Best NFT Marketplace Development Companies For Startups & Enterprises

Best NFT Marketplace Development Companies For Startups & Enterprises

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Do you plan to build an NFT marketplace? Then here given some of the best NFT marketplace development companies making waves in the blockchain industry. Lately, NFT has been gaining a lot of popularity in the digital world and many are seeing it as a platform to sell their goodies to people around the world.

There are many companies that offer NFT marketplace development services, so it might be a tough task for a person to choose the best one among the numerous companies. This article will take you through a few of the best NFT marketplace development companies that can provide you with top-notch services at a reasonable cost.

What is an NFT?

NFT, also known as a nonfungible token is a digital asset that is brought from a specific marketplace. These digital assets could be anything that ranges from artworks to GIFs. By buying these things, people are getting right to the assets. NFT is a way for people to sell and buy collectibles like artwork, GIFs, and music online.

NFT was introduced to the digital world in the year 2014 but it gained popularity among people in recent years. NFT is created and functioned by using the same software as many cryptocurrencies. But unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be replaced with one another or cannot be manipulated.

Best NFT Marketplace Development Companies

Minoid is the top NFT marketplace development company that provides users with numerous NFT marketplace services. Minoid is a company that has a bunch of experts that provide top-notch blockchain technology services to clients from all over the world. Minoid has been in the business since the technology gained popularity in the digital world. Minoid is your solution provider for your every need. Minoid can provide you with high-quality services at an affordable price. The company has worked with clients from diverse geographical locations including clients from the UK, the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Minoid can assist a client to launch an NFT marketplace that has every feature to make it attract users in the digital world and withstand other competitive NFT marketplaces. The services that Minoid offers various NFT development services which include the development of a White label NFT marketplace, e-commerce NFT marketplace, custom NFT marketplace, NFT exchange platform, NFT lending platform, and NFT-based ICO development.

Apart from NFT marketplace development, Minoid also offers blockchain development, metaverse development, cryptocurrency development, ICO development, DeFi development, DApp development, smart contract development, stablecoin development, IPFS development, hyper ledger development, and solidity blockchain development. Minoid uses top-level tech technologies like Rust, Go, Solidity, C++, React, Node JS, and Hyperledger Fabric in their development process.

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  • Blockchain App Factory

The second one on the list of best NFT marketing companies is Blockchain App Factory. Blockchain App Factory serves clients from different parts of the world with cutting-edge blockchain technologies and its services. The company has over 4 years of experience in the field of blockchain development. Blockchain App Factory has 300 members and half of the members have relevant years of experience in blockchain development and its technologies. The company has completed about 130 projects and was provided to clients from different parts of the world. Blockchain App Factory has offices located in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and India.

Blockchain App Factory has collaborated with prestigious organizations like Dash, Dascoin, Medical Cannabis, and New Zone. The company offers its services to diverse industries such as healthcare, banks, government, insurance, logistics, agriculture, retail, and entertainment. Coming to NFT development services, the company offers the development of a utility-based NFT marketplace, NFT multiverse platform, play-to-earn NFT games, fractionalized NFT, NFT development platform, NFT art tokenization, NFT marketplace, and more. Ap0rt from NFT marketplace development, Blockchain App Factory also offers DeFi development, binance smart chain development, ICO development, STO development, IDO development, tokenization, cryptocurrency development, and blockchain services.

  • Inoru

Inoru is an NFT development services company that has been in the industry of development services for the past 12 years. The company offers a wide range of development services that range from NFT development to mobile app development. The company has 250 team members that have years of experience in development services. Inoru aims at providing its clients with the best services and solutions at a budget-friendly cost. The company has delivered over 350 projects and has a 90% client satisfaction rate. Inoru has offices located in 6 countries and its main branches are in India and Singapore.

The NFT marketplace development services that Inoru provides include the development of NFT marketplace, NFT art tokenization, NFT for sports, NFT for music, NFT for games, NFT for fashion, NFT lending platform, NFT for real estate, and NFT for architecture. The company is also specialized in leading blockchain networks including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, and Tron. Apart from NFT development services, Inoru also offers MLM solutions, MLM clone development, Launchpad development, DeFi services, blockchain development, crypto development, and also application development. As the company provides top-notch services, it was featured in the Clutch 2020 list of top app developers and Good Firms’ top mobile app development company.


  • AppDupe

Appdupe is one of the best NFT marketplace development companies which was launched in the year 2007. The company started as a website design and development company and has emerged into a company that provides various technological services including blockchain technologies and app development. The company entered the blockchain development services industry in the year 2017. Since then, the company has been serving people from all over the world with the best blockchain technology services. Although the company has been in the field for a few years, it has developed over 1000 blockchain applications in the past 5 years. The company has a record of 800 satisfied customers

The NFT Development services that Appdupe offers include White label NFT marketplace development, NFT wallet development, NFT smart contract audit, and NFT marketplace maintenance and support. The NFT marketplace that Appdupe provides includes features like user profiles, virtual art exhibitory, personal digital wallets, listing assets for sale, digital auction house, categorization of collectibles, search funnel, my collections, airdrops, and trading molecule. Apart from NFT marketplace development services, the company also offers cryptocurrency development, NFT token development, ICO development, IDO development, Launchpad development, DeFi development, MLM solutions, application development, MLM clone scripts, and many more other services.


