Most Popular Communities – Renting Apartments in JBR

Most Popular Communities – Renting Apartments in JBR

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Renting apartments in JBR is not a complex process. Instead, it is pretty easy as compared to the other communities. However, you need to be clear about the community and your preferences. Let’s explore the most popular neighborhoods of JBR. Dubai is a place to live, work, and explore. It is one of the most happening places around the globe.

The leading development sector of the beachfront is known as Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). It is one of the most popular destinations in Dubai. It is more like a dream for a lot of people.

The numerous facilities, outlets, and attractions just across the neighborhood are the highlight of JBR. The unparalleled views of the beach, the apartments in JBR, and the apartments on rent are the most sorted properties in the city.

If you have planned to move and get rental apartments in JBR, keep reading to know more about the popular communities in this beachside development.


Everyone knows about Rimal. It is one of the most popular communities of JBR. Email is located between Bahar and Amwaj. Rimal gives an entirely different vibe to the whole JBR. The residents of Rimal can step down to the main gate of the beach of JBR.

Access to the beach is indeed a handsome factor that increases the popularity of the Rimal. However, the cluster has six residential towers; and there are a variety of apartments available. You can also get studio apartments and penthouses at Rimal.

As per our analysis, the apartments of Rimal are spacious and sorted. Moreover, renting out an apartment in Rimal, and the tenants face no such difficulties. If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasant apartment with contemporary interiors, Rimal can be a good choice.

The stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and direct access to the beach give an edge to the residents. It is one of the trendiest and popular outdoor leisure spots for residents. Not to mention, the towers of Rimal have their mosque as well.


The most exciting part about Sadaf is the access to supermarkets near the beachside development. The residents can visit every day for their essentials. The most healthy part about Sadaf; there are a lot of green spaces for the families to enjoy.

Sadaf is not just limited to the residential towers, but the project is also extended to the hotel apartments. Sadaf offers countless amenities to the residents. The exciting part about Sadaf, the residents have access to Subway, Medicare Centre, pharmacies, mini-marts, and much more. There are trendy restaurants across the street as well.

Most importantly. If you live in JBR-Sadaf, you can get access to the Tram station right near the cluster. Sadaf is indeed an ideal choice when it comes to rental apartments. However, the most popular tower is Sadaf 7.


Murjan is also a well-known cluster of JBR, and it is located at the end of the development. Murjan is known for its countless amenities. Moreover, there are six residential towers of Murjan, and it has a significant impact on the rental apartments of JBR.

The rental apartments of Murjan are extended to 4 bedrooms, lofts, house, and penthouses as well. Each building in Murjan offers separate parking for residents. Other than that, facilities such as swimming pools and state-of-the-art gyms are also part of Murjan.

The residents get access to the UFC gym at the community plaza. There are many cafes and eateries throughout the neighborhood. The facility of Carrefour is also a plus for daily groceries and essentials.


Another favorite community for rental apartments in JBR is Bahar. It is both residential and commercial. There are hotel apartment towers as well. Bahar is a welcoming community with 24/7 safety and security. There are a lot of restaurants in the same vicinity. Moreover, there are multiple pharmacies and supermarkets as well.

Bahar has a gym as well. Hence, if you are a fitness enthusiast, this community will suit you well. Not to mention, it has a basketball court; you can stay active throughout your stay at Bahar. Other attractions in Bahar include Blacklight mini golf and TEPTactor. Weekends are fun when you are living in Bahar.


Amwaj is another popular option for rental apartments in JBR. There are six projects under Amwaj; all are residential buildings. In addition to this, there are outdoor swimming pools, a gym, a play area, and an outdoor space for barbecues. Moreover, there is no issue of security in this community. The parking facilities are also commendable.

What are the famous buildings in JBR?

The most popular sub-communities in JBR are Amwaj, Bahar-1, Murjan-1, and Rimal-1. The whole renting process in the apartments mentioned above is easy and smooth.

Well, this sums up our analysis for renting apartments in Jumeirah Beach Residence. We hope that this article will help you in finding the best rental apartments. However, before renting out an apartment, you must draw your preferences as well. There are multiple options at JBR, and almost all of them offer countless amenities.

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