Quick and Easy Breezy Tips To Fight Ticks While Camping

Quick and Easy Breezy Tips To Fight Ticks While Camping

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Camping is one of the best things to take up to enjoy a fun-filled holiday vacation. It brings in some thrills and jolly good vibes but also puts loads of responsibilities of planning ahead to make you stand out as a responsible backpacker.

You need to plan out many associated things beforehand when you set out camping, with tick prevention being a major goal.

Yes, you have heard it right, tick infestation at your camping site can be a total mood spoiler, and thus, you have to be geared up with all the precautionary measures and weapons to fight ticks if at all you confront an encounter with these little monsters.

So here we list down a few easy-breezy tips to keep ticks out of your way when all you want is to enjoy your camping holidays:

Don loose and covered clothing

Bare skin is no less than an invitation letter for the ticks to come and give you some love bites. And, if you do not wish to get such love bites, you have to stay at bay from skin show and wear full-length clothes to cover your bare body.

Also, you need to know that tight-fitting clothes can still attract ticks and mosquitoes for a buffet treat. Hence layering your clothes or wearing loose-fitted outfits can help as a prevention method to stay away from ticks.

Make friends with light-colored clothing 

Ticks are well known for their camouflaging abilities, and if you happen to find a tick or two hanging to your clothes during a camping trip, it should not come as a surprise. So when you pick up camping clothes, consider picking up lighter shades so that you can easily notice any ticks that tend to accompany you for your camping goals.

Also, if you have dogs with you for the trip, you cannot indeed change their fur color, but inspecting their fur regularly can help keep them safe from ticks.

Check out the camping site

Residing in a tent and enjoying a full-on camp experience is no less than a dream come true for novice backpackers.

But while setting out and searching for a place for putting up the tent, make sure that you search for a site that is dry, clear, and receives enough sunlight during the daytime.

Also, keep an eye on any leaf litter or pile and avoid sitting on the grass and use camping chairs instead.

Get in touch with the locals

May it be the tour guide, park rangers, tour escort, nearby hotel owners or staff, or any local source, get in touch with them and enquire about ticks over the place.

These locals can be a great source of information and help you out by letting you know where ticks are prevalent and places where you will hardly spot them.

This way you can decide a dwelling place for yourself wherein you can consider nailing your tents at the campsite.

Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness around

We understand that taking a shower at the campsite can be a bit tricky, but whenever and as soon as you get a chance, have a bath to maintain hygiene. Taking a bath not only ensures some basic self-hygiene practice but also prevents you from falling prey to Lyme disease.

Also, keep your surroundings clean as it can prove to be less attractive for ticks for a quick invasion.

Scrubbing should be a regular regime

After a long camping day, you might feel tempted to get inside your sleeping bags for a chill pill. But despite all the temptations, you should essentially scrub yourself and wash all your used camping clothes or set them aside before you drop down on your bed to enjoy your favorite web series.

Ticks are hiding masters, and thus they can easily slide down your blankets or sleeping bags and show up after the clock strikes twelve to give you some late-night bites. So if you do not wish to get such bites from these tiny devils, consider shoving yourself and cleaning your surroundings into a deep slumber.

Skip camping in grassy areas

The greenery and grasses may attract you to set your camp in the lap of nature, but along with the greens, you may also attract a few uninvited black-colored guests. Yes, we are talking about ticks that can accompany you while you plan to set your camp in the graceful greens.

Grasses do look good when they sway full-fledged in the wilderness, but these green patches can serve to be a hideout place for ticks. Thus the more you stay at bay from grasses, the better.

Using tick repellents

A tick repellent can be your best friend for a camping journey. Thus carrying tick repellents such as stop the bites solution with you can help fight any tick attack and also save you from painful bites.

Trying out some DIY hacks

Citrus fruits every day can keep the ticks away; this may sound like a substitute for an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But yes, this stands true when you talk about ticks.

All you need to do is to rub citrus products on your clothes, your tent, and every staple that you take along with you for a camping retreat. Ticks cannot stand the smell of citrus fruits, and therefore it can prove to be one of the best DIY hacks to try to keep the ticks away.

You can also use garlic and cloves in the same manner as you would use citrus products to keep ticks away from your vicinity. Though you may also feel a bit uncomfortable due to the nasty smell of garlic and cloves, we are pretty sure that you could easily bear the scent at the cost of keeping these tiny little demons away.


We hope we have given you enough tips and tricks to keep the ticks away from your camping site. So what are you waiting for? The next time you plan out a hiking trail or camping trip, consider following this guide so that you do not have a tough time dealing with these pesky ticks.

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