If you are dealing with non-healing wounds in multiple areas like ulcers on feet, both your hands and feet are cold. Experiencing poor vision, edema and swelling in legs (limbs) and feet. The most probable problem lies in Blood Circulation.

Now the Question arises, “how to enhance blood circulation?”                                                    

In this Blog, we will discuss the ways by which Blood Circulation can be enhanced by using PEMF.


Aging is one of most common factor behind impaired blood supply to organs:

Aging is one of the most common reasons behind impaired blood circulation. Over time, this poor circulation will get worse and worse and the body begins to struggle to heal wounds.

The process of healing is slower or will stop healing altogether. The cells stop regenerating, eyesight falters and eye disease takes hold. These things will double as natural consequences of aging or disease. They are something that is supposed to be unavoidable and unfixable. We are doomed to deal with these things.

In an ongoing capacity, now in these cases PEMF enhances circulation within the body. It allows the cells to thrive and heal. All of this oxygen will flood our systems contributing to optimum health and Healthy Line.


What does PEMF stand for?

PEMF Therapy stands for “Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy”, it`s definition and description will be given later.

How do you describe PEMF?

It is defined as: “Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy is a series of electromagnetic impulses that are directed towards the tissues/cells where it induces an electrical signal to stimulate repair at cellular level.

These are non-ionizing radiations and their therapeutic frequencies are like various frequencies we encounter in everyday life. There is a lot of research that is being done to show efficacy and effectiveness of using a PEMF on a variety of health conditions and maintaining a healthy line.

How does PEMF work?

PEMF operates just like a battery charger. A typical cell’s voltage ranges from -20 mV to -25 mV. This voltage will drop to -15 mV if you are sick and your body won’t have the energy to mend itself. In such critical conditions, if you switch to PEMF.

PEMF provides a low frequency positive electromagnetic field into the injured/healing area. Due to positive charges, toxins can be removed from cells. In turn, healing can be facilitated by these beneficial electromagnetic waves activating the natural healing process at cellular level. 

What are the indications of impaired Blood Circulation?

Any injury to the nerves or tissues will cause numbness in the extremities. The extremities will become sensitive to low temperatures.

If you are facing extreme tiredness, strange headaches, Dry or flaky skin, edema in the extremities and significant hair loss. They are all indicating IMPAIRED BLOOD CIRCULATION.

What hampers Blood Circulation?

Well, Blood is life .If blood circulation is good, you are on healthy line. Impaired blood circulation mean you are heading towards ailments. What really hampers blood circulation is blood viscosity.

Blood viscosity refers to the thickness of blood. An increase in blood viscosity leads to edema that can reduce the blood flow through the capillaries. It often leads to improper delivery of hormones, nutrition, and other biochemicals to tissues at the capillary level. This high blood viscosity can worsen the already existing inflammation and increase the possibility of clot formation in vessels. And these clots lead to circulatory issues such as heart attack, stroke, and pulmonary embolism.

How PEMF improves blood circulation?

It is claimed that; “PEMF Therapy can enhance BLOOD CIRCULATION as well as LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE.”

Through five processes, PEMF therapy enhances circulation and inhibits the development of medical problems. They are detailed as;

  • Stretching of blood vessels.
  • Reducing edema that impairs circulation.
  • Platelet adhesion, fibrinogen, fibrinolysis, and inflammation all are decreased by PEMF.
  • Red blood cell`s elasticity may change, making them more easily pass through the capillaries.
  • It reduces viscosity and enhances the blood’s lubricity.
  • It increases ATP mitochondrial production.

What is the role of PEMF in microcirculation?

It has an effective role in microcirculation within the body, but first let`s define MICROCIRCULATION.

It is defined as, “The movement of blood through the smallest unit of vessel that is at capillary level is called microcirculation.”

Microcirculation helps in the removal of;

  • Toxins.
  • Waste products.
  • Supplying essential nutrients to all the cells like oxygen and glucose.
  • Various bio chemicals which are required for healing to achieve a healthy line.

PEMF therapy is known to promote microcirculation, which in turn strengthens the circulatory system and reduces inflammation in the body. It targets microcirculation in a way by stimulating flow by pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Concluding Notes:

Impaired blood circulation is something that is inevitable; its progression cannot be hampered with age. By using allopathic medicines which can be dangerous in terms of causing side effects, one can use this PEMF Therapy to promote blood circulation naturally.

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