times towards this.

The need of an air conditioner is quite very necessary especially when summer is around the corner or if you are experiencing summertime already. During the summer, the sun is quite shiny and the beam of light from the sunlight can be intense sometimes and this might get you uncomfortable sometimes. Summer comes along with hotness which in turn brings about heat and sweaty conditions. Sweats are very uncomfortable for we humans because it comes with hotness and dirt. Also, sweat can in some way stain the clothes we put on since it comes along with dirt.

The need to put a stop to this hotness is required. Due to technological advancement, a solution has been found to ease a hot and sweaty day so that it can be comfortable for we humans. The FreezAir Pro Portable AC has given a solution so as to help reduce the discomfort cause by a hot day. This air cooler helps in the reduction of air temperature so as to bring about cooling which is quite comfortable for we humans. During a hot day, when there is sweat and heat the need to help avert this is very necessary. The FreeAir Pro Portable AC through the process of its form of Hydrochill Technology, can help bring about cooling of your surrounding air and this brings about comfort.

As regards to this newly invented gadget, everything you need to know about it will be brought into view in this FreezAir Pro Portable AC Reviews.


What is FreezAir Pro Mini AC

The FreezAir Pro Portable air conditioner is a personal space air cooler that helps to reduce the temperature of air which results to cooling and also, can help in the humidification of air. Humidification of air involves the direct process of adding water molecules, in form of moisture, to air so as to prevent total air dryness. This air cooler is very porta portable and this is a advantage because you can move it to your choice of place as you wish. This portability is as a result of its light weight properties which makes the device very transferable and easy to carry.

If you’re affected by climatic conditions as a result of the heat summer brings, the FreezAir Pro Mini AC can offer solutions so as to end this discomfort and hotness the summer brings. The temperature of air around your surroundings can be reduced to a temperature of about 5°C with the use of FreezAir Pro Portable AC which helps in air cooling. When compared to other traditional air coolers, the FreezAir Pro Air Cooler stands out because it can give its own effect within a shorter period and faster time and also can cover much more distance too.

Features of The FreezAir Pro Portable AC

  • Quietness

The FreezAir Pro Portable AC when in use does not contribute to any form of nuisance. The gadget is quite very quiet which does not cause any form of disturbance at all. Even when it is used at nights, you can have a restful sleep without waking up at intervals because the device is very quiet during its time of operation or use.

  • Multicoloured LED Light

When in use, the FreezAir Pro Air Cooler has several colours which it can be set to. These colours can be set according to your mood. Also, the light can also be put to auto mode. In this type of mode, the light changes automatically into different colours.

  • Portability

The FreezAir Pro Mini AC  is very portable because of its size and also its light weight which have contributed to this. The device can be reached or carried about as you wish. It can be used in anywhere you wish to use it in.

  • Large Volume Tank

The FreezAir Pro Portable AC comes with an inbuilt large tank capacity which can help in retaining water. When water is filled into the tank, the water can last several hours. The water in the tank is so sufficient that it can last for about 8hours of use. The water in this tank can be use for humidifying air as it is being cooled too. Humidification of air is carried out by the humidifier which is an internal component of this gadget. The capacity of its tank is 750ml.

  • Adjustable Air Vents System

The air vent of this gadget can be adjusted so as to decide the direction at which you want the cool air to flow to. The air vent can be adjusted to the left, right, up or down as you wish the direction of air flow to be.

  • Adjustable Fan Blades

The fan blade of the FreezAir Pro Portable AC can be adjusted so as to control the direction at which air flows. This is quite a cool setting because you can decide your favourite direction at which you need the cool air to flow the most.

  • 3 Speed Mode Fan

When in use, the FreezAir Pro AC speed of rotation can be adjusted. This is very important so as to o either increase or reduce the intensity of the coolness of air. The speed mode are of three types and the fan can be adjusted to any of them.

  • Reduced Power Consumption Rate

The FreezAir Pro Mini AC consumes very minimal power. The rate at which it uses power is very negligible and it almost does not increase the cost of electricity bills due to its low power consumption rate.


How To Operate The FreezAir Pro Mini AC

  • Carefully unbox the FreezAir Pro Mini AC when bought newly and avoid every form of rough handling.
  • Fill the water tank of the FreezAir Pro portable AC with clean water by simply pouring in the water through its inlet at the top.
  • Usually, there is a water curtain that comes along with this gadget. After filling it with water, insert back its water curtain.
  • After all these steps, you can then power on the gadget so as to experience its lovely effect and cooling of air within seconds of being powered on.

Benefits Of FreezAir Pro AC

This newly invented gadget can serve several benefiting purposes. The quality of this product is very top notch. There are various benefits you can get one you get the FreezAir Pro  Portable AC today. These benefits are:

  • Adding Moisture To Cool Air

This gadget through its humidifying component helps to add moisture to the cool air to prevent dryness. The moisture is added through the water that it is filled with. This moisture helps in the reduction of dust particles in the air. It also helps in the prevention of having a dry skin due to prolonged dry cool air.

  • Low Mode

This is one of the benefits of this gadget. This is one of the three types of mode in which the FreezAir Pro portable AC can be set to. This is the most reduced form of the three modes and it is used when you want to reduce the intensity of air cooling. Also, this mode can be suitable for people that have young ones or babies around so as to prevent any form of unfavorable condition which might result due to the effect of prolonged dry cool air.