  • TurnkeyTown

Turnkey Town is a company that has over 5 years of experience in blockchain development services. The company has clients from different parts of the world including startups and well-established organizations. Turnkey Town has members who are well knowledged in blockchain and has years of experience in various technological services. Turnkey Town provides the clients with an NFT marketplace that is customized with the client’s business needs and efficient to use. The company has its main office located in Chennai, India.

The NFT marketplace services that Turnkey Town doesn’t end with the White Label NFT marketplace development. The company also offers the development of an NFT game company, a White-label sorare clone script, an NFT marketplace for artists, an NFT marketplace like SuperRare, an NFT Marketplace for sports, NFT marketing services, and NFT digital marketing services. Apart from NFT development services, Turnkey Town also offers ICO development, ICO marketing services, IDO development, exchange clone services, DeFi marketing services, Launchpad development, and many more other services.


  • LeewayHertz

Founded in the year 2007, Leewarhertz is one of the top NFT marketplace development companies that has provided its services to numerous clients from different corners of the world. The company has over 250+ employees that are years of experience in blockchain technology. The company has worked with about 500 companies including reputed organizations like the Sultanate of Oman, the U.S Army, Pearson, Northshore, Hershey’s, Leica, and Siemens. The main office of the company is located in San Franciso. The company has its offices also in New York and Chicago.

Leewayhertz provides its services to diverse industries like consumer electronics, fintech, healthcare, insurance, logistics, on-demand app development, manufacturing, ed tech, startup, and travel. Leewayhertz was featured in Clutch 2019 list of top app developers, Business of Apps top app developers USA 2019, Good Firms top artificial intelligence development companies, and Tech review top IoT app developers 2020. The company was also featured in many publishing organizations such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Forbes, National Geographic, and Digital Journal. Apart from NFT marketplace development, the company also provides AI development, TensorFlow development, computer vision development, machine learning, blockchain development, IoT development, industrial IoT solutions, firmware development, IoT healthcare software, IoT product development, hardware development, software development, and many other services.


  • Antier Solution

Antier Solution is an NFT marketplace development company that has been in the technology service providing sector for the past 10 years. In the 10 years, the company has adapted and learned about every change in the digital world and has provided the clients with solutions and services that they require. Antier Solutions has offices located in 4 countries which are in the USA, the UK, UAE, and India. The company has its presence in Canada also. Antier Solutions works in a very effective way. The services that the company provides its clients are based on extensive research and strategizing.

Antier Solutions serves its services to finance, product and R&D, healthcare, information technology, supply chain, marketing, and communications, legal and compliance, human resources, sales, customer services and support, real estate, and strategy. The company is expertise in blockchains such as Ethereum, hyper ledger, polka dot, polygon, avalanche, tezos, klaytn, harmony, and binance. The various NFT token development services that Antier Solution offers include NFT development, NFT marketplace development, NFT gaming platform development, and semi-fungible token development. Apart from NFT marketplace development, the company also offers crypto banking, metaverse development, DeFi development, blockchain wallet development, coin development, and more.


  • TokyoTechie

Tokyo Techie is a technical service and solution providing company that has members who have over a decade of experience in the field of technologies and the digital world. The company is a global technology services provider that has clients from all over the world. The company has its main offices located in 7 locations in India; Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Gujarat, and Jaipur. The company has offices in the USA and Australia too.

Tokyo Techie is a company that provides its services to varying industries. The industries that Tokyo Techie gives their services to include automotive, banking services, financial services,  communication service providers, consumer goods industry, oil and gas industry, engineering and construction industry, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industry, and finally travel, transport, and hospitality industry.

Tokyo Techie does not only provide NFT marketplace development services but also offers NFT game development, NFT development, NFT marketing, NFT art block development, and other NFT services. Along with NFT services, the company also offers digital currency solutions, blockchain services, crypto taxation, blockchain solutions, market-making solutions, hyper ledger development, and DeFi services.


  • AskGalore

Askgalore is one of the top NFT marketplace development companies that has been serving many global clients with innovative and effective NFT marketplace projects for the past few years. The company was incorporated in the year 2018 and the services that it provides for worldwide clients aren’t limited to NFT marketplace development. Askgalore has worked with many prestigious organizations from all around the world and some of them are SecondMedic, Lion Group, Mmilk, KUDF, Jam Jam International, Beaches of India, Property Ask, and Rock IITians Academy. The company has its main offices in Mumbai and Madhyapradesh, India. Askgalore has its presence also in the United States of America.

Askgalore offers its services to diverse industries like healthcare, real estate, agriculture, education, entertainment, NGO, travel, and fintech. The various NFT services that Askgalore offers include NFT website development, NFT smart contract development, NFT marketplace development, Discord marketing, NFT marketing, and Reddit marketing. Apart from NFT marketplace development, the company also offers mobile app development, react native development, React JS development, mern stack development, full-stack web development, e-commerce development, WordPress web development, custom software development, UI/UX design, SEO, digital marketing, and blockchain applications.


