The Most Prominent Fashion Subcultures

The Most Prominent Fashion Subcultures

Image by Leonela Salazar from Pixabay

Subcultures are ruling the world. From flapper fashion, bike gangs, Disney fandom, proto hippie groups, to the hipster communities, you will find them everywhere. There is so much variety, and there is such a lot of change happening, that it often gets difficult to keep a track of these subcultures and where they are going. Luckily, a few culture events are regularly organized with art talk that helps us keep a tab on the latest developments. The subculture events give us an inside peek into this interesting and unique world that is constantly changing.

The World of Fashion Subcultures

Fashion subcultures all over the world are expressing themselves with incredible creativity. They are all varied, but what unites them all is their common passion for experimenting with different styles. In doing this, they not only make a statement but also reject the mainstream social norms.

You will often see many people wearing eccentric outfits, which express empowerment. Some wear them for the undeniable shock factor. China’s Shamate and Bolivia’s Cholita people, for example, used to dress in a flamboyant style to make a statement against social oppression. On the other hand, the Dandies of Congo as well as the Victorian Dollies of Japan got inspired by past aesthetics and presented new styles, which reflected the values of the society.

If you look deeply, you will be able to unravel the hidden meaning of many subcultures in fashion. If you attend a current events subculture, you will, of course, get a more detailed understanding. This is why these culture events offer so much value.

The Harajuku Style

The Harajuku district of Tokyo has seen a vibrant street fashion for many decades now. In recent years, Harajuku has become somewhat mainstream, however, even now, many young people dress in wild outfits. Trends are always changing in this district. Fashion is always evolving. You might see girls wearing Alice in Wonderland outfits with lace parasols, bell skirts. You may even see Decora and Fairy Kei outfits (pastel nostalgia from the 1980s).

Art and Culture Events

Image by Anna Zieli?ska from Pixabay

Social expectations in Japan are quite rigid. Harajuku is a place where the Japanese youth can play, pose, and experiment.

Burmese Punks

Rebel Riot is a punk rock band from Yangon, Myanmar. The band performs against corruption. When on stage, the band is seen in torn clothing, dyed mohawks. They have tattoos on them and also piercings. Rebel Riot wears a hardcore look. But the punk artists are known to be compassionate. When they are not performing, the rockers operate charities for various causes. They welcome everyone to volunteer with them. People can collect supplies for school, donate food.

Matching Couples

If you visit Korea, you will see many couples wearing matching clothing. Many partners go-to clothing stores to select outfits that have coordinated accessories and fabrics. This matching couple subculture might have come from the strong culture of Korea. Many young couples in the country like to celebrate romantic, relationship milestones. They also like to see heart-wrenching Korean dramas.

In Korea, they don’t like to display affection in public. By matching the look, they show their affection and tell the world that they are together as a couple.

Wrestling Cholitas

Bolivia was colonized by Spain many centuries ago. The Quechua as well as the Aymara people believe they have been mistreated since then. Now, the country’s indigenous females are trying to fight back – through wrestling. In lucha libre, or freestyle wrestling, women wear big petticoats, flamboyant skirts, elongated braids below bowler hats, embroidered shawls. There are aerobics and dramatic body blows inside the ring.

Cholitas are independent women. Through wrestling, they make a statement against domestic violence, classism.

There are many such subculture events throughout the world where women are taking a stand against oppression and changing society.

Motorcycle Women

Morocco is known for its colorful cultural events. Here’s one more way women in Marrakesh are making a statement.

Motorcycles are very popular here. In Marrakesh, many women ride motorcycles together. It’s a popular way of moving through the city. Women wear traditional garments that have many dramatic twists. In Morocco, most people wear conservation clothing, mostly women. So, riding the bike and wearing a vivacious outfit is like a “rebellion” for them.

Many of them wear niq?bs or face coverings, but you will see them with fashionable sunglasses on them. Many women wear polka dots in rainbow colors, zebra stripes. They are fashionable and brave women, seen driving through the city streets, medina gates. It’s a statement that Morocco’s social norms are changing.

Cowboy Metalheads

Not just Morocco, there are plenty of subculture events throughout Africa. For example, heavy metal is very popular in Botswana, but with a twist. The locals will spend many hours dressing before going to a concert. Many wear all-black outfits that have skin-tight pants, metal chains hanging from them. They wear leather jackets with studs.

You will also see them wearing cowboy hats in black color. These hats are popular as many people work on ranches in the daytime. Many also carry hunting knives, animal horns, symbolizing African heritage. They will raise their hands, take photos showing the devil horn sign.

Sapeur Dandies

Meanwhile, in Congo’s capital, Brazzaville, you may find many locals wearing sophisticated French suits. They pose like rock stars. The fashionistas are often called sapeuses, sapeurs. The fashion emerged from the roaring 20s. This is when the residents started to imitate the outfits worn by the colonists from France. Now, the sapeurs dress in style in their tailored suits and carry matching handkerchiefs made of silk. It also shows the country is becoming cosmopolitan, affluent.

Mexican Pointy Boots

Tribal guarachero, electronic music, is new. It has become a rage in Mexico City’s nightclubs. The music fuses pre-Columbian instruments, cumbia, elements from hard techno. Dancers in the parties wear pointy cowboy shoes, often with their tips extending by 10 inches, sometimes even more.

This odd footwear was popularized by the male dancing groups. Many even glammed up the boots using flashing lights, sequins. They look fantastic when they wear cowboy hats, shirts, and skinny jeans. Attending an art talk or culture event will give you a better insight into all the popular subcultures throughout the world at this time. It is a great way to understand what is happening around us.

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