How to Revamp Your Home With Only a Small Investment  

How to Revamp Your Home With Only a Small Investment  

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We have all been home this year a lot more than we initially expected, and this has made for some interesting dynamics within the household. Are you and your spouse bickering about who gets the prime office space? Perhaps your home office has been merely taking over the dining room table and reallocating the coffee table for mealtime picnics?

As people rediscover the joys of making home-cooked meals, some find their kitchens are not conducive for their needs anymore. While you might not want to blow your budget or make a huge mess with home improvements, there are plenty of ways that you can revamp your home with only a small investment. Check out our top three ways to make a big impact in changing your home’s look and function.

Revamp your windows

Do you still have the curtains or blinds that came with your house? While they might be ‘fine,’ updating your window treatments can add a substantial decorating element to your home. Rather than focusing on your need for privacy, consider your window dressings as an extension of your overall décor. 

The options for window dressings are near endless, so speaking to an expert can be worthwhile if you can afford it. Alternatively, go down the rabbit hole on Pinterest or Houzz and save options that speak to your sense of style. Adding blinds, curtains, and curtain railings won’t make a big mess in your home and lead to other costly renovations but will vastly change the look, feel, and functionality.

Revamp your bathroom

Investing in your bathroom can be especially worthwhile if you plan to sell your home in the near future, but it will also make you feel more comfortable in your home. Start by giving your bathroom a thorough spring cleaning and taking out all of the décor so that you have a clean slate to start with.

A brand-new bathroom doesn’t have to be a significant investment as you can revamp the space with a bit of paint, a new light fixture, and splurging on plush matching towels. Getting new shower glass can quickly update and modernize the look of your bathroom with minimal mess.

Revamp your soft interiors

Changing your bed linen can completely overhaul the look of a bedroom. Adding a gorgeous throw with interesting texture and a few unique pillows will update your bedroom in a matter of minutes. Investing in where you sleep and spend a large portion of your time is certainly worthwhile; however, think about tying in all of the other elements in the room, from the paint color to the rug and window treatments, to get a cohesive look.

Revamping your home can sometimes be simply about the need for a bit of change from looking at the same space day after day. You might want to make improvements to make your home more functional or make it more attractive to sell. Whatever the reason, remember that it is possible to make a big impact with only a small investment if you think about where best to focus your time and energy.