  • Medium Mode

This is the second mode and it is the type of mode which is balanced. That is, the coolness of air is not intense neither is it very less. For mild conditions, this is the right mode to use. This is another benefit one can get from using this gadget.

  • Can Serve The Function of a Fan

The FreezAir Pro Air Cooler can also function as a bare fan when it is adjusted to the right setting.

  • Purification of Air

The FreezAir Pro AC can help remove tiny dust particles from the air through the process of humidification. The gadget usually comes with an inbuilt humidifier which helps in ensuring that purification of is guaranteed. It purifies air by preventing total dryness of air and also reducing the amount of dust particles in air.

  • High Mode

This is the peak of the fan speed settings. In this mode, coolness of air can be attained within seconds. When you intend getting the effect of the FreezAir Pro AC within seconds, then this is the right mode to achieve that feeling.

  • Light Emitting Diode

A diode is referred to as a two-terminal electronic compartment that is capable of conducting current in one direction. This component can also be found in the FreezAir Pro Mini AC. What this does is that, it is responsible for the presence of the night mood LED light which is usually changeable. The gadget can be set into several colours depending on your choice. It can also be set to the automatic mode which shows different kinds of colours after certain period of time.

  • Digital Temperature which is Adjustable

The FreezAir Pro Portable AC comes with an adjustable digital temperature setting. This setting enables this gadget to function within a required temperature. It can go as low as 5°C which is very cold enough to bring about comfort.


How The FreezAir Pro Portable AC Work

  • Water Tank Effect

Before the FreezAir Pro portable AC works, you need to first fill its 750ml tank with clean water. The system becomes ready for use after it is filled with water. The water in the tank of this gadget makes it possible to get cool air and also add moisture to air.

  • Humidification of Air

The humidifier which is also a component of the FreezAir Pro Portable AC helps in the humidification of air. This is one of the ways this gadget carries out its functions.

  • Action of Fan Blades

The rotational speed of the fan blades can be adjusted with the use of its three (3) mode settings. The modes are: High, medium and low. Any of this mode is suitable and can be used by you depending on how you want the effect of this gadget.

Pros and Cons Of The FreezAir Pro AC


  • Adjustable Fan Blades
  • 3 mode settings to adjust fan speed
  • 750ml volume capacity water tank
  • Comes along with a Humidifier
  • Very powerful and durable
  • Inbuilt LED light of several colours
  • Very Portable
  • Very light and quite small in size
  • 8 hours long lasting effect of the water tank

Cons The FreezAir Pro Air Cooler can be bought online

  • There is a discount for purchasing this product online
  • Product is limited in stock

Price and Where To Get The FreezAir Pro AC

The FreezAir Pro portable AC is a very good product that has very great qualities. If you intend purchasing this product, it can be bought online. All you need to do is to go to the manufacturer’s official website, click on its link and then after an online payment, it will be delivered to you. Other various benefits can come along when you purchase this gadget online. The benefits which can come along with an online purchase are:

  • It is the safest and quickest point of contact when trying to purchase this gadget. This is so because, E-commerce has made transactional processes very swift and easy.
  • No form of online scam can occur so far you are buying directly from the official website of the manufacturer.
  • Its payment method is very fast and secured. This process guarantees the safety of the buyer’s means of payment and details too.
  • For every quantity of the FreezAir Pro Mini AC bought, there is always a discount given for an online purchase. The discount increases with an increase in the quantity of this gadget that is bought.

So you see, these various benefits above are reason why you should buy directly from the manufacturer’s official website if you intend purchasing this product. For every good product, there is always a cost for it. The FreezAir Pro AC is very friendly in terms of cost for getting one of it. If you buy online, you get a discounted price for it. The prices of the FreezAir Pro Mini AC in terms of increase in quantities are found below:

  • 1 piece of FreezAir Pro AC = $89.99 (this is a 50% discount in price)
  • 2 pieces of FreezAir Pro AC = $149.99 (this is a 58% discount as each of it costs $74.99 each).
  • 2 pieces of FreezAir Pro AC + 1 Free = $179.99 (this is a 67% discount in price).

Final Verdict – FreezAir Pro Portable AC Reviews

Everything you need to know about this wonderful gadget has been explained in this review. The versatility of this gadget is worth the price of getting one. This gadget can function as a humidifier and also an ordinary fan. The function of the fan and its humidifier has contributed to the gadget’s versatility since it can perform different functions all in one gadget. Also, the FreezAir Pro portable AC is also a very powerful device and can last for long. The water tank is a form of reservoir where the moisture used during humidification of air is gotten from.

Asides this, another benefiting factor is that this gadget is compatible and can be used in your place of choice. It can be used in all kinds of rooms like the bedroom, living room, parlour, place of relaxation, personal workshop, personal offices and the likes. The rate at which it consumes electrically power is very negligible as it does not add excessively to the cost of electricity bills. The device is tested and trusted. When compared to other traditional air coolers, it is very unique as it has various factors that distinguishes it from other air coolers.

Also, those who have made use of this gadget have given various testimonies as regards this product. Several lives have been bettered since the invention of this wonderful gadget as it has helped reduce the discomfort which comes along with summer. The harshness of the sun has increased due to the gradual depletion of the ozone layer as a result, global warming is experienced. This hotness comes along with heat and the FreezAir Pro Air Cooler has helped to provide solution to the discomfort heat brings overtime. To end with, this gadget is a form of Hydrochill Technology because it can generate cooling for days as well as humidification of air as well.


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