  • Lightrains

Lightrains is an NFT marketplace development company that has 8 years of experience in the industry of technological solutions and services. The company has a record of 32 clients from different countries. In the 8 years of its existence, Lightrains has delivered over 75 projects successfully. The company has worked with over 6 diverse industries and has provided all of them with the required projects without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Lightrains has been in the industry of NFT marketplace development for 6 years. In the six years, the company has served 24 clients with 30 projects. Lightrains offer numerous services such as technology consulting, blockchain consulting, smart contract development, smart contract auditing, metaverse development, NFT marketplace development, and crypto payment systems development.

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Relation between decentralized finance and NFT tokens

Decentralized finance and NFT token are not the same things because decentralized finance, commonly known as DeFi is a financial technology that enables commoners to earn, lend, and borrow money without the need of any bank or other technologies. This also enables the commoners to do everything that usually a bank does without any paperwork hassles.

NFT tokens mean digital assets that a person can sell or buy in an NFT marketplace without a middleman. By using DeFi, people will be able to gain interest rates without losing any of it to banks or other financial companies. With NFT tokens, people will be able to sell their goods without needing to pay for anything such as the need for a brokerage which is required in the traditional selling and buying system.

Why are NFTs the Future of Digital Trading?

NFT started gaining popularity in the year 2017 and there have been many assets sold for millions on NFT. More people are becoming aware of NFTs with their popularity. Many experts in digital trading have diverse opinions on the permanency of NFT but most of them tell that NFT is the future of digital trading. In the initial stages of NFT’s launch, only a few people saw potential in it but now it is not the case. Now regular people are seeing NFT as an effective way to sell their works. Thus the above given best NFT marketplace development companies will help you to find a best company to sell your works.

NFT enables people to sell their works, especially artworks, game items, music, and videos without needing to rely on a third party. NFT isn’t only beneficial to the original sellers but also for the buyers. Many buyers are buying things on NFT as an investment. NFT provides the buyers an exclusive ownership right to the asset that they have brought and with the increasing popularity of NFTs, the buyers can resell it at a higher amount.

Features of NFT Marketplace

An NFT Marketplace has features that make the transaction of digital assets easier for both buyers and sellers. Some of the major features of best NFT marketplace development companies are given below:

  • Storefront: One feature that an NFT Marketplace should have is a unique storefront. The storefront of the marketplace should have all information about a digital asset such as details of the assets, its owner, price, and more. The main aim of the storefront of a marketplace should be to make buying convenient for people.
  • Filters: Filters are a must-filter that an NFT marketplace should have. Buying has the feature of filters, the buyers will be able to easily find any assets according to their preference. Just like a storefront, the main function of having filters feature is to make buying smooth and easy for the buyers.
  • Registration Process: An NFT Marketplace should have a registration process that does not take too long. Users should be able to easily register their accounts in the marketplace. The registration feature should also enable the users’ to easily integrate the account with their crypto wallets.
  • Rating: An NFT Marketplace should have the feature of rating. With the rating feature, people will be able to find the most rated items and can buy them. This feature is beneficial to the sellers as their reputed items will have more exposure to the buyers.
  • Customer Support and Assistance: An NFT marketplace should have effective customer support and assistance. With this feature, every query of the buyers can be provided. Customer support and assistance can aid in building a relationship between the sellers and buyers.

Other NFT Marketplace Development Services

  • White Label NFT Marketplace Development

White Label NFT Marketplace means an NFT marketplace where the buyers and sellers can sell and buy any digital assets in the form of NFTs. White Label NFT Marketplace is just like other NFT marketplace but it is a ready-made marketplace where people can buy and sell their items. It has many inbuilt features and the marketplace can be customized according to the preference of the client.

  • Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development

Metaverse NFT Marketplace development involves integrating the NFT marketplace into the metaverse. The metaverse is a parallel digital world where people can socialize, engage, and travel in the digital world. One of the main benefits of the Metaverse NFT Marketplace is that it offers many features including the 3-D viewing of the assets.

  • NFT Smart Contract Development

NFT smart contract is an important factor of an NFT marketplace. NFT smart contract means programming that exists within the blockchain. As the name indicates, an NFT smart contract is an agreed contract between a seller and buyer of an NFT. NFT smart contracts usually involve storing the information of an NFT transaction and can be accessed by the buyer at any time.

  • NFT Wallet Development

NFT wallet is something that is necessary for holding transactions of non-fungible tokens. The main purpose of NFT wallet development is to store and exchange your NFTs.The user of NFT wallet development will have an address key with which they can access the NFT wallet. There are two types of NFT wallet development; self-custody wallet development and non-custodial wallet development.

Final Verdict on Selecting the Best NFT Marketplace Development Company

In this article, we have taken you through the best NFT marketplace development companies. Every company mentioned in this article was shortlisted after learning about the companies in detail and also taking into account the customer satisfaction rate that the companies have. To know more about the companies listed in the article, you can visit the official website of the company.

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