Md. voters back income tax cut, cigarette tax hike; Hogan still flying high; Senate race close

Md. voters back income tax cut, cigarette tax hike; Hogan still flying high; Senate race close

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By Len Lazarick

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Maryland voters of all parties favor cutting the state income tax rate by 10% and raising the cigarette tax by $1 a pack, a new Gonzales Research poll found.

Gov. Larry Hogan continues to gain high job approval ratings of almost 70%, with even a majority of Democrats approving his performance.

The Democratic race to succeed Barbara Mikulski in the U.S. Senate continues to be neck and neck between Reps. Donna Edwards at 41% and Chris Van Hollen at 42%.

Hillary Clinton clobbers Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the presidential race among Democrats, with 57% backing Clinton and 26% supporting Sanders, while 17% are undecided.

On criminal justice changes, Republicans continue to take a stricter approach, with most (61%) opposing getting rid of mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. More than three out of five Democrats (62%) and unaffiliated voters (65%) support such a move.

The poll, taken last week (Feb. 29-March 4), interviewed 809 registered voters who vote regularly, using both landlines and cell phones. The overall poll has a margin of error of 3.5%. Full poll results here.

An over-sampling of 411 Democrats who regularly vote in primaries was made for the primary contests, with a margin of error of 5%. Not enough Republicans were sampled (250) for reliable numbers on the GOP primary contests.

Pollster Patrick Gonzales said in his analysis: “What’s most striking about Hogan’s approval rating is not so much his lofty numbers among Republicans [94%] and unaffiliated voters [82%]; rather — given our penchant for highly charged partisan politics in this country — it’s that Maryland Democrats have not reached an equal and opposite negative mindset toward the GOP governor.” More than half of Democrats (53%) approve of the job he is doing.

Democrats in the legislature have resisted Hogan’s modest attempts to reduce taxes, except on the working poor.

But more than half of registered Democrats (55%) and three-quarters of Republicans (76%) and unaffiliated (74%) support a 10% cut in the personal income tax rate.

Hogan has promised to roll back as many tax hikes of the last eight years as he can. But even 57% Republicans favor boosting the cigarette tax from $2 to $3 a pack, as proposed in legislation this session.

According to federal estimates, only 19% of Maryland adults smoke.

The Democratic Senate primary is close because of Edwards’ strong lead among African American voters (70%) and in the majority black jurisdictions of Baltimore City (54%) and her home Prince George’s County (69%). She also has a smaller lead among women voters (47%-36% for Van Hollen).

UPDATED 3/8, 6:40 a.m.: Van Hollen spokeswoman Bridget Frey put out this statement on the poll results: “Today’s Washington Post endorsement presents a clear choice: Chris Van Hollen will be a real force for accomplishment in the Senate, while Donna Edwards is part of the problem in Washington. We are confident that difference matters to Maryland voters.”

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  1. ksteve

    I wasn’t polled either, but it seems obvious that there are a number of people out there who think the government is Santa Claus. Santa Claus doesn’t need any money to do anything, he just delivers presents (in this case, it would be tax cuts). If you believe government is Santa Claus, you can see why such believers would like a governor whose main interest seems to be providing tax cuts for everyone (rich or poor, needy or unneedy). I’m neither rich nor poor and have no need for a tax cut or subsidy from government (which I do not see as Santa Claus). Rather I’d like to live in pleasant circumstances, surrounded by excellent public schools everywhere in the state and knowing that the truly needy people in our midst get the essential services from government that they need. If I was polled, I’d tell the pollster that I didn’t think much of a governor who clearly favors non-public schools over public ones and thinks providing tax breaks to the wealthy and corporate interests is more important than ensuring that funds for public programs are raised via a tax system based on ability to pay.

    • TC

      So, please explain where you think the money that the individuals in Maryland who pay these taxes get it. Does it come from Santa Claus or from the sweat and work of that individual? Take a thorough look at the State Budget and then come back and say honestly that every program provides “essential services”. Reducing taxes to a competitive level with other States attracts new business and in a reduced regulatory environment can increase overall revenues. More business brings more jobs and reduces the dependence on Government services. Earning your living honestly from a job is much more fulfilling than living on the dole. Individual rights, individual responsibility, and a free market, these are the pillars of America.

  2. Derrell J Battle

    I wonder where are they polling at? must be in rural maryland

  3. KatieSilverSpring

    Hey! guess what? the GOP has a US Senate primary too and candidates! Surprise! On Monday Mar 14th all but the top 2 will debate in PG Co, hosted by the Northern PG County Republicans, 6:30-9:30PM Comfort Inn Beltsville:
    and, the top 4 candidates for the Maryland seat in the US Senate will debate Wednesday March 16th 6:30PM reception, debate at 7:30PM Silver Spring DoubleTree, hosted by the Montgomery County GOP: