How Can A Buckwheat Pillow Improve Your Rest And Sleeping Position?

How Can A Buckwheat Pillow Improve Your Rest And Sleeping Position?

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If you’ve struggled through restless nights of aches, pains, and hot flushes but can’t seem to pinpoint the problem, trying out a buckwheat pillow may be your ticket to a refreshing sleep.

Buckwheat pillows, also known as Sobakawa, are Japanese toxin-free pillows filled with the solid outsides of buckwheat seeds. A sore neck, fatigue, and/or allergic reactions are just a handful of problems that can potentially develop or persist if your pillow remains insufficient and harmful.

The buckwheat pillow may improve both the quality of your rest and the position you sleep in in the following ways:

Improving rest


There are several reasons as why buckwheat pillows have been suggested to improve rest. One of the most significant is that they are hypoallergenic. Approximately 20 million Americans struggle with some sort of allergic reaction to mites, whether asthmatic or other flu-like symptoms. They can hide in your pillow, mattress, and other pieces of furniture lying around your home.

Whilst there are several techniques that you can try out to rid your sanctuary of these critters and ensure a good night’s sleep, buckwheat pillows have become a recommended alternative. Due to the materials used, airflow is maximized while the potential moisture content that usually attracts critters is minimized. This reduces the risk of dust mite-caused irritation during the night, and allows you to rest comfortably without needing to reach for the tissue box.

Temperature regulation

If you’ve ever awoken in a sweaty fluster after a particularly haunting dream, or struggled with fluctuating temperatures during the night, a buckwheat pillow may aid your reddened cheeks and overall irritability. Buckwheat pillows are created with breathable cotton fabrics and hulls that maintain proper airflow by trapping pockets in-between. You are therefore greeted with a cooler surface, quality temperature regulation, and likely a better night’s sleep. If flipping your boiling pillow every five minutes to save your cheek from looking like it’s taken a punch doesn’t appeal to you, buckwheat pillows made in Arizona may be the way to go.

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Snoring reduction

A snoring reduction is another perk that lures customers and their sleep-deprived partners in. Approximately 37 million Americans snore on a regular basis, and depending upon the severity of their snoring, their quality of sleep may diminish because of it. If you or a family member also suffer from noisy, disruptive snoring, a buckwheat pillow may be your knight in moldable, cushioned armor. The malleability offered allows users to adjust and alter the pillow density and positioning, in order to maximize correct posturing. Snoring may therefore be reduced—particularly if you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, as the pillow, if correctly used, will support your airways rather than blocking them.

Nice scent

Some people love a good new car smell; however, that smell is not as pleasant when it comes in the shape of a pillow. Attempting to sleep with your nose pressed up against a headache-inducing substance is difficult, and can minimize your chances of decent, refreshing sleep. Whether your pillow oozes that chemically manufactured odor or has simply started to stink from years of use, buckwheat pillows may be a well-needed bedroom revamp to avoid those cartoon stench lines rising from your bed. Buckwheat pillows are appreciated for their soft, natural scent that allegedly aids in stimulating relaxation and calm.

Improving sleeping position

The adjustable nature of buckwheat pillows allows sleepers to find comfort in most sleeping positions. Due to the malleability of the inside hulls, as touched upon above, sleepers are provided with consistent and adequate neck and head support, regardless of whether they choose to sleep on their stomachs, sides, or back. For more details, see this video from Pine Tales.

In comparison to using lower-quality pillows that force you to bend and twist in an uncomfortable manner to ease your pressure points, buckwheat pillows, similar to Millet Hull pillows, may eliminate this problem. Some also come with a special zipper, allowing for further adjustment and size/comfort management.

If waking up sore is simply caused by an insufficient pillow, then migraines and morning aches may be reduced when using a buckwheat alternative. This is due to proper head alignment and priority care is given to your muscles and ligaments.

Final thoughts

It’s no surprise that a low-quality pillow can not only negatively affect your quality of rest, but also your overall health. Due to the nature of the buckwheat pillow filling, it is easily moldable and versatile. This, in turn, optimizes your posture and minimizes the risk of waking up sore and cranky. Their pleasant fragrance, natural materials, regulated temperatures, and overall increased support not only allows for various sleeping positions, but can also reduce allergic reactions and snoring disruptions.

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