Army challenge coins are popular in the United States, and while you are now interested in collecting some, you may not yet know how it started.

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Challenge coins were born in a military setting, and if you’ve ever been in that environment, serving the army, for example, you’re no stranger to it. Historically, challenge coins have long been a part of the United States military tradition. For 100 years, this coin has become a symbol of pride for military units, both active and no longer active personnel. 

Each challenge coin is for a specific purpose, and contrary to common belief, this type of coin is not only used to glorify military units but also to symbolize non-military things such as special commemorations.

The History

If you want to know the history of challenge coins in detail, it is highly recommended that you take information from the National Defense University, US Army Center for Military History employees, and Pentagon historians. But if you don’t want to get involved in the hassle, a good listen to the paragraph below can be very helpful.

The history of challenge coins dates back to the World War II era when an American fighter pilot was shot down and captured on German territory. But on the eve of his execution, the man was saved by his would-be assassin when he showed a bronze medal with his flying squadron symbol. There are, however, older stories, one of which dates back to the World War I era, in which a lieutenant distributed to the members of his unit some medals. He also had a small bronze medal, which he kept in a small pouch and hung around his neck. At one time (while flying), his plane was shot down, and somehow he was detained by French soldiers who then intended to execute him because they thought the pilot was a German pilot. Then the French recognized the medal and realized he was an American pilot. 

What is the purpose of the military (especially the army) challenge coins?

The purpose of making army or navy challenge coins is to foster pride in members of the army, both active and inactive personnel. By using challenge coins with symbols of military units, the user is expected to feel proud and have high solidarity with his comrades. In many cases, challenge coins can increase the fighting spirit of the members of the army.

Challenge coins are related to a specific organization, and each organization has its own rules. Especially military organizations! Army challenge coins aim to prove the membership of army units, increase the morale of the wearer, increase solidarity between members, and of course, as an excuse to impose some consequences for the wearer.

As the name implies, the challenge coin has consequences in the form of certain challenges, for example:

– Pull the coin, hold it in the air as long as possible, and scream to start the coin check.

– Withdraw coins (simultaneously) in the same way.

– Answer when challenged and if you are unable to answer correctly, you must treat the questioner to a drink.

– Treat every person you ask (who can answer your question correctly).

Who are the army challenge coins for?

As explained above, army challenge coins are intended for members of army military units, both active and retired. Meanwhile, challenge coins can generally be used by members of communities (which are not limited to those who are currently and have been in the military environment). is a company that provides challenge coin creation services. With the help of, each organization can realize its challenge coin, according to its values. In addition to challenge coins, also produces custom medals, custom pins, lanyards, and various ornaments. What distinguishes from other similar companies is the abundant availability of templates, effects, and elements. All can be used and combined to form beautiful challenge coins and can fulfill the “spirit” of an organization. Thus, each customer can get all the parameters they want to manifest in the form of challenge coins.

How to design products through’s official website?

By accessing the official website, every customer can take advantage of an online design system that allows them to design, quote and plan anything related to the desired challenge coin. Challenge coins for your career, your team, or your former military unit, provides many solutions. To save time, you can directly select one of the available product types, design it, and add some parameters. You can do all the things online! No one will have any trouble with it.

Price provides custom challenge coins at affordable prices. As mentioned above, there are many template designs to choose from, and you can order quality challenge coins starting at $1.925/pc. Very affordable for anyone. Even youth communities will have no trouble ordering in sufficient quantities. The most pleasant thing is that there is no minimum order limit. You can even order just one pc! There is no difference between 1 pc, 100 pc, or 1000 pc. All orders will be handled very well. Delivery can be made immediately to the APO/FPO address provided.


Providing challenge coins is one of the best ways to bond between members of a community, especially those related to the military. Each has its value, related to the symbolism to be shown. And for you who feel like you don’t have a solution to how you can design and buy quality challenge coins at affordable prices, GS-JJ can provide a sweet ending solution that can satisfy anyone.

Hopefully, this article helped add to your insight, and thanks for reading. Have a nice day, and get your challenge coins!

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