6 Reasons why you need a business blog

6 Reasons why you need a business blog

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In 2021, content is still king, and content marketing remains one of the most effective ways of promoting your business. Even if you’re on the smaller side, creating a blog is one of the essential steps you should undertake in your business strategy. While posting frequent entries and managing the blog might seem hard and time-consuming, it’s still entirely worth it, even if your niche is very small.

You improve your internal linking structure

Internal links can be a game-changer for anybody trying to place their business higher in the search results. Such links provide value to your authority score. To build a proper internal linking network, you’ll need relevant pages to post the links in. A great way is to have one or two main pages that bring you the most traffic, and then link to them from appropriate articles. That way, you’re strengthening your website’s linking profile, hence improving your rankings.

“Having a blog helps immensely with establishing a great internal linking structure. Seeing that you simply have more pages to link from, you get to link back to your landing pages or product pages from the relevant posts. Another thing is that internal linking improves navigation on your website, and makes the user experience better.” says Andrew Martins, senior associate at spdload.com

You get to be the expert

Having a blog enables you to gain credibility as an expert in your industry. Posting great content makes you come across as somebody who knows their way around your particular niche. This, in turn, makes you much more trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. See what problems your audience encounters and do your best to answer them as thoroughly as possible. This takes time, but the more you write, the more credible you get.

You provide value to the readers

People might come to your blog simply looking for information. These visitors might then convert to your leads, and, ultimately, become customers. By providing information about your products or services, you’re able to go more in-depth about the various benefits of going with your company. 

“Providing great content opens the possibility of sending out a newsletter. If your visitors deem your posts informational and helpful, chances are, they’ll choose to sign up. These are additional leads, gathered solely from your blog posts. Since email marketing is still one of the best way of retaining and acquiring customers, you should create a blog to expand your email database.” remarks Patrick Mazurkiewicz, CEO & Founder of WirEntsorgen

You get more traffic

Simply by posting entries to your blog, you get to rank in Google for different keywords, which then increases the traffic on your website. This is basically free advertising, you only need to spend some time on writing the posts. They don’t even have to be very long, just make sure that they bring insights and valuable information to your audience.

You can improve your SEO

Ranking for long-tail keywords can prove to be your major source of traffic, and what better way to do that than having a blog? Writing about a variety of topics connected with your industry can get you tons of visitors by targeting the low-volume, low-difficulty keywords. The more things you cover, the bigger the possibility of appearing in the search results.

“We’ve got plenty of informational articles on our blog. Each of those targets different long-tail keywords, which prove to be a great addition to the overall traffic we get. We’re a transportation and touring company based in Krakow and people seem to want to know more about the city and its neighborhood. It’s a great opportunity for us to rank for more phrases, which, ultimately, increases our sales.” notes Jacek Ptak, CEO & Founder of Krakow Direct

You can build more links

Having more blog posts equals more probability of becoming an additional resource in somebody else’s post. On top of that, you can conduct cold outreach to make partnerships with people to get reciprocal links. It’s much more likely that they’ll want to link to one of your relevant blog posts instead of your homepage. 


A blog creates a whole array of new possibilities. If you’re still not convinced about the value such a page can provide, take a look at your competitors. I bet that most, if not all of them, have a business blog. This should only further prove the impact that frequent, actionable, and insightful blog entries can have on your profits.

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