How to Turn Your Hallway into an Enchanted Forest

How to Turn Your Hallway into an Enchanted Forest

Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

Each year, Hollywood sets out to create the most dazzling and magical scenes that they can for viewers. The holiday season is no different. From National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, it seems like a winter wonderland has been created every time you turn on the TV during December. So why not bring this feeling into your home? In this post, we will discuss how you can transform your hallway into an enchanted forest of yuletide cheer!

Trees for a Jungle Vibe

For starters, you’ll need a few trees. They don’t have to be real ones either! You can get creative and trim branches from your backyard or even other rooms in the house for some unusual decoration. Add twinkly lights on top of them if they’re not already there, and voila – instant forest! Cover the floor with green grassy feel chobi rugs, and you’ll have a great jungle vibe.

Hanging Plants

Hang plants from the ceiling to add a tropical look. You can use string, twine, or anything else you have on hand to create your homemade hanging planters! Also, you can buy artificial plant holders that you can add to the walls. These plant branches and big leaves will make you feel like you are in the Amazon.

Plants for Hallways

If you’re looking for some real plants, there are a few options to choose from: evergreen trees, ivy, and orchids all look great when placed by a window. You can even go with succulents if you don’t have much light because they’ll thrive in a low-light environment. You can also go with other house plants like ferns, as they have small leaves and don’t need much tending. If you’re looking for an exotic look, try adding palm trees! If the hallway is narrow or well-lit, I would recommend using artificial trees and plants.

Butterfly Nets 

If you’re feeling extra crafty, try hanging up a butterfly net in your hallway! This will give it an added sense of whimsy and charm for all who pass through. You could also put one on either side of your doorway. They’ll make great use of the natural light that comes in from windows and will add a mystical, otherworldly feel.

Teddy Bears and Lanterns

Creepy crawlies are not the only things that go bump in the night; teddy bears do too. So why not give them their cozy little world to live in? Hang up a few teddy bears and tie some lanterns to the ceiling. This will give your hallway an even more magical feel that truly embodies what it means to be walking through the forest at night!

Warm Lighting

Add some warm lighting by using any type you prefer: candles in decorative holders, string lights overhead with garlands, or fairy lights hanging down. Be sure the string lights are LED and battery-powered for those who don’t want to use candles.

Large Fiber Rugs

Add some jungle feel to your hallway by laying down a large fiber rug that extends from the front door back. Layer the floor with ziegler rugs in grassy green to give the appearance of a forest floor. You can also cover the walls with green rugs for a rainforest feel. It will create a perfect jungle-like atmosphere.

Lush Plants and Flowers

If you have a large hallway, then it’s the perfect place to install wall-mounted planters and shelves with lush plants to create an environment that feels like being deep within the rainforest. Add some flowers for more of a magical touch by combining them with larger, leafy plants.

Large Windows and Artificial Lighting

Utilize large, bright windows to create a sense of spaciousness in the hallway by opening them up as much as possible. A warm, inviting light trick is to add LED lights that are usually hidden from view or placed on the ceiling to make it feel like an enchanted forest.

A Plant Wall

Liven up the hallway with a plant wall! This is an easy project that anyone can do themselves in only a few hours, and it adds so much to any space. If you don’t have enough room for this, try adding some faux plants around the entryway, such as on top of shelves or in front of windows.

Shared Artwork

Choose paintings or prints that depict forests or trees and place them on the walls in your hallway, spaced evenly apart to create an illusion of walking through a forest landscape. Hang any framed artwork with nails, so you can remove it later if necessary without damaging the wall behind it; this is a great idea for renters or if you’re not sure how long you’ll want to keep the hallway art up. Don’t forget about the finishing touches! Add the touches of greenery here and there with faux plants or fresh flowers on top of a shelf, table, console table, sideboard, or even in a pot next to your entryway.

The idea for a Scary Look: Drapes or Curtains

To create that spooky look, drape some curtains over your doorway, so they hang down like webbing. It will make anyone who walks through think of spiders, webs, and other creepy crawlers.

The idea for a Cozy Look: Warmth

Add some warmth with fake or real candles, lamps, and throws. You can also use string lights to make your hallway feel cozy without it being too dark if you have kids who might get scared of the shadows in the hallways at night. Besides, placing a wooden bench in your hallway will make it feel like a cozy, old-fashioned cottage.

Bring a Touch of Fallen Trees

Bring raw wood beams, logs, or tree branches into your hallway to give it a forest-like feel. Place a bench or a stool made of the tree trunk to make it feel like you are among the trees. You can also place a mirror on your wall and use the reflection of light to create an illusion of sunlight coming through the windows.

Wrap Up